(L) Singer Songwriter Paula Gallo-Please listen/watch Paula singing her autobiographical song
"Small Girl in a Mighty World", about Morgellons disease. She has a very timely message for us all about this biological weapon which all of us have breathed into our bodies, and she needs our help to get treatment- please see below how we can all make this possible!
I am trying to put Joni Mitchell (who also has Morgellons) and her Agent in touch with Paula, and with others who I know in the Alternative Medical Underground, so both of these heroic singers who have done so much to unselfishly help all of us can get the help they need and deserve!
They both deserve to heal completely from this horrible man made disease. This Lyme disease related illness, is a combination of Nano Technology, unknown fibers, arthropods and or insects, which threatens to biologically microchip us all unless we protect ourselves by detoxing!  
At the end of this alert, you will see how you can assist Paula in getting the treatment she needs to have a chance to fully heal from Morgellons!
IAHF List:
All of us have the Morgellons microorganism in our bodies because it is being sprayed on us via chemtrails, and unless we take serious steps to detox, any of us could experience the plight of people like Joni Mitchell, or Paula Gallo wherein the disease goes systemic in our bodies after first burrowing deep into our lung tissue, digestive system, mouth sinuses and brain.
This video explains the sensing technology in the man made Morgellon's microorganism. It explains how we are in jeopardy of being converted from humans to machines.
THE MAN MADE  MORGELLONS BIOWEAPON- "Polynucleotide Encoding Insect Ecdysone RecepterUS 6245331  131 Polynucleotides are DNA &RNA biopolymers made of 13 or more nucleotide monomers in a chain"
Another Morgellon's sufferer who goes by "Skizit" provides us with the complete information on the science of Morgellons in this youtube along with the names of the patent holders and complete information on the patent.
In this video we see several different man made animals found inside the bodies of Morgellon's sufferers! All are fed by electromagnetic fields in our environment, and can be killed by overloading them with electricity, so we're not powerless to stop this agenda!
This is the worst crime ever perpetrated in human history, but together, all of us on the IAHF list are going to stop it and work together to keep finding solutions for detoxification so we can avoid a transhumanist future and not be turned from humans into machines!
When it goes systemic, people suffer from horrible open skin lesions, deep itching fissures, massive cracks in their skin. Colored synthetic fibers that will not burn at normal temperatures also come out of their skin, and this is contagious! Bugs also crawl under the skin, and sometimes fly free of the body out of the pores, and this is NOT "science fiction"! Most of these genetically engineered animals do not need a human host to survive and will infest the environment. See these photos....
Some sufferers have experienced voice to skull communication as Morgellons alters a person, turning them from a human being into a non reproducing cyborg, a machine wired via nanofibers that get their energy from electromagnetic fields in our environment- such as from the wiring in our houses. (See this previous alert about the electrical nature of Morgellons, it also explains how to fully protect yourself!!)
Joni and Paula both know that when it goes systemic, it can incapacitate a person, making their lives a living hell. (Learn how to completely protect yourself here.)
Please Watch Paula singing her song "Small Girl in a Mighty World" (About Morgellons) at this link
Currently Paula still chases the illness and is forced to spend a small fortune on supplements just to be able to keep singing, which is how she pays her bills.
While she is no longer infectious, for this reason, and due to her selflessness and efforts to help others, Sulfur For Health has been donating our Sulfur, and other detoxification products to her at no charge.
I've been a professional activist/health freedom lobbyist since the late 80s, and in the past 25 years I've met very few people as committed to helping those around her as singer/ songwriter Paula Gallo of the 5 O'Clocks.
Paula and Joni Mitchell, the iconic folk singer from the Vietnam War era are true kindred spirits. Far from being a "small girl", in my estimation, Paula Gallo is a GIANT among selfless people, just as Joni Mitchell also is. If you know anyone who could help promote Paula’s band "The 5 O’Clock's" to greater heights so they, and especially her song "Small Girl in a Mighty World" can become better known, please email me at jham@iahf.com
Today Paula emailed a Naturopath friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Lee in Nevada a lot of valuable information gleaned from her long healing journey with Morgellons that Tom is already using to help one of his patients. If any of you have full blown Morgellons, please download the pdf file of a book about the disease that was written by one of Paula's close friends, Diane Olive entitled, “Natural ways for healing mites and Morgellons”. It is available at http://genesallnaturalproducts.com. Proceeds for the book are donated to those who can’t afford the book. If you buy it. Please share it with your loved ones. There is also a chapter on Bed Bugs.
When I called this NY Times article about Joni Mitchell to Paula's attention, she joined me in proactively submitting comments “P.G.” following it as a raging debate is going on over the true nature of this disease.
On one side of the debate we have those lining up behind the CDC's "party line" assertion that Morgellons is not a "real" disease, they insult people suffering from it by saying that they actually are suffering from "delusional parasitosis", in other words, that they are calling these people "hypochondriacs and psychos who need to be on psychiatric medication."
The CDC ( a publicly traded corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet) says these things because they are a criminal organization caught in a slew of conflicts of interests, and they are very connected to NSA which has numerous covert agendas including an agenda to biologically microchip us all via the man made electrical entity called Morgellons which was created in a bioweapons lab just as Lymes disease also was. There is more info at http://skizit.biz
A growing number of people suffering from full blown Morgellon's disease have experienced voice to skull communication from people inside NSA HQ in Ft. Meade Maryland who are trying to manipulate their minds as part of their experimentation which is intended to result in the total enslavement of humanity to the world ruling elite who control them.
Lest you think I am joking, please peruse the information on the website of Swedish targetted individual Magnus Olssen  where he very openly discusses how he was microchipped during a surgical operation in 2005. He knows people who were chipped biologically via Morgellons.
Magnus was interviewed by Daniel Estulin from Russia Today in an interview that aired in numerous countries and you can see it here.
(Daniel Estulin is the author of this book: The True Story of the Bilderberg Group which exposes the Bilderberg Group, so he is no stranger to exposing the criminal activities of the world's ruling elite.)
Magnus also helped found EUCACH (European Coalition Against Covert Harassment) which I discussed in this previous e-alert in which I discussed the fact that one of their Board members, Dr. Rauni Kilde, MD, was assassinated recently via Directed Energy Weapons by NSA due to her valiant efforts to expose their treachery.
I also reported in this e-alert that following Dr.Kilde's assassination, NSA began targeting another EUCACH Board member, Melanie Veritshan, who they obviously are also trying to murder right now via directed energy weapons also.
So the CDC isn't about to ever tell the truth about Morgellons, and I need all of your help to expose this criminal governmental body which needs to be abolished along with very large sectors of our terrorist government, especially the FDA. 
I will donate 20% of sulfur and other product sales resulting from this e-alert to helping pay for Paula's expenses so she can get down to Matamoros, Mexico to get treated by Mike Chapala who cured himself of Morgellons via a very powerful electromagnetic pulser that you can learn about on his site. Paula had an MRI back in December which is an electromagnetic pulse and her skin cleared up for 3 weeks. But it came back.
We need to raise $600 for Paula to have 10 electromagnetic field treatments at Michael Chapalla's clinic in Matamoros Mexico, and we need to come up with $53/ night for her to stay at a hotel near Chapalla's clinic for 10 days ($530) So we need to raise $1,130. plus either money for airfare (about 700 dollars, or frequent flyer miles to help her get from NYC to Brownsville TX.
She will take photos and provide us with an article to document her experience at www.morgellonscure.com , and I will broadcast it to all of you and post it on the web in my archived e-alerts to benefit others.
If any of you have frequent flyer miles that you can donate to help Paula fly to Brownsville TX (directly across the border from Matamoros Mexico where www.morgellonscure.com is) from the metro NYC area (she's in Southern Connecticut), please email me at jham@iahf.com and I will relay the info to her.
If any of you can make a generous donation to assist with Paula's treatment, which will take a week, if you can assist with her lodging and meals, please earmark a donation by telling me its for Paula and send sending a money order made out to IAHF to me at IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 or via paypal as follows:
If you have a paypal account, go on it, and go to the tab marked "send money". Select the option for "Sending to friends or family" (so paypal won't take a cut) and email it to me at jham@iahf.com and I will get the money to Paula via the same method.
If you don't have a paypal account, but still can donate, please use this link.
If you'd rather donate via 20% of your sale by purchasing sulfur or other products of mine, please go here
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