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Thanks for playin' with us last week...
...Come Saturday for anniversary celebration!

Thanks for coming out and playin' with us last week. Good ol' fun at Bello's, and typical grand times at Colorado Cafe'. Check out the latest pics on our site, with Joe Pop's pics coming soon - http://www.thewrecks.com/fancam/index.php

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Come out this Saturday night and MARCH TO THE BEAT of WRECKS drummer CHRIS. It's been one year since he'd joined the WRECKS partnership, and what great (monkey) business it's been! Lot's of good times (keeping), unbeatable beats, and solid sounds! Join the celebration!

Quick shout out: Thanks for making www.thewrecks.com one of the most active band sights around! We're over 40,000 hits, and growing... AND YOU KNOW IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! Thanks for your consistent interest and support!

Also, Please WRECK THE VOTE: Vote for your favorite bands at Colorado Cafe - http://www.coloradocafe.com/bandSchedule.php


SAT - SEPT 24th - 10pm
1630 Rt 27
Edison, NJ

Off for the summer, A bit of a bummer...
Join the elation - don't miss the celebration!

As mentioned above, WE'RE GONNA PARTY! Always fun and family at Season's, and this night will be extra special. We need all y'all in the house, folks. And... rumor has it... Chris enjoys Guinness, Sambuca, Jaeger-bombs, midgets and duct tape!

Upcoming Schedule
Sunday - Oct 2 - STARS/Funky Monkey benefit show
(check out S.T.A.R.S. Productions for more info)

Thursday - Oct 13 - Funky Monkey - Morristown
Friday - Oct 14 - The Rock Bottom - W Orange
Saturday - Oct 15 - Season's - Edison
- - - - - V A C A T I O N - - - - -
Friday - Oct 28 - Bello's - Sayreville
Saturday - Oct 29 - Colorado Cafe' - HALLOWEEN!!


Wanna have more fun at the shows AND lend a "band hand" in the process? We're looking for folks to help keep the "WRECKS Train" rolling along. If you're interested in becoming part of the "WRECKS Train," please reply and let us know. We're looking for people to help with the waves of email sign-ups at the shows, as well as other behind-the-scenes promotional activities. Some positions and activities include expenses, and others may include pay.

See you in the clubs...

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