Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!

My apologies for the late arrival of "On Second Thought."

Computer issues...what more needs to be said?

I came to the conclusion that much has been said, written, and shared over this past 12 months... So, this will be a short note of gratitude - from me to you.

To those who respond to the newsletters with appreciation for my work, questions, and/or input that adds value to my collection of information: a very heart felt "thank you."

To all my customers: some have been purchasing from Sage Hill for 5 make it all worth-while.

To the many connections I've made among the networks: my life is richer for having done so.

I trust I have left something with you to keep, or maybe brought a smile to your face.

With each passing year I am left with the knowledge that time does move very quickly. To live life in any manner that doesn't bring joy, hope, relief, and love to those around us - be they family, friend, neighbor, or the homeless or helpless on the other side of the world - is to waste the human talents and the spiritual gifts that we are blessed with.

I read this once and I can't remember who penned it, but I sure do like it, so doable~

"I am only one...and I can't do everything...but I am one...and I can do something~"

The Sage Hill Farms family wishes you each....


~The best of the season~