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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- March 2007 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 9, Issue 228 March2007     

Clean Up Report … from the desk of Cass Gye!


My thanks to the team that drove around in the Community Vehicle with me most of the day, collecting remnants left behind from clean ups, recycling, moving house, over banks, in ditches, parks and reserves!  It was a BIG day, so bouquets to Annette Ritchie, Gordon Floyd, Bill Gye, David Richards and John Travers – not to mention Toby and the crew who were overwhelmed with the 6 or 7 loads we took down to Cargo Wharf!  Can you believe the Island can get that messy!!


So …., as the General Cleanup rolls around again on March 26th, would all residents please be mindful of acceptable and non-acceptable items that Council will take.  At the end of most General Cleanups there are bits and pieces left on the side of the road that have not been taken and, once again, our Island looks a mess!  


There are clear guidelines as to what you can put out, so if you have been renovating your house you MUST make arrangements with a contractor for the removal of this waste – it will not be taken with the cleanup material.  Only “maintenance quantities” of building materials can be taken i.e. one kitchen cupboard, but not a whole kitchen! 


Council will go around the Island on Monday, 26th to check on material placed out for the clean up and sticker any unacceptable items.  If your material has a sticker on it, please take it back or call a contractor.  There are guidelines for size/length and all small material should be in boxes or bags for handling – please make sure you contain your waste as much as possible.


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