Helen Arney news
July 2011
Hello to mailing listers new and old. Hope things are good with you?
Here's a few things kicking off in the Arney park this month:
 - Today! Bits of me on Radio 4 in Tim Key's Suspended Sentence
 - More bits of me on 20th June's Infinite Monkey Cage podcast
 - Free download of four songs about science 
 - Festival of the Spoken Nerd autumn season on sale next week 
 - New video from The Balconettes - and, what? Necklaces too?
 - Summer Festivals! Latitude, Nottingham Pride, Edinburgh Fringe, Green Man, Greenbelt, End of the Road and British Science Festival
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Things on Radio 4 - and free songs to download
It's like buses. You wait 30 years to do a thing on Radio 4, then two come along at once...
This morning I'm reading out the first lines of famous literary works - from Kafka's Metamorphosis to Hargreaves' Mr Fussy - in a Radio 4 feature produced by the excellent Mr Steven Rajam: 
    Tim Key's Suspended Sentence - 11.30am today, on iPlayer for one week
Last month I was nail-chewingly excited to write a new song for the Cheltenham Science Festival edition of Robin Ince & Brian Cox's comedy science mashup: 
    The Infinite Monkey Cage - 20th June podcast with Alan Moore, Dallas Campbell & Ed Copeland
The song I played is called "The Sun has got his Huff on" and you can download it for free from my Bandcamp page, if you haven't already:
Festival of the Spoken Nerd - new season on sale Monday
London's premiere comedy night for the fearlessly inquisitive is back! We'll be monthly again from September with me, Matt Parker and Steve Mould and a host of very special guests.
Tickets for our new season at the New Red Lion Theatre will go on sale at midday on Monday 11th July. 
Festival of the Spoken Nerd always sells out! So if you want in, join our mailing list at FotSN.com or follow us on Twitter to hear about tickets before anyone else.
We're also taking FotSN to Edinburgh, Green Man Festival, and the British Science Festival in Bradford - our website has all the deets.
Are you Sci Curious?
Portrait by Steve Ullathorne
The Balconettes - new video and adornments
Last week, Rachel Parris and I did our first few gigs as a twosome since our drummer, the spectacularly busy and brilliant Danielle Ward, left The Balconettes to pursue all the awesome things she's already doing. Our newest songs are on YouTube here - including a near stage-invasion at the end. Bizarre.
And look! We have our own range of jewellery, thanks to Glittery Sah!
If you're at the Edinburgh Fringe you can catch us at the Musical Comedy Awards showcase on Wednesday 10th August, 9.50pm at the Underbelly. Tickets are here.
Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun / rain rain rain / tent tent tent!
I'm at these festivals this year:
   Nottinghamshire Pride
   Edinburgh Fringe
   Green Man
   End of the Road
   British Science Festival, Bradford
Have a look at the Live Dates bit of my website to find out exactly when and where I'm playing.
If there's no extra info yet, I'll put it up as soon as I find out - check back again before you head over there!
Latitude 2009 - the youngest volunteer in the cinema tent
Thanks for reading this, as always. I won't send another one of these until late September, once Edinburgh is over and a few new things are fixed up enough to tell you all about them.
In the meantime here's a few extra things which I love but am not actually involved in. Go find them!
 - Clare Blackman - singer-songwriter from Essex has a beautiful EP out now.
 - Robin Ince - is doing his new solo show 11th July at the Udderbelly in London.
 - Darren Hayman - in collaborative space-based art/music project Vostock 5, is preparing for launch.
 - Can You Dig It? - two of my favourite musical comedians (Jo Stephenson & Dan Woods) in a single show. It's about growing vegetables. It's at Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden throughout August. I've not seen it yet but it's bound to be completely win. 
Have a brilliant summer and do keep in touch - I'm on the email, just hit reply. And on Twitter @helenarney. And on Facebook, but - seriously - does any check that any more?

Cheers, and stay well,


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