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IAHF List: Sometimes we all need to focus in on this sort of message, because it helps to shake us out of our comfort zone so that we will take actions necessary to defend our health, our lives, and those around us.

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"None Dare Call it Genocide" by Dr. Stanley Monteith. Dr Monteith exposes the organized attack against the people of America and the World. There are people who don't think like WE THE PEOPLE do. There are evil people in the world who would rather see most of us dead. Dr Monteith goes over the means and ways of the wicked that have a different world view then you and I.

This is a brilliant tour de force. Very important information in light of what we're seeing unfold right now vis a vis Avian Flu Pandemic, vis a vis FEMAS murderous actions in New Orleans, and the spector of possible Martial Law hanging over our country if a Pandemic should break out. From the url above you will arrive at a wave file to click on from which you can watch Dr.Monteith's presentation at the Radio Liberty Conference, 2004.

I've been on his radio show before to discuss the Codex issue, and today someone on the IAHF list reminded me of his work which is well worth our attention at the present time.

Monteith has put a huge effort into connecting the dots in order to help us all to fully see and understand the population control agenda being slickly arrayed against us, hitting it from all angles.
Compared to Monteith, I realize I am only an expert in one narrow aspect of this agenda.

I just watched his lecture, and even though not all of his information was new to me, he presents it in such a moving, gripping style that it was well worth the time spent.

Please forward this to those you love and urge them to watch it too because knowledge is power. The only chance any of us have against this agenda is to be fully aware of its reality.
Its far too easy to ignore information like this with all the distractions around us that obscure this stuff from view, but we can't afford to do that, especially given the possibility of an Avian Flu pandemic this winter that could kill even more people than the Pandemic of 1918.

While there is no way to predict with any total certainty how bad this Pandemic will be, we should prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. It could be as bad or worse than the pandemic of 1918 or it could only be as bad as the one of 1958, but none of us can afford to make any assumptions or to just shut our eyes and minds to the information Monteith presents.