The International Cryptozoology Museum Donation Drive

The holidays are upon us and the International Cryptozoology Museum asks that you think of the true meaning of giving and support our independent, nonprofit institution. 
The International Cryptozoology Museum is celebrating the beginning of its tenth year of existence and our first full year as a nonprofit museum in lovely, downtown Portland, Maine. We are looking to provide those interested in cryptozoology, the sciences and mysteries many more years of enjoyment though help from you, our appreciated patrons.
We are connecting with you today because the ICM has provided to you and to our daily visitors an experience that can only be found at our museum. We want to continue our mission of being a gateway science for young people and promoting an educational and scientific niche in learning.
This year was our first in the expanded location at 11 Avon Street. The added space allowed us to display more, provide more specialized exhibits and present educational lectures for groups. With the positive side of the space allowing us to enhance the museum goers' experience and offer more for our visitors, comes the added weight of increased operation costs to maintain a larger space. These additional operation costs are a necessary evil the museum took on to better our operations and provide more to you and our future patrons. 
You, our treasured patrons of the ICM, can help us provide the wonder and excitement you experienced here to others, whether it be the researcher looking to investigate further or the student, here on a class trip.
  We ask of you to think of the museum and its existence at this time of year when giving.
Whether it be $10.00, $100.00 or $1000.00, every dollar you send will be used to keep the ICM an institution of learning and wonderment for generations to come.
Donations can be made two ways:
via PayPal here:


You may directly send a check or money order if in the USA, or, if outside the USA, an international postal money order written to:

International Cryptozoology Museum
Loren Coleman, Director
11 Avon Street
Portland, ME 04101
Thank you for your considerations and continued support of our museum.

We wish you only the safest and happiest of holidays.

Any donation inquires can be made at
ICM holiday hours and schedule

The museum will be closed on Christmas Eve Day (Dec. 24), as well as for our regularly Tuesday closings for Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Open on New Year’s Eve.

Regular Hours:
Open: Mondays ~ Noon to 4 PM
Open: Wednesdays through Saturdays ~ 11 AM to 4 PM
Open: Sundays ~ Noon to 3:30 PM
International Cryptozoology Museum
11 Avon Street
Portland, Maine 04101

Jeff Meuse

Assistant Director