How's 2021 going for you? Oh, probably shouldn't have asked.
If you think time is going slowly for you - I haven't had a drink all year. It feels like a decade already.
In January I've continued with my usual online nonsense AND I've been in a film, playing Uncle Keith who turns up at a wedding with an escort. There seems to be a type of part I get, right?
But the exciting news for February is that I am doing 2 LIVE RHLSTPs. In an actual THEATRE. Obviously you're not allowed to come along BUT for a small payment you can watch them online!
Shows are at 5pm and 6.45pm and it's a separate payment for each.
5pm Nish Kumar
6.45pm Lou Sanders
Buy your tickets here (and make sure you get them for the time you want)

It will obviously be a big boost to the theatre (and to us) if loads of people tune in. But if it's too rich for you then the shows will got out as regular podcasts too.
Richard Herring
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The Problem With Men
Thanks to everyone who has bought this.
Lots of formats to enjoy it on if you haven't taken the plunge yet,
Here's the audible link, but it's available wherever you get your audiobooks
You can get a hardback copy with a badge and a signed bookplate (including crudely drawn phallus) here - and help out Chris Evans (not that one) instead of Ian Amazon.
Coming soon wherever you get your podcasts
3rd Feb Ashley Storrie
Or if you want to watch live, then they're usually on at 8pm on Weds.
Coming up
3rd Feb Danny Robins
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Twitch of Fun is usually on Thursdays at 8pm (time can vary)
And the Winter snooker tournament continues on Monday nights at 8pm
You can catch up with most of this stuff on my youtube channel
Hope you enjoyed The Chase - (spoilers) I was delighted to win £50,000 for Scope.
I haven't been on TV now for over a month. It was fun while it lasted.
Home schooling is quite tough and it's hard to get into any full on work, but hoping to start work on my online sitcom "Everything Happens For No Reason" soon

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