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eFlightPlan - Jun 2015
Vol 3 Issue 8 August 2015

eFlightPlan brings you snippets and snapshots from our various information platforms, including links to our full Flying Tips articles from our bimonthly Pilot Getaways Magazine — available in print and digital formats! We continue to expand with new product options.

We've always helped you have fun with your airplane at a plethora of pilot-friendly destinations, from unmarked backcountry strips to exclusive fly-in resorts! Pilot Getaways now offers multiple avenues to access this unparalleled travel resource for pilots and their flying companions—be they family, friends, or our non-human pals.

As we move forward converting and uploading our back-issues catalog of more than 16 years of Pilot Getaways magazines, we will explore a featured back issue each month. Some of these sold-out-in-print issues are available for purchase for the first time in years, in the new digital format!

Check out previous issues of eFlightPlan in our archives, and keep up with our latest happenings on Facebook, Twitter, or go to our ever-evolving website, www.pilotgetaways.com.

The Jul/Aug issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine features some great destinations to round out the summer season!

Tullahoma, Tenn. — Tullahoma Regional Airport is always a great pilot destination, as the Beechcraft Heritage Museum, which is filled with some of the world's most iconic aircraft, sits at the south end of the runway.

Pilot Getaways Magazine

This fall makes a wonderful time to fly in. In addition to the annual Beech Party fly-in held each October, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) will also hold its final regional fly-in of 2015 here. You can come for AOPA’s Barnstormer’s Party, seminars, pancake breakfast, and town hall meeting with AOPA President Mark Baker.

A few days later at the Beech Party, you'll see dozens of gorgeous Beechcraft airplanes, including the much-loved Staggerwing and Twin Beech aircraft, and have the opportunity to mingle with their owners. Whether or not you participate in the fly-ins, there's plenty to do in Tullahoma and the surrounding areas.


Author MeLinda Schnyder takes you to the Jack Daniels distillery as well as another local distillery. Tour the facilities and compare the processes at both locations. You can play a round of golf, take in a movie at an old-fashioned drive-in, visit the Hands-On Science Center, hike to a beautiful waterfall, or take in a local theater performance.

Accommodations run the gamut from camping (either with your airplane or in the state park), to historic bed and breakfast homes, to a beautiful inn converted from an old gristmill. Dining options include great Southern barbeque, fine dining, and casual menus.

Tullahoma will be waiting for you this fall! Read the whole article in the Jul/Aug issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine!

Think Global Flight Returns Home

Burbank, Calif.- The Think Global Flight (TGF) around-the-world mission to encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for children worldwide was completed August 15, 2015.

On June 13, 2015 the crew departed Burbank, Calif., taking a brief hiatus late in the month, when the Citation Mustang went in for preventive maintenance in Vienna. The journey resumed August 2 with a flight to Constanta, Romania. From there the aircraft and crew made stops in the Middle East and wound their way across southern Asia before heading north to Russia. They re-entered the United States in Alaska and finished where they began, in Burbank, Calif.

Along the way, Capt. Judy Rice and her crew educated and inspired more than 20,000 students. Use of TGF’s Around the World Airplane, a Citation Mustang, was donated by Ardwin Freight. The airplane’s owner, Edwin Sahakian, flies Second-in-Command, while Fred Nauer, a former airline pilot, is the Ground Crew Navigator.


TGF set an NAA record Speed Over a Recognized Course on one leg from Greenland to Iceland. In the U.K., TGF brought Nathan Doidge, a disabled pilot at Aerobility, onboard for one leg of the flight, www.Aerobility.com.

In Madrid, TGF visited the Fly & Fun Flight School, one of their biggest educational supporters, and flew their Cessna 172 around the area.

All in all, the around the world flight of adventure visited a total of 25 countries.

The Think Global Flight mission continues, through the development of STEM apps for all ages. The apps will use actual footage from the flight, articles and books incorporating their experiences, and photos and related documentaries for all to enjoy.

As always, visit www.ThinkGlobalFlight.org for more information, or follow the adventures on social media at: www.facebook.com/ThinkGlobalFlight and www.twitter.com/ThinkGlobalFlt. Check-out the web site and mobile device friendly blog at www.thinkglobalflight.org/news/blog.


Think Global Flight Returns Home


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Think Global Flight

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Ceilings, Invisibility, & Icing
Know the Rules, Then Set Your Limits
by Crista Videriksen Worthy

It's surprising when you suddenly discover you had the wrong idea about something all along. In this case, my misunderstanding came from creating personal minimums to match regulations that didn't exist. In the past, when contemplating an IFR flight, my husband and I would pull out the approach plates and compare them to the METAR or TAF. If the reported ceiling was below the published approach minimums, we'd cancel the flight or go somewhere else. We thought that was required for the airlines, so we figured we'd emulate them. As it turns out, that wasn't necessary, not even if we had been an airline!

Many years ago, the FAA did set operating minimums of ceilings and visibility. But with improvements in the technology of navigational aids, the FAA removed ceiling requirements in 1966 and replaced them with Decision Height (DH) and Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA). FAA Order 8900.1 Vol. 4, Chap. 2, Sec. 1 reads: "Specifying the Operating Minimums. A major change in the method of specifying the operating minimums for approaches with vertical guidance evolved with the introduction of the DH and Runway Visual Range (RVR) concepts. These changes were finalized by the publication of U.S. TERPS criteria in 1966. This conceptual change eliminated the ceiling requirement by introducing a DH."

How was this done? Every instrument pilot is familiar with 14 CFR Part 91.175(c) (2), which reads, "No pilot may operate an aircraft [...] below the authorized MDA or continue an approach below the authorized DA/DH unless [...] the flight visibility is not less than the visibility prescribed in the standard instrument approach being used..." So, ceiling isn’t even mentioned, just visibility...

(read the full article)

RAF Reopens North Fox Island Airstrip

North Fox Island, Mich. — The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) has been working for several years to re-open North Fox Island airstrip, located on a state-owned 820-acre island in Lake Michigan. Many volunteer man-hours have gone into preparation and negotiations in order to reclaim and return the airstrip to a safe condition.

North Fox Island is approximately 27 miles northwest of Charlevoix. The 3,000-foot turf runway has displaced thresholds with 60-foot trees on both ends and along the sides. It is now open to the public and will appear on the chart as 6Y3.


"The RAF is pleased to announce our completion of a formal agreement with the State of Michigan to open North Fox Island," said RAF President John McKenna.

"This is a spectacular recreational aviation destination that fits right in with the mission of the RAF," said RAF Michigan Liaison Brad Frederick, who oversaw much of the volunteer labor and substantial logistical challenges. "Restoration of the airfield, cones, windsock, and mowing equipment have all been done by a group of tireless volunteers," he added. Volunteers will be tapped to assist with ongoing maintenance, another successful model the RAF employs to keep backcountry airstrips safe and desirable at minimal expense to public entities.

Help support North Fox Island and other RAF projects by making your contribution today. The Recreational Aviation Foundation is a public 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to "preserve, maintain and create public use recreational and backcountry airstrips nationwide," 1711 W. College St., Bozeman, MT 59715, www.theraf.org.


Since Pilot Getaways started publication in 1998, many subscribers have written to us about trips they have taken after reading about particular destinations featured in the magazine. We're featuring a reader-written getaway in select issues of eFlightPlan. Check out all of the Reader Getaways in our blog!

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Featured Back Issue of the Month
September/October 2006

Sep/Oct 2015

Thom Leveque, Jessica Ambats, and Tom Lippert fly past Mackinac Island, with the Grand Hotel in the background. Photo by George A. Kounis



Get a jump on the Fall flying season! This Issue features different ways you can enjoy traveling with your airplane, as days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop.

  • Snuggle up with someone special in front of a fireplace at a romantic Victorian island.

  • Escape to the warm and clear desert to rough it on a 4x4 tour or live in the lap of luxury at an exclusive resort.

  • Kayak through mangroves or see a space shuttle launch at Space Coast USA.

  • Land on a grass airstrip in Big Sky Country.

They're all accessible to you in your airplane and they're all featured in the September/October 2006 issue!

Now, with the new Pilot Getaways digital catalog, you can buy this sold-out-in-print issue today at PGLinks.net/Digital.

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