We welcome you to step into the world of VED. This is the citizens of the mythical part of the universe that VED has made their own. This is the reality. This is the space between.
This documentary is made by Maciej Kalymon, Olof Werngren and Johannes Ferm Winkler and features the 7000 year old track “Din egen spegelbild” (You're Own Reflection) by VED taken from their latest self titled album.
This is the last step before entering the new world. The 5 piece groove machine is right now in the studio recording what will be a vinyl EP released in February 2013.
Feel free to spread the video and track. It’s yours!
Spotify: VED – Din Egen Spegelbild
Listen and download: soundcloud.com/adrianrec/03-din-egen-spegelbild
Watch the video: youtu.be/uEevcee5Y78
2013-02-23 - Victoria - Malmö (S)
Release party for the new EP
You might get a glims of your own reflexion in the glass.
And when your eyes are seen in the center of the screen, you're in the middle.
If you have a flashlight, hold it to your face and you will see the light.

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