Don't Let the Bilderberg Scumbags Shorten Your Lifespan Via Chemtrails.....Just 14 Pounds of Sulfur Left Til I Return on March 5th.....
IAHF List:
I am standing at a computer kiosk in Manila airport waiting for my flight back to Vancouver Canada, and have some great news! Due to stuff I've been working on over here in the P.I. soon your sulfur will become much more palatable and far easier to drink twice a day! I'll be crossing the international dateline so it will still be monday when I arrive, and I know some of you are waiting for sulfur from me so I'll get a good sleep on the plane so I can hit the ground runnin' the moment I get home where 
I'll jump right on fillin' your orders. 
One of the most inspiring things I've ever seen was the island of Corregidor, where more bombs were dropped than any other place on earth, yet thousands of American GIs survived the Japanese onslaught even though General Wainwright surrendered. They survived by being dug into a huge tunnel carved into solid rock. Then in the second battle of Corregidor, General McArthur made his famous return, and paratroopers stormed "the rock" and took it back.
From walking all over this WW2 battlefield, I realize just how strong the human will to survive really is, and I also know that even though the communist POS currently destroying America on behalf of his Bilderberg and UN overseers is making one hell of a dent and might even be reinstalled on us, we will rebel, and in large numbers too. Sulfur is part of the rebellion against UN Agenda 21, its part of the effort to oppose the Bilderberg's efforts to cull our numbers, and judging from the overwhelmingly positive response to my recent IAHF alerts none of you are ready to buy the farm just yet, and that encourages me greatly!
One of my wholesale customers sold out the first 100 lbs of sulfur I sold him a week ago in just 3 days, and he just reordered, so we're pumping the stuff out to protect as many of the IAHF remnant as possible. It gives me a very good feeling to know that at least some of you will be spared getting Morgellons disease which is being caused by chemtrails, because a good friend of mine in California was forced to close her Naturupathic clinic due to being totally disabled by the flesh eating bacteria being sprayed on us in an effort to shuffle us prematurely off this immortal coil.
I've about had it with the miscreants in the Bilderberg  group who are inflicting this misery on us all, and I strongly encourage all of you to help IAHF expose them.
I'm leaving Manila in couple hours, but it will still be monday when I get back into the country due to crossing the International date line. If you ordered sulfur while  I was away, I'll be shipping some out the moment I return (as in tomorrow- just as soon as I get unjet lagged.
I've got another shipment of sulfur coming that will arrive by wednesday, so if you're ready to re-order you can HERE.
I wanted to say a lot more about Morgellons disease in this alert because its being caused by  chemtrails, but there isn't enough time and there is too much noise in here for me to concentrate well, but please google "Clifford Carnicom, Morgellons" and start reading.....
Sulfur is the antidote...... Don't be culled!!! I sure don't intend to be! McArthur loved this country (the Philippines) and I can see why. People here are incredibly friendly. He vowed to return, and so do I, but for now, its back to Vancouver, eh?
Please forward this to all your friends and family and help IAHF awaken more people. Learn more at A portion of proceeds from the sale of my sulfur will go towards making a badly needed updated version of Kevin Miller's 6 year old health freedom film "We Become Silent" I will be putting a thermometer on the site soon so you can see how we're progressing towards our goal of raising 70 Grand needed to make this new film which we need to drive all the crooks out of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the (US) House Commerce Committee so we can finally get the oversight hearing we need to stop FDA from harmonizing our Food and Drug regs to Canada and Mexico's far more restrictive regs.
I have hard evidence via the Freedom of Information act that FDA has already created the framework for one such harmonized regs between the 3 nations as if the CFRs long desired NAU collectivist dictatorship were a done deal. This is what Obama and other US communists are trying to shove down our throats along with stuff like the "Law of the Sea Treaty" which would force us to pay a tax to the genocidal bastards at the UN. Google "Maxine Waters" and LOST to learn more.....
And go to your nearest gunshow and get very heavily armed.... these terrorists must be stopped and sulfur is part of stopping 'em. Get some to barter with!! When TSHTF it will be worth more than GOLD!!!