Richard Herring Newsletter
November 2016 Bonus newsletter
Here's a bonus extra bit of news for you my friends, my fine friends (I am saying that in a Southern Baptist preacher accent). I hope this makes up for all the terrible world news that's going on. But if it does then you probably want to look at the news a bit more closely.
Happy Now?
My 2015/6 tour show Happy Now? is now available on DVD or as a download. If you're buying the DVD then you can also purchase the tour programme (the profits from which will be donated ot SCOPE). There's loads of extras on the DVD and a few of them on the download. It's the perfect Christmas gift (probably for you if I am honest) and if you want to purchase something where the money goes to me and Chris Evans (not that one) rather than into making more content, then this is the one to get!
Head to to buy this wonderful show (certainly one of my personal favourites).
If you order before midnight at the end of the 17th November you will be entered into a draw to win the "Grand Children Spoilt Here" doormat from the show.
And it's worth checking out everything else that gofasterstripe have on the site, especially these sale items.
If you haven't yet bought Fist of Fun DVDS then you'd better be quick as they're nearly sold out and the righs return to the BBC very soon so we won't be able to sell them any more.
But check out the DVDs and books etc from all the other comics. This is an amazing independent comedy show producer and they plough your money back into making more shows. You should really buy everything they bring out, cos it's all great.
If you want to help us out making internet stuff then check out the new Badger badges here.
Series 10 is ticking along with some very strong episodes already released and some even better ones still to come. And still two more recordings. David Baddiel has had to cancel his appearance (but hopefully we'll get him back on next year), but I am sure we'll book someone else who is just as exciting. Still tickets for both these shows
21st November Sarah Millican + Simon Munnyer
28th November TBA and Lucy Porter.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
Sir Tony Robinson's fine interview has just gone up.
We've now recorded three of the studios for the video episodes and have put out three bonus audio episodes. Listen to them here or on iTunes.
The video episodes won't be going up until Spring 2017 as we have a lot of work to do on them still, but I hope they will be worth the wait.
Also if you missed out on the AIOTM kickstarter you can now buy access to the secret AIOTM video channel which will have backstage secrets, video of the audio episodes, longer versions of the sketches and other extras PLUS you'll get to see the finished videos before anyone else (and get extra long version of them including the bits we'll have to cut for time)
And best of all your money will be ploughed back into making more content
The Best
My new tour is mainly taking place in 2017 and you can see all the confirmed dates here.
But there's one more coming up in 2016.
8th December Bridgwater
My final Metro column came out today. I decided to quit for various reasons, but the paper didn't seem too keen to convince me otherwise, so it's probably good timing.
Thanks to the Boy Fitz Hammond for all the cool cartoons.
Look on the bright side... um... nope I've got nothing for you. Good luck everyone.
Richard Herring