Hello all
RHLSTP live is just round the corner so wanted you to amongst the first to know the guest news so far.
The Leicester Square run is filling up nicely
Here's confirmed guests and a couple of possibilities
5th June Adam Rowe from Have A Word Podcast + TBA
12th June Jazz Emu and maybe another BIG musical comedy guest - this will sell out once confirmed
19th June Mike Bubbins + TBC
26th June Jeremy Dyson (League of Gents) and Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) + TBA. This one will be phenomenal and probably include magic. So get it booked
3rd July Ben and Larry from Ghosts and Bridget Christie (selling very fast)
10th July Peter Baynham + TBA
17th July Sarah Millican + TBA
We really need to shift some tickets to keep up the LST residency, so come on London. Use it or lose it. And non-London, but UK (and maybe Ireland) we've got another big RHLSTP tour planned and if these sell better than the London gigs we might never come back again!
BOOK HERE for London
Keep an eye on the tour page for news of other gigs.
STAND UP Work in Progress
Thanks for those of you who came to the try outs at the Bill Murray and Wells. It's going really well and great to be doing stand up again, even if I had to lose a ball to do it.
I am doing warm ups for a potential 2024 Can I Have My Ball Back? tour in Leeds, Balham and on the Isle of Wight. Details here (and more gigs will be added).
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Can I Have My Ball Back?
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Thanks for your support. It means an awful lot.

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