April 2016
Reduced stress. Increased productivity. Improved well-being.
Forte Organizers helps individuals and families stay organized at home, as well as teaching business people organization skills at work.
In The News...
Here are some practical organizing tips from Lori's most recent Dayton Daily News articles
Fat Folder Solution...
Look closely at the front of your manila file folders. You should see some indented lines towards the bottom of the file. These lines are there for you to use when your file starts getting filled with lots of paperwork, and the papers creep up over the file’s name making it difficult to read.
By creasing one of the lines you expand the file allowing for more room in the folder, while the back of the folder stays in the same position as the others in your drawer.
Buried Treasures...
I work with clients who have saved boxes of greeting cards throughout the years. When they begin to think about how they want to spend their time in years to come, they often come to the conclusion they are not going to read through them ever again.
If you decide to part with your cards, it might be wise to give one last check to see if they contain any cash or gift cards before discarding them. I have often uncovered these treasures years later when helping clients recycle their cards. 

Organizing Classes...
FREE! Attack the Stack:  Organizing Your Paperwork
Thursday, April 14, 6:30-8:00 pm
Northmont Library, 333 West National Road, Englewood, OH 45322
Call (937) 463-2665 for details.
FREE!  Organized and Productive:  Tackle your To-do List, Email and More
Saturday, April 16, 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Jamestown Library, 86 Seaman Dr, Jamestown, OH 45335
Call (937) 352-4005 for details.
Organizing Solutions for Parents
Tuesday, April 19, 6:30-8:00 pm
Kettering Recreation Center, 2900 Glengarry Dr, Kettering, OH 45420
Call (937) 296-2587 to register.

*$30-$40 fee based on residency.
FREE!  Master the Mess:  Get Organized Now
Thursday, April 21, 6:30-8:00 pm
Winters-Bellbrook Library, 57 W Franklin St, Bellbrook, OH 45305
Call (937) 352-4004 for details.
To read the complete description of each seminar, click this link to our CLASS SCHEDULE on our website.
Community Events...
FREE!  Shred Day (Centerville/Washington Twp. Residents)
Saturday, April 16, 10 am -1:00 pm
Public Works Building, 8190 McEwen Rd, Centerville 45458

FREE!  Drug Drop Off (Centerville/Washington Twp. Residents)
Saturday, April 16, 10 am -1:00 pm
Fire Station 45, 8328 McEwen Rd, Centerville 45458
For more info about these services click the following link:  Super Service Saturday

Access Project is a non-profit organization that collects and repairs computers, printers, servers and other hardware for donation to other non-profit organizations, or properly recycles the components for disposal; in the process, it trains challenged and disadvantaged young people and adults to use, repair and recycle computers and other electronics.
Go to Access Project Information for more information or contact them at  email@accessproject.us for how and what to donate.  
Just Hit Reply...
Have an organizing tip you’d like to share? ‘Just hit reply’ to this email and tell us what keeps you organized. We love hearing your ideas.

One More Thing...
For those of you who work in an office, April 27 is Administrative Professionals’ Day. Take time to thank the people who support you throughout the year.
I would never have grown this business without the "Amazing Amy" in my office. Amy, I’m grateful for everything you do for me and the clients we serve.

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