IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, What to Do, DSHEA Under IMMEDIATE DOMESTIC ATTACK!

IAHF List:

I just received an emergency message from the National Sales Manager of a major American vitamin company urging we all ACT TODAY WEDNESDAY NOV 9:

Here is the mssg he sent me:

"The industry needs to be in support of fighting the Adverse Event Reporting bill being proposed. The important action to take IMMEDIATELY is to write a letter to Senator Enzi this evening so that it is Fedex'd for delivery tomorrow or faxed to his office.

Senator Enzi decides TOMORROW (Wednesday Nov 9) whether to include this on the November agenda. If placed on the agenda tomorrow, the industry will have only about 2 weeks to mobilize in order to fight this. Senator Enzi assumes that there is no opposition to this proposed bill because the NNFA and CRN has sold out the industry by its support of this initiative.

If indeed the AER (Adverse Event Reporting) bill is at some time in the future considered, at least having adequate time to determine the best outcome for all involved is best, but not to get it rammed down the industry's throat in the very short-term."


See http://www.nha2005.com/ NHA can be trusted. It was created by Nature's Plus Vitamins.

Senator Durbin has lined up assistance from Senators Hatch and Harken to back ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING legislation for dietary supplements that will GUT The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

The person who sent me this information sent me a draft of a bill that Senator Hatch is working on and it would gut DSHEA via the following means:

Say someone who is on one or more prescription drugs (and is also taking one more more dietary supplements) has an adverse reaction to the Rx drugs. On a basis of this proposed AER bill, the dietary supplement could be blamed, without any forensic evidence, and the FDA could then use this as an excuse to ban it (like they did with Ephedra.)


CALL SENATOR ENZI's office at 202-224-3424 and say:

"I don't want Adverse Event Reporting for vitamins any more than I'd want it for foods. It would be used fraudulently by the FDA to engage in a witch hunt against safe vitamins in instances where a person actually had an adverse reaction to a pharmaceutical drug and just happened to be taking a dietary supplement at the same time."

Unless Senator ENRI (Chair of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions is contacted TODAY by a HUGE NUMBER of outraged vitamin consumers who oppose Adverse Event Reporting (AER) for Dietary Supplements, he will assume that there is NO OPPOSITION to AERs because CRN, and NNFA (huge pharma dominated vitamin trade associations) BACK AERs.

Please also fax Senator Durbin (202-228-0400), along with senators Tom Harkin (202-224-9369) and Orrin Hatch (202-224-6331), and tell them that you refuse to support AER and the anti-vitamin crusade.

Fax Senator Michael Enzi (202-228-0359), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and tell him you do not want AER for vitamins any more than you would want it for foods. And just as importantly, call or fax your own senators and urge them to oppose AER.

UNLESS A LOT OF PEOPLE ACT IMMEDIATELY ON THIS- We could only have TWO WEEKS to defeat the WORST domestic legislation ever arrayed against DSHEA, and this totally set us up for CODEX.

Please FORWARD this widely AFTER you take action yourself. Sorry about the short notice, but I just got the alert myself this evening (tuesday Nov. 8)