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November - Reflections of Gratitude~

Being grateful and verbalizing it are two different things. Don’t misunderstand my statement…one can be thankful without speaking the words…however, when we speak gratitude it then leaves us and becomes a part of someone else. It reminds us to recognize good people and things in our lives.

I believe it is the root of our happiness.

I am very grateful for you, my readers and followers of what Sage Hill Farms does and promotes. Without you, we would not be…as we are now. Thank you!

Just finished reading a great article by Linda Sechrist, In part she states, “Food is a powerful epigenetic modulator—it can enable or hamper our DNA, thus regulating the expression of many genes. Experts have only begun to understand the damaging consequences of wheat consumption.”

“Grain Brain is a timely wake-up call about how we are increasingly challenging human physiology by consuming what we are not genetically prepared to process. Like the 133 pounds of wheat the average American eats annually.”

Today’s hybridized wheat crops share little genetic, structural or chemical similarity to the wild einkorn variety of grain our ancestors consumed in small amounts.

Herb of November~

Rosemary’s reputation for improving memory has been validated!

UK researchers at London’s Northumbria University found that when the essential oil of rosemary was diffused into a room—a method practiced in aromatherapy—it enhanced participant’s ability to remember past events and remind themselves to do task planned for the future. This adds to the long standing acceptance among Holistic communities that rosemary enhances long term memory.

So many awesome possibilities all around us…just waiting to be integrated into our collection of tools. If not now…when?

Sage Hill’s Farm Status~

We have officially closed the doors until spring….the frost gremlins came with intent to do their job…and so it is done. Time for some R&R, lots of reading, holiday planning, and “rest.”

The website is of course stocked and offers all your needs for herbs, seasonings, teas and tisanes for the winter needs.

May I remind us all to Eat in Season…what’s local in your area is the healthy and most nutritious way of eating, its fun and challenging…who doesn’t like a good challenge…and some fun!

Wishing you a most wonderful Gratitude Month

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
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