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In the last ten days we have posted reviews for:


It seems we reviewed several books centered on precocious teens. This is not a bad thing. In fact it is interesting how differently each author approaches its subject matter.

Of these books, which:

1) Features sixteen-year-old Frederica, a girl raised from birth in a college dorm by witty and intelligent author?  Answer

2) Features sixteen-year-old Blue van Meer, and is part coming of age and part murder mystery, all the while experimenting with writing style?  Answer

3) Is a memoir by a guy who grew up with really, really rich parents in 1970s San Francisco (how bad could his life really be)?  Answer

We also have some historical novels:

4) Complex 12th century Sicily is the backdrop of this suspenseful novel?  Answer

5) Set in 1920s India and based partially on the author's grandmother's life?  Answer


6) A book of tough-guy short stories by a new Canadian writer?  Answer

7) A sequel to this author's thriller, Beautiful Lies -- in which an act of heroism brings on fame and reveals that the protagonist's life was all a lie?  Answer

Answers to the questions in the last newsletter are now included in that newsletter.

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