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  March/April 2011
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Is your school website up to scratch? The clouds the limit and RM cash back plus the family news!
ICWEBS (Part of ICTeachers) - a school centred website building, hosting and maintenance company
  • Are you happy with your school website?
  • Is the content and design being updated regularly enough for you?
  • Need a refresh and a rethink?
  • Ofsted coming?!
As a teacher owned web-building and updating company we understand the need to make your school website specific to your school.
A “one size fits all” mentality just will not do!

Our offer to you is to build or rebuild your website and to update the content on your site as often as you need up to a maximum of once per month. Further updates avaliable at a low cost.

After three years, on the renewal of your contract, you can have a redesign!

All this for only £499 per year including the domain name and hosting for three years plus any technical support. What a bargain!

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what these customers said:
"Best wishes and a big thank you for all the work on the site"
 "Thanks for this - and for spotting the other mistakes. It's great that someone is looking after us!"
"Hurray!!!! We've made it!! Great timing too, as our photocopier gave up the ghost again last night, so parent will still have access to key information."
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Google Apps - the future for education?
As we become less dependent on static servers and computer suites we move towards personalised learning and technologies. But how to keep it all together. The "cloud" is where the action is. Having our software and personal portfolio and email online seems to be the way folks are going.
For instance, Google Apps for Education offer a range of goodles to tempt schools and universities but have the wider safety implications been considered?  As a student matures these issues become less problematic but the push downwards into primary schools does cause me concern and I'm yet to be convinced that it offers the same robustness of many LA systems in terms of safety.
But the reality is that many services are being cut back and schools are being sent out into the big bad market to find a hosting solution for the websites and email. In the good old days of BECTa you had somewhere to go, but where to go now? I wonder..
RM - HP Products with Free Sports Kit and £100 cash back!
At RM, education is our only focus. Using our experience of this market we have designed and selected the best educational products and services. Not only do we offer RM hardware but to ensure you have a wider choice, we have established strong partnerships with other manufacturers whose products we believe work well in the education environment.
Offering the latest technology and sturdy business class features all at educational prices, the comprehensive HP range available from RM provides you with a wide choice of products to meet the needs of your establishment.

What’s more not only is there up to £100 cash back on selected models but you can also earn points to trade for FREE sports kit and classroom equipment! 
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Family News
Did I mention John now has a girlfriend? Yes, they've actually known each other for about two years but officially started to go out at the end of last year. They are both very serious people, unlike me! They spend their time in the kitchen when they are here, as they are at the moment, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. They have only just started holding hands. No kissing yet and no arms round each other. They want to take it very slowly. How refreshing! Lizzie is getting ready for her piano exam next week, Grade 3, and James is doing Grade 2 Keyboard. I'm very proud of both of them. Lizzie has become mega organised. She makes everyones sandwhiches and now does it the night before! John gets the breakfast ready and does the bins, James bounces on his pogo stick. : ) Fiona has started her Return to Nursing course, well, she's well into it actually. She really enjoys being back on the ward and tomorrow she's going to be in charge! Three days a week she's still a PSA and the head has intimated that her job will be "safe" for next year so she is pleased. Me? Well, settled into a life of self employment, steady trickle of money coming in so we're doing well, praise God! I think i'm now used to not thinking of myself in terms of my employment but just as Tim McShane. We went to visit an independent financial consultant a couple of weeks ago, things I used to take for granted like sick pay, pensions and holidays are all things of the past and I need some help working it all out! I wish I'd paid attention at school. ; )
Have a good Easter Hols if I don't write again. : ))