October Second Thoughts~

Everyone will agree, I think, that this is the season for high energy and extra effort to make our projects come together-whatever the focus may be.

So....while we may not really need to add to our list of do's this month, it is a wonderful time to look at the changes for the coming New Year.

At least get a blueprint of the ideas, use some of the holiday fuel to jump-start January's expectations.

A good time to ask the hard question...what has stood in my way this year to keep me from creating my wants......

Words - and the power they yield~

Words can be as destructive as actions-
They can also generate motivation and healing-

A Challenge...take a small notebook and for one week, keep a list of the “negative" words you use.

Hate, never, always, should, depressed, stupid, can't, afraid.....you get the picture....

Now, at the end of the week, take each word and replace it with a positive. I know you will see the change in your feelings, your actions, and the reactions that come back to you from others.

Negative speak is a habit, and often an excuse to avoid changing or taking responsibility for improvement.

Even if we don't always do it on purpose, the nature of human nature is to take the easy road...by whatever means is available. Negative speak is a crutch~

I am constantly performing this little ritual on myself, so I'm looking forward to your results.

You Asked....

How can I promote my business for the holidays?

Geeze...let me count the ways.

This is my thinking, regardless what your business is, it no doubt requires interaction from other people to make it work.

Every town, city, community, cross-roads-they all have people; all people have needs and wants.

Stop and think about this....for all the numbers in your town, how many know who you are and what you do.

My suggestion is to get out there, make connections, join things, share ideas, and introduce yourself to everyone who will stand still long enough to hear.

If you are shy....practice and build confidence. No one knows but you...if you don't tell or show....

News Worthy Of Your Time~

www.naturalmedicine.co.za A lot of wonderful news and breaking-news reads here.

Table Tips~

Most holiday tables are too crowded for the center-piece to be left on or enjoyed.

Use any sidebar space you might have to decorate and bring charm to the room. Fill it with flowers, fruits, gifts, or whatever compliments the occasion.

Pretty china and good flatware will be all the table needs once the celebration starts.

Recipe For Children's Toasting ~

Children's Toast

Children love to be and should be included in toasting; it builds self awareness and confidence.

Allow them to use the same stems that the adults are using during holiday meals.

Blend their favorite juice with a small amount of Club Soda or Sparkling water, add ice cubes and a pretty fruit-blueberry, strawberry or a slice of orange.

And...always encourage them to offer a toast of their very own.

People and Places We Know and Love~

http://kitchengardeners.org/ (A global community cultivating change) Please join us if gardening/cooking and sharing your talents is a passion.

http://www.localharvest.org/ A place to connect you and your local farms, farmers markets, CSA's and other food related businesses.

http://wins-network.ryze.com A very special networking place -woman to woman. Make friends and business connections that last.

Sage Hill Farms wishes you each the best of the Season~

Bea Kunz