February And Yes...Still Winter~

If you are a gardener then you more than understand the feeling...will it ever be spring again?

Be aware that even in areas that are beginning to stir a little toward spring, if the ground is wet, your seed will rot, and at best they will germinate very slowly.

In some places (California, and some parts of the south) rhubarb, garlic, and shallots can be planted early.

I try really hard to appreciate each season for what it brings, apply patience and make the most of the down time.

February is a wonderful month to "dream" about the coming spring, new garden beds, new ways of growing, and new customers for the products and information we offer at Sage Hill Farms.

Looking for a great place to purchase heirloom and organic seed? Baker Creek is one of my favorites, totally trust worthy and very much an advocate of all things sustainable. http://rareseeds.com

If you have been composting through the winter, this can be turned and allowed to air on days that are dry. Tennessee has had much rain and the compost bins are much in need of a few dry days.

if you have autumn-fruiting raspberries, this is the time to cut down the canes to ground level. Prune fruit trees and top dress your rhubarb bed.

March will be a busy month so start now to plan for those activities that will need a head start in the garden. (It all depends on the weather, I know.) That too will improve as the next month comes to be.

Sage Hill's Tips for February:

Research and utilize the many advantages of "Apple Cider Vinegar". There are untold benefits and ways to use this miracle in a bottle.

To those who have a business and would like a great place to network I have two suggestions-invitations:
Women In Networking (WIN)
Her Mastermind Network

Both are excellent places to connect with many other business women and men and share your passions and make new friends. They are both free to join, and both have safeguards to protect your information that you want to keep private. You choose what to share.

Ahhhh, this is no doubt "tea" weather at your house too; I have been experimenting with many new blends and will share those in March, including a very tasty cold one for the summer, just awesome really.

People and Places We Know and Love~

If you're looking for places to shop and a list of non GMO foods there’s tons of useful info here.

Run out of ideas for marketing your business...look no further~

Information we all need and can trust~

A woman on the move with a lot to offer~

Beginning in March the Sage Hill Farms newsletter will be coming to you twice each month instead of once. The addition will consist of special bits and pieces of useful info and some tasty herbal recipes.

I hope you are pleased with the new offerings and do let me know your thoughts.

As always thank you for reading, responding, and supporting our mission: To educate where needed and wanted and to share the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle.

From the Sage Hill Farm family to your family~

Be blessed~

Bea Kunz