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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
- April 2009 -
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 10, Issue 379
April 2009


Well well well, it looks like yet again somebody is trying to pull a swifty over us all....This time however, we are onto it; Paul Burchall has caught a whiff of something decidedly distasteful going on regarding Woody Point and the Offshore Community are not going to be taken for suckers again. Read about it below and make up your own mind about the impact, the consequences and the outright temerity of this audacious plan....

We have had a great response to the Tick Exchange with more remedies and ideas submitted for this edition. Once we have a few more, we will collate them all into a single document that will be available as a download from the PON.

Please don't forget the SIRA AGM - there is a reminder notice below. It is important to the community to have the Association and it requires everyones input to be successful... Hope to see you there. 



  • Cartoon of the Month
  • Woody Point Redevelopment
  • Child Care on Scotland Island
  • Women on Water IWD Celebration
  • Junior Photographer Wins Prize
  • Pegasus III Launched
  • SIRA AGM Reminder
  • Local Council Notices
  • Tick Exchange
  • Cyndi Boste at Scotland Island Fireshed
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  • Cartoon of the Month

    Gwyn Perkins

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     Offshore Community being kept in the dark?
    Is This Another Currawong?

    The Community needs to ACT NOW to save Woody Point!

    Currawong devotee, and ex-Commodore of the Woody Point Yacht Club, Paul Burchall has been digging around and found the following development proposal for Woody Point....

    Says Paul "...I could not believe my eyes when I saw this poster....I was shocked and dismayed given all we have gone through at Currawong... This cannot be allowed to happen to the pristeen foreshore of Woody Point....Council have a lot to answer for on this one... "

    The Editor has inspected the Council website provided by Paul and can confirm that the Woody Point Jetty development information is legitimate.

    Following excerpts taken from local Council Communications about the development.

    Woody Point Jetty and Foreshore Redevelopment Project.

    This important and exciting project is designed to make the most of this coastal area by creating a modern and attractive recreational destination for both residents and visitors.

    The project’s focal point will be the new Woody Point Jetty....

    The new jetty will be 240 metres long and six metres wide with a concrete substructure and recycled hardwood timber decking.

    The new jetty and surrounding precinct is expected to become a popular tourist attraction.
    Proposed improvements also include complementary landscaping, feature lighting, upgraded park facilities and shelters, and enhancements to encourage boating and water activities....



    An Island First For Child Care
    Licensed Family Day Care Now operating

    The island now has its first ever licensed Family Day Care operating. Anne Palmer has been registered by Pittwater Children’s Services to provide home based care for children.

    This means that affordable child care for under-two’s is now available with Child Care Benefit and the 50% Tax Rebate on out of pocket fees.

    Anne’s home is conveniently located near the Kindy and her main days of operation are Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm: making this a perfect solution for young kids with older siblings at the Kindy.

    For more information contact: - Anne Palmer
    Pittwater Children’s Services / Northern Beaches Family Day Care
    9999 3478    9979 6150 / 9979 7254

    Click Image to download flyer


    Women on Water (WOW)
    International Women's Day Celebration

    Around fifty mainly offshore residents attended this year’s International Women’s Day breakfast which was held at  islander Chris Bowden’s Bayview Kiosk.

    It was a greatly enjoyable morning. We heard Robyn Iredale speak about her time at the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in the late 1980s with Quentin Bryce, the then Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Robyn also shared some of her very interesting experiences since that time..

    We also heard from two young women, Year 11 students Asha Forsyth and Ishbel Cullen, who spoke optimistically about how they saw women in the future.

    The breakfast was organised and run by members of Women on Water (WOW) including Kerry Borthwick, Shar Jones, Barbara Labram, Michelle McDonald, Margie Morris, Joy Purvis, Louise Roberts and others. Thanks to all who did such a great job.

    Funds raised from the breakfast were shared between the Fragile X Association and Unifem (United Nations Fund for Women).

    Have a look at some of the great photos taken by Lisa McDonald and Tanya Mottl by going to: http://picasaweb.google.com/PONeditor/WomenOnWater#

    WOW meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month and all offshore women, ex-offshore women, and friends, are welcome.

    If you are interested in finding out more about WOW email Kerry Borthwick on qwl_kborthwick@hotmail.com  .


    Junior Photographer wins Photo Prize

    The grandson of long time Island inhabitants Tom & Madge Gibbs, Michael, entered this photo of a boatshed on the eastern side Scotland Island in the " Search My Suburb" photo competition, in the Primary School by Day category.

    He made it to the finals and won a prize for this black and white photo.

    All the photos of the 15 finalists were auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Children's Hospital at Westmead.  Photos ranged in price from $50 up to $170. until Michael's photo came up for auction it was the highest selling with fierce competition, the final price was $300. 

    (Michael with his prize winning photograph)

    See other final entries at:  http://www.searchmysuburb.com.au/Scene_In_My_Suburb_Finalists_Photo_Gallery


    Pegasus III Launched

    A very proud Greg Roberts successfully launched Pegasus III last Sunday morning with the help of some 60 friends and well wishers.

    A beautiful morning, perfect weather, a spectacular handcrafted boat and some great friends helped manhandle the vessel into the water below Greg and Louises beautiful home. Louise did the honors naming the boat in the traditional manner.

    Seven years in the making, this finely built boat carries detail and excellence to a level not often seen these days.

    A wonderful project that is a credit to Greg's vision, perceverance and love of fine craftsmanship. 

    Many more Photos can be seen on the online Offshore Gallery here


    SIRA AGM - Reminder
    Sunday, April 5, 2009 - 9.30 for 10.00am start
    Community Hall, Catherine Park, Scotland Island


    Hear the latest news and future plans for Scotland Island and Church Point plus;


    FIRE: Community Forum on Fire Management on Scotland Island with George Shepherd, Rural Fire Service and Mark Ferguson, General Manager, Pittwater Council

    DOGS:  The “Companion Animals Act” -  information from Council Rangers 

    and a SAUSAGE & VEG SIZZLE at  12:30pm

                 click the image to open


    Local Council Notices  

    A Most Immoral Woman - By Linda Jaivin
    Inspired by a true story, A Most Immoral Woman is Linda’s new book and is a surprising, witty and erotic tale of sexual and other obsessions set in the ‘floating world’ of Westerners in China and Japan at the turn of the twentieth century....
    Wednesday April 8,  2009,  6.30pm
    Mona Vale Library,  1 Park Street, Mona Vale   
    Adults $7.50,
    Friends/Concession $5.50 (passes be shown)  
    Essential:  Phone 9970 1600   

    Click Image to download flyer

    Please Note - Bookings essential, tel. 9970 1600, payment within 3 days of booking.  
    In order to receive discount on events, Pensioner or Student card must be shown when paying, unfortunately, a Seniors Card does not apply for a discount.

    The Winnererremy Bay Reserve playground next to the Flying Fox Café at Mona Vale has reopened fully to the public, after the Council replaced the toddler playground sand with rubberised ground cover.

    The rubberised ground cover was laid this week following a partial closure of the toddler area of the playground on the advice of the NSW Public Health Unit.

    The advice to partially close the playground during February followed the reappearance of a rare form of bacteria in the playground sand linked to an outbreak of gastroenteritis in young children in Pittwater.

    Pittwater Council’s Reserves & Recreation Manager Les Munn said the Council had decided to replace the sand in the toddler area with the rubberised material to ensure the bacteria would be eliminated from the playground at Winnererremy Bay.

    “NSW Health have been continuing to test the playground in the last few months and unfortunately the bacteria was still showing up in the new sand we laid in the toddlers’ area of the playground,” he said.

    “As a result we’ve taken the step of replacing the sand altogether,” Mr Munn said.

    Mr Munn said the Council would also upgrade the South Avalon Beach playground in the coming weeks, which has been closed to the public since late last year when cases of gastroenteritis in young children first became linked to sand in the playground and on the beach.

    He said the NSW Public Health Unit would continue to monitor playground sand in Pittwater through a testing regime and efforts were still underway to locate the source of the original outbreak.

    “Experts from Taronga Zoo and the state government are continuing to work with the Council to locate the source of the bacteria.”

    Media contact:     Les Munn, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1356

    The Kiss of Saddam by Michelle McDonald

    A memoir told by Michelle McDonald of Selma Masson, a Muslim brought up in a privileged Iraq, in the 1950s and 1960s.

    Thursday April 23,  2009,  6.30pm
    Mona Vale Library,  1 Park Street, Mona Vale  
    Adults $7.50,
    Friends/Concession $5.50 (passes be shown) 
    Essential:  Phone 9970 1600  

    Click Image to download flyer

    Please Note - Bookings essential, tel. 9970 1600, payment within 3 days of booking.  
    In order to receive discount on events, Pensioner or Student card must be shown when paying, unfortunately, a Seniors Card does not apply for a discount.


    Tick Exchange...
    Information regarding Ticks and How to deal with them..
    Orel Lea and Family at Mackeral Beach have provided their solution to the problem.....

    We have been at Mackerel beach for 30+ years. Our management is to firstly ALWAYS use INSECT REPPELLENT when in the bush or garden. If going on a bushwalk: dab it behind your ears and on the top of your head and forehead. Ticks like armpits and groins too!

    Next, if a tick does attach itself, we find that fine, pointed tweezers, and a firm , slow pull at the neck of the tick (even pinching the patient) is the most effective method of removal. Follow this with old-fashioned MAGNAPLASM (available at chemists) and a band-aid, which helps to draw out the poison. If the patient has had the tick for some hours/days, an anti-histamine tablet taken immediately, and the next day will reduce inflammation and swelling.

    We have tried all the various “cures” but have come up with the above as the best tick management.

    Anne & Andy Palmer suggest the following.....

    We use LYClear, which is a scabies cream that you can buy over the counter at any chemist. The slightest smear of the cream kills all ticks from grass sized to shell-backs. Grass ticks just die straight away and then fall off: the shell backs die very quickly and need to be pulled out but the head usually comes out easily.

    The great bonus is that it kills them without them pumping any more poison into your system. Ray the Vet originally put us onto this solution and we owe him a big thanks!

    By the way, both Andy and I developed an allergy to red meat for a while, which we believe came from severe tick bites before we discovered LY Clear. Anne can now eat meat again, but Andy doesn’t want to risk the affects (hives, dizziness, temperature, fainting).

    Cyndi Boste: Scotland Island Fire Shed Concert
    Saturday 18th April at 8:00 pm.
    Cyndi returns to Scotland Island to play live at the  fire shed with Scotland Island's Flaming Doghouse.

    Fully licenced. Admission $12 - pay at the door.

    Cyndi is a singer songwriter with a voice to break your heart. For those who know her work, Cyndi Boste  is more than their favourite Alt Country singer/songwriter, she's a passionate cause. Type her name (rhymes with 'toast') into Google, and of the 600 or so results - from Australia and overseas - most will be rave reviews of Cyndi's four critically acclaimed CDs and her riveting live performances to spellbound audiences from Copenhagen to Coffs Harbour via Berlin, Battersea and Bellingen.

    Though it's the smoky intimacy and bluesy musicality of Cyndi's voice that ensnares the casual listener, it's her songs that make them lifetime fans. Read Cyndi's lyrics and you'll be charmed at the wit and wordplay, touched and healed by the human insights and, perhaps, strengthened in your commitment to justice and fair play.

    Check out her website: http://www.cyndiboste.com.au

    Check out some live clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ou06gaOLvI; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXU-O_NGGcQ

    Further information: contact Gordon Floyd 9997 2035


    You Asked.. 
    Kayak Found
    A kayak has washed up on our waterfront. I'm sure somebody is looking for it.
    Contact Tim Turpin

    Schooling Information required
    I am looking at moving to Scotland Island with my 14 year old daughter and small dog. Can anyone help.  I would also like some information on senior schools in the area. What senior schools do most island teenagers attend and what are your recommendations as to the best senior schools- public or private.
    My email address is ashollas@hotmail.com if anyone has any information they would like to share with me.
    Many thanks, Alex Holloway

    Child's Car Seat Wanted
    Does anyone has a child's car seat they don't need anymore. I need one for our car on the island.
    Contact Rachel at andreas@smetana.net

    Parking in loading zone at Commuter Wharf
    Can everyone please be aware that the loading bay at commuter wharf is for loading and unloading only and is used 24 hours a day. It seems to have become a habit for certain people to park in the bay overnight - please be considerate and do not park in this bay.
    Thanks, Tejinder

    Housesitter/s Required
    We’re looking for someone to house-and cat-sit for four weeks from 27 April whilst we’re on holidays.  Must love cats (we have two).  3 bed house near Carols  Wharf.  Call Jenny 0411 405335 for more info.


    For Sale 
    If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put a SINGLE line entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...

    6m Punt equiped with 15HP four stroke engine, battery, lights, bilge pump, recently antifouled. Price $9000.00

    Contact details: Mary 0400 129 775

    Free to a Good Home
    Set of pine bunkbeds with trundle.  Includes mattresses + some linen available.  Need a good sand & paint.  Near Carols Wharf.   Jenny  0411 405335


    The Local Guide

    What's On in Pittwater - Self Editing Event Calendar
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    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419460331 or click here for full details
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    Playgroup @ Children's Centre every Monday, 10.00am - 12 midday
    Other services include: School Holiday Programme / Facility & Equipment Hire
    For information please call 02 9979 7856 or email:  siocs@comcen.com.au

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