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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
- December 2008 -
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia Volume 9, Issue 351
December 2008


December has arrived and another year has slipped by at an alarming rate. A busy year for most of us and an eventful one at that.

Offshore residents have had a fabulous year of community events; from music, to song & dance, to art exhibitions, to stories, to book signings, wine tastings, Fireshed breakfasts, coffee mornings, fund raisers, and much much more. All of these made possible by the grand efforts of an amazingly diversified group of talented locals, and only made successful by the attendance of so many of you and your friends.

On the newsletter front, I trust you are all enjoying the it. From time to time you may see some small changes take place to its look - I hope you like what you see - please let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, I am only too happy to receive your contributions and suggestions, so please keep them coming as this ultimately is YOUR newsletter - it is for you, so it needs your input !

I would also like to remind everyone of another very useful community tool at our disposal. The Scotland Island Calendar, which is linked to our Scotland Island web site, is a great resource that everyone should be using. You can enter details into the calendar yourself, if you wish (you can get the login details from me), or send me the details of the event you want listed and I'll put it in for you. Remember the information has to be of interest to the community. (Just watch out if you are using Macs Safari web browser - the calendar won't load - use Firefox instead...)

And finally, thank you to all those who have provided assistance and contributions to the newsletters and a very Happy Christmas to alI PON readers.


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  • Cartoon of the Month

    Gwyn Perkins

    Download a full version of this months calendar, ready for printing - click the calendar image to the right →

    A Message from Councillor Ian White

    My sincere thanks goes to all those who helped with my campaign, to those who voted for me and for the generous donations received from the community.  I feel privileged to have been successfully elected to Pittwater Council and will endeavour to represent all Central Ward residents, as well as the broader Pittwater community, effectively and practically.  There is a great deal to learn and understand as a "new" Councilor and I am grateful for the support of Council staff and the previous experience of my fellow Councillors.  I will endeavour to work hard for the community during my term as Councillor. 

    If you have any queries or issues you wish to bring to my attention, please email  ian_white@pittwater.nsw.gov.au or phone me on 0437 495 196.

    2008 - 2009 Fire Season

    The fire season is upon us and we need to keep our houses, and therefore our island safe.It is time to make sure that the area around your house is reasonably clear of flammable materials. We have had lively growth over winter and spring, and some of it will need to be removed. If you wish to burn a small pile, you will need a current Hazard Reduction Certificate from Warringah/Pittwater Fire Control. Please call at the fire station, fill out the form, and we will fax it for you. When you have received that, you will need a Permit to Burn, issued by either myself (Captain), or Tim Byrne (Sen. Dept Captain. All sites will be inspected before the permit is issued.

    During periods of summer heat, keep gutters clear as well. Be vigilant at all times, and report any fire activity to '000' and the fire station on 99994404. This is your home.


    Graeme Richmond


    Local Announcements

    Peninsula Music Club 2009 Concert Series Program

    Scheduled for Loquat Valley Anglican Prep School Bayview.
    1977 Pittwater Road Bayview.

    • Friday 27th February at 8pm: "Trombone Through the Ages"
    • Friday 17th April at 8pm: "Jewels of the Baroque"
    • Friday 26' June at 8pm: "Classic Sax" Compass Quartet
    • Friday 11th September at 8pm: Phillip Shovk - Piano
    • Friday 20th November at 8pm Bernadette Balkus and Natsuko Yoshimoto - Violin and Piano Duo
    Join us in 2009! Five fabulous concerts for only $55.00 annual membership.

    Download the Program & Membership application form here.

    Dance Classes On Scotland Island ! & Call for Interest
    As a former professional dancer, I would like to share my passion and my experience with the community of Scotland Island.

    Dancing background:
    • Ballet at the Opera of Marseille, France with a Russian Teacher and a former Varsovie Opera's First Dancer; Joffrey Ballet, New-York, USA
    • Modern Dance with Merce Cunningham, Jose Limon, New-York
    • National Centre of Contemporary Dance, Angers, France and various modern dance companies in France, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Dijon
    • Benevolent Dancer for UNESCO Peace and Educational Projects (Europe, India, Canada...)
    • Children Ballet Teacher and Adult Modern Dance Teacher in France
    Children Dance Courses would be offered at the Community Hall on Saturday from January.

    Different classes would be provided. New beginner and advance dancer are most welcome.

    If your child is interested and willing to attend ballet and modern dance courses.
    Please contact me on 04 20 59 16 06 or you can email me at sophie_szabo@hotmail.com

    Many thanks and best wishes, Sophie

    Gift Vouchers now available

    Beat the Summer Car Park Hassles
    Newsletter Out - download here
    If you've been thinking of trying Go Get car share but haven't got around to it yet, now's the time. The Church Point car park is getting more frenetic with Summer traffic.
    Imagine using a car on a Summer evening or weekend and returning to guaranteed car park at Church  Point & bliss!
    Here's some feedback from some local members so far:
    "We've been a one-car family now for several months, and using the Go Get car has made it so much easier & no more reshuffling appointments according to who needs our
    car most. Now we can both drive whenever we need to." Bob Story, Lovett Bay
    "I'd seen car share working really well in San Francisco, so I signed up as soon as I
    heard about it, and used the car the minute my Go Get kit arrived in the mail. I've been
    happily using it ever since. It's just so handy and I'm really grateful that it's here at
    Church Point It's meant we haven't had to buy a second car." Jane Wood, Lovett Bay
    "It's such an incredibly intelligent system. A simple phone call and a little funky card,
    and everything else is done for you. With none of the hassles of owning a second car, I
    can do the 'kid logistics' or pop into Mona Vale at short notice when Karl is using our
    car." Ruth Tedder, Scotland Island
    "It's been so easy to book and use the Go Get car to pick up spare parts for the ferry at
    short notice when Simon has our car elsewhere." Penny Gleen, Church Point Ferry

    For further information please contact Go Get on 1 300 769 389 or www.goget.com.au.
    Or locally: Alan Hill in Elvina Bay, PO Box 444, Church Point, 2105. Phone 9997 6973 or 0419 012 640 or email: hillyuille@bigpond.com.
    Or Caroline Adams (Towlers Bay) on ph 9979 6390 or email caroline@davidadams.com.au.   

     Local Council Matters  

    Mona Vale Library is seeking volunteers to join a small team to help run a 'living library' project.

    'Living libraries' operate along the lines of a normal library where readers borrow books. However, the difference is the books are human.

    As part of Seniors Week last April, Pittwater Council trialled the living library idea with several older residents sharing their personal story with schoolchildren from Mona Vale Public.

    Pittwater Council's Community Information Librarian Sharelle Ravenscroft said last year's living library had been a great success and the library was seeking volunteers to assist in organising the 2009 project.

    "Ideally we'd like six people to join a committee to help choose the 'living books' and coordinate the event," she said.

    Previous participants have included a World War Two Holocaust survivor, a retired engineer, a witness to the atomic explosions in the 1950s and long-time local residents.

     "We'd now like to broaden the concept to cover residents of all different ages and different cultural backgrounds in a larger event next July", Ms Ravenscroft said.

    The 'living library' concept was first developed in Denmark in 2000 and invites human 'books' to sit down with a 'reader' to discuss aspects of their life & where they come from, their family background, how they occupy their daily lives, things that might worry them or inspire them and so on.

    There are four known 'living libraries' operating in Australia and only one other in New South Wales in Lismore.

    Community volunteers who join the voluntary committee will help organise the 'living library' from the initial planning stage until the actual event in July 2009.

    Media contact:
    Sharelle Ravenscroft
    Mona Vale Library
    Ph: 9970 1609

    Pittwater Council will extend its security patrol service in the Mona Vale area and other vandalism 'hotspots' in Pittwater until 1 February 2009, General Manager Mark Ferguson announced today.

    The security service was due to end at the beginning of December, after the Council decided to adopt additional methods of deterring vandalism such as increased CCTV coverage, pruning vegetation to improve sightlines and better street lighting.

    Security patrols currently operate in the Mona Vale retail and adjacent streets during Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, reporting acts of vandalism and other antisocial behaviour to police.

    However, the Council has decided to give the local business community more time to meet some of the costs of providing the security service, and to ensure Mona Vale is patrolled during the summer and school holiday period.

    "We are meeting with representatives from the Mona Vale business community this week to discuss funding of the service in the future," Mr Ferguson said.

    "One option is for business owners to pay a small weekly fee to the Council to assist in meeting the costs.

    "Last financial year the service cost ratepayers more than $100,000, which obviously is not sustainable in the long term.

    Mr Ferguson said he was hopeful a funding solution could be found to enable the service to continue.

    "The additional CCTV coverage and improved street lighting will be in place early in 2009."

    Media contact:
    Lindsay Godfrey
    Pittwater Council
    Ph: 9970 1166

    A free guide for older northern beaches residents' will be launched this week by Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Councils and the New Choices for Retirement organisation.

    Called the Seniors & Care Guide, the free booklet gives a complete guide to services and facilities available for older residents.

    The guide has been developed as a joint project between Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Councils and New Choices for Retirement, the publisher of the Seniors and Care Guide.

    The guide will be launched at the Manly Warringah Master Builders Club in Dee Why on Wednesday 26 November between 4pm and 6pm.

    Pittwater Mayor David James said the guide would provide older residents and families with information on health services, managing finances, leisure and recreational options and general services available to older residents.

    "All three Councils are going to be faced with the impacts of an aging population in the future and it's important we make information available to families on how to manage retirement and associated issues," he said.

    Mayor James said the guide would be available at Pittwater, Manly and Warringah Council's customer service centres, libraries and community centres free of charge from the beginning of December.

    Media contact:
    Angela Boyle
    Pittwater Council
    Ph: 9970 1199

    2008 Report of the Pittwater Offshore
    Indigenous Interests Group

    1. General Introductory Meeting, Tuesday, 29 April - to discuss the concept of reconciliation. The possibility of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was raised. A wide-ranging discussion was held focusing on what strategies would enable residents to meet with Indigenous Australians and better understand the issues they face. It was decided that a 'go slowly' approach was needed to ensure that we did not replicate mistakes of the past and find ourselves having to say 'sorry' again at some point in the future.

    2. 'Exploring a New Approach to Indigenous Community Development in Central Australia',  15 May  - with Dr Danielle Campbell from the Community Development Unit (CDU), Central Land Council, Alice Springs. The evening explored new ways in which monies being returned under native title legislation from mining leases, gate entry fees, etc are being used for community development activities in some central Australia communities. The CDU's role is to encourage Council's on Aboriginal communities to plan their own development in areas such as swimming pools, bike tracks, gyms, extra educational and IT facilities, etc. The approach is having very positive spin-offs and hopefully will be replicated elsewhere.

    3. The Journey of Discovery of a Pittwater Resident to Outback WA, 15 August & Gillian Lennon and Chippinderra. Gillian found her way into a remote community in Western Australia as part of her PhD research on Aboriginal perspectives on climate and weather. In the meantime she has taken on various roles in the community, including assisting with programs to protect women from domestic violence and to return older women to the community for part of each year. Chippinderra provided us with many valuable insights and her sense of humour made the evening one to remember.

    4. Intercultural Collaboration: a life-long credo, 21 November - with Michael Edols, Elvina Bay. The evening was dedicated to getting a glimpse of Michael's 30 years experience as a cinematographer and filmmaker. Michael has worked in many countries and he showed a segment of Soweto ... the Secrete City and a new release on DVD of the first of his trilogy of Aboriginal films, Lalai Dreamtime. We were fortunate to also have Dr Andrew Hurley, UTS, speak about Michael's work. He has completed a book titled, Three Takes, on Michael's life-long ethical approach to his work.

    Robyn Iredale
    Scotland Island


    Follow up on Currawong

    Further to the meeting with the Planning Minister earlier last month, interested parties are encouraged to write to the relevant Minister and the Premier expressing their concerns over this development.

    The Hon Kristina Keneally MP
    Minister for Planning
    Minister for Redfern Waterloo
    Level 34 Governor Macquarie Tower
    1 Farrar Place
    Sydney 2000

    Some sample letters are at:  http://www.friendsofcurrawong.com/lettersample.htm

    Shane Withington Co convener Friends of Currawong And the RAID Committee.


    You Asked.. 
    Help with a Family Tree.
    Hi my name is Betty Ashton and I am doing my family tree my great grand father Samuel Crawford owned land at Lovetts Bay, and Samuels father William was accidently shot by his 14 year old son John.
    I am searching to find where William was buried and I have just learned there is an old burial ground near the Island. I was hoping that someone may be able to help me, maybe they would know where it is and send me an e-mail as to where it may be.

    William Crawford
    Date of Death March 9th 1859
    Place Pittwater
    Age 53 years
    Place of Birth Scotland.

    Betty Ashton - b_m_ashton@yahoo.com.au

    For Sale 
    If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put a SINGLE line entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...


    The Local Guide

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    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here) Pittwater Real Estate

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