ETIP Bioenergy - SABS Newsletter 1 | December 2016     

  SET-Plan Conference 2016 | ETIP Bioenergy discussed the role of technology and innovation in decarbonizing the transport sector

The SET-Plan Conference 2016 held from 30 November to 2 December in Bratislava was an opportunity to discuss the future of the Energy Union and the challenges in the global energy scenario. In one of the parallel sessions, Dina Bacovsky (Bioenergy 2020+), presented the view of ETIP Bioenergy on the role of biofuels in decarbonizing transports and the particular role of research and innovation in delivering this change.

Agreement reached on SET-Plan Action 8 - Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy

The SET-Plan is articulated in a series of ten actions to develop technologies for the decarbonization of the European Energy System. In November 2016, an agreement on the strategic targets and priorities was reached by the SET Plan Steering Group about action 8 of the SET-Plan. Action 8 will focus on Strategic Targets for bioenergy and renewable fuels needed for sustainable transport solutions in the context of an Initiative for Global Leadership in Bioenergy. All relevant research and industry stakeholders from public and private sector in cooperation with EU Member States and countries part of the SET Plan, agreed to put forward highly ambitious targets in an endeavour to diversify and strengthen energy options for sustainable transport in what concerns market take-up of renewable fuels and, to gain global leadership and cost reductions for bioenergy. Together with other stakeholders, ETIP Bioenergy provided key inputs to this paper.
Issue paper, Input Papers, Declaration of Intent

  Proposal for a revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive published-key importance for bioenergy and biofuels

As part of a large package of new proposals for a consumer centred clean energy transition, on 30 November 2016 the European Commission has published a proposal for a revised Renewable Energy Directive. The proposal aims at easing the integration of renewables in the electricity sector, boosting renewables in the heating and cooling sector, decarbonising the transport sector, better informing and empowering consumers, and making sure the EU's binding renewable energy target is achieved on time. The proposal also encourages the development of advanced alternative fuels for transport through the introduction of a blending mandate on fuel suppliers, while food-based biofuels will progressively reduce their contribution to the EU's renewables target. Furthermore, the revised RED strengthens the existing EU criteria for bioenergy sustainability and extends them to cover also biomass and biogas for heat and power. These include:
  • Advanced biofuels shall emit at least 70% fewer GHG emissions than fossil fuels;

  • A new sustainability criterion on forest biomass used in energy;

  • A 80% GHG saving requirement for heat and power produced from biomass and biogas;

  • A requirement that electricity from biomass is produced using highly efficient combined heat and power technology.

Breakthrough Energy Coalition Launches US$ 1 Billion Clean Energy Fund

On December 12 the Breakthrough Energy Coalition (BEC)—a group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and institutional investors committed to bring promising new zero-emissions energy technologies to market—has announced a commitment to invest more than US$ 1 billion in a fund called Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV). BEC was launched one year ago, in parallel with Mission Innovation, a global initiative of 22 countries and the European Union to accelerate innovation in clean energy. Through Mission Innovation, the parties are acting to double their public clean energy research and development (R&D) investment over five years. The BEV fund invests patient capital, having a 20-year horizon, and utilizes scientific research and market priorities to take advantage of huge opportunities. The fund focuses on companies and technologies that show sizeable promise for moving the world toward an emission-free future.

  Biofuture Platform launched at COP22

The Biofuture Platform is a new initiative launched at COP 22 by high level representatives of 22 countries to accelerate development and scale up the deployment of modern sustainable low carbon alternatives to fossil based solutions in transport, chemicals, plastics and other sectors. The government of Brazil is serving as the interim secretariat/facilitator of the Biofuture Platform at launch. The Platform aims to be an action-oriented, country-led, multistakeholder mechanism for policy dialogue and collaboration among leading countries, organizations, academia and the private sector.

ETIP Bioenergy in 2017: Stay informed - Get Involved

2016 has marked the transition from the European Biofuels Technology Platform to the European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy. The new platform has broadened its activities and its membership from biofuels to advanced bioenergy, including also bioenergy carriers. New members have joined the steering committee including the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and the biomass panel of the Renewable Heating and Cooling ETIP. In September 2016, ETIP Bioenergy-SABS project started, co-financed by Horizon 2020, with the purpose of supporting the platform. ETIP Bioenergy-SABS will last until 2018. The project and the platform are now fully working to develop new initiatives and activities for 2017 which will include:
  • A new website with easy access to new and past resources on research and industrial initiatives in advanced bioenergy;

  • Updates on the monitoring of the advanced bioenergy sector in Europe and globally with new and improved databases and information on feedstock, conversion technologies, fuels, end-use sectors, markets & regulations, deployment, financing opportunities, regional information, and sustainability;

  • An update of the 2016 Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the former European Biofuels Technology Platform to cover and integrate advanced bioenergy including bioenergy carriers such as pyrolysis oil and torrefied biomass;

  • Contribution to the SET-Plan activities and strategy and providing recommendations to the SET-Plan Steering Group with respect to biofuels and bioenergy;

  • Assistance to the European Commission and Member States in defining the research programmes and financial instruments for advanced bioenergy deployment;

  • ETIP Bioenergy events in the second half of 2017.

Join the platform

ETIP Bioenergy is a wide and open forum, therefore stakeholders are welcome from all parties involved with the development of sustainable bioenergy: agricultural & forest products producers and common interest groups, industry and industry associations, research and technology organisations, academia, governmental bodies, civil society, the general public.

  • Get connected to stakeholders from around Europe engaged in bioenergy-based solutions and biofuels

  • Actively influence the development of biofuels and bioenergy in Europe

  • Learn about best practices regarding market implementation, commercialization and deployment of new technologies

This newsletter is produced on behalf of the ETIP Bioenergy by the ETIP Bioenergy-SABS project team, funded under Horizon 2020. The broad aim of ETIP Bioenergy-SABS is to enhance communications and networking among Advanced Bioenergy Stakeholders from research, industry, government, NGOs, feedstocks production, end use and related areas in all European countries.
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