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The purpose of this alert is to explore things we can do to empower ourselves in the face of some very heavy information so that we can make the best decisions to oppose the New World Order Codex Genocide Agenda. I thought about writing this yesterday while waiting between events at a Masters Swim Meet that I competed in. I love swimming because it keeps me healthy and its very meditative. When you're swimming laps or are in a race, all you think about is your breathing, what lap you're on, your technique, and doing your best. There is no room for thinking about anything depressing like Codex, or the New World Order and it helps you go into deep REM sleep. Below I'll put forth several ideas and suggestions to help us all stay healthy and sane in the face of the insanity unfolding around us and I welcome your input, ideas and suggestions!


Do you ever find yourself pondering the surrealty of the times in which we live? Do you ever feel numb from wrestling with the weightiness of intense articles such as this and this ?

You're not alone. Right now a lot of people are feeling a sense that something huge could be right around the corner... like another false flag "terror" event leading to martial law and our total enslavement. The first URL listed above is an article titled "SPECIAL REPORT: Turning The Police State Apparatus Against Dissenters
Second major phase of the coordinated destruction of freedom in America targets those who refuse to go along with it"

The second url listed above is an article titled "Police with Dogs: Vaccinating Kids in Maryland" it relates a surreal experience of the author, an anti vaccination protestor, who was accosted by a cop with a dog when she and her vaccine damaged son attempted stand in front of a courthouse where parents were being forced to bring their kids for vaccinations under threat of being jailed. They wanted to warn these parents about the immense dangers of vaccinations, but were harrassed by a cop with a dog.

What happened to the America we once knew and loved? The good news is that its still here. It will always live on in the hearts and minds of those of us who see the truth and who seek justice in the face of evil, no matter how bad things get. Clearly, we're now living in a police state and the screws are being tightened a lot faster now. Multiple moves in the direction of martial law are thoroughly discussed in the SPECIAL REPORT shown above.

Glenn Beck has smeared Ron Paul supporters insinuating that we are "terrorists". They're talking this trash right at the moment HR 1955 the “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007″ was rammed through the House and is on its way to the Senate. (Call your Senators now to oppose it via Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121

Clearly, the November 5th Guy Fawkes day "Money Bomb" via which the grass roots poured $4.2 Million into the Paul campaign has rattled the ruling elite who are using the CIA controlled media in a desperate way that is bound to backfire spectacularly! 

The more Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Limbaugh and other ruling elite pro neocon attack dogs spew their vicious spin, the FASTER the American people are WAKING UP to what is REALLY going on! I predict that the NEXT Ron Paul "Moneybomb" on December 16th will pull in even MORE donations to counter the ruling elite's evil agenda than the first one did!


The ruling elite had the collossal gall to carve their intention to kill 90% of us off into granite rock: The Georgia Guidestones:  What were they thinking when they did that? They've announced an intention to kill all but 500 Million people, ( a 90% reduction with current world population listed at 6,632,301,495  and US population at 303,409,263.

My reaction to the rapidly emerging police state and this genocide agenda is to vow to do everything I can to enjoy my life despite them, and to do everything I can to improve my health and to get stronger, despite them and to keep in motion every day doing new things intended to thwart their agenda.

FDA just sent me what they think will be the last of the Freedom of Information info they're willing to cough up regarding their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, but I'm getting advice now from Judicial Watch and one way or the other either IAHF or Judicial Watch, or a combo of both our groups is going to pressure FDA into giving us more documents so we'll have more ammunition to use in our quest for congressional oversight.


You'll sleep better, and will be able to do more to expose and stop the New World Order if you do. I enjoy swimming, biking, hiking, walking, gardening, sailing, skiing, canoeing, kayaking. None of us can focus all the time on this ponderous NWO stuff or it would drive us crazy!

I like swimming because the water supports you, its very easy on the joints and no other form of exercise provides the combination of an aerobic workout with an exercise that works every muscle group. Swimming elongates the spine and its like doing a self chiropractic adjustment every time! 

Masters swimming is something anyone, of any age can do regardless of your fitness level or prior experience. (Google Masters Swimming for Your Country if outside USA)  Our masters swim club has swimmers ranging in age from early 20s to Doug McClennan who at 84 is our oldest swimmer, and he still competes- he was with us at the meet yesterday where some 250 athletes from all over British Columbia converged in Vancouver at the UBC Aquatics Center. You don't have to compete to be in a Masters swim club, many people just do it for the workouts and fitness levels vary widely.

Going to meets is optional, but the meets are really fun! The competition is mostly against yourself, everyone just tries to improve their times, but if you're a serious competitor you can enter National and International Masters meets and swim against some of the best in the world. I swim in the 50-54 age group. Swimmers at Masters meets swim in heats with others who are swimming at about their same time in a given event, then results are broken down by age groups afterwards.

I feel continuosly inspired by the older swimmers in our group. Some are nationally and even internationally ranked in age group, but the more noteworthy thing to me is simply their level of vitality and very positive mental outlook! These are healthy, happy people who take life in stride, no matter what and the comraderie of being part of a club like this is tremendous!

Competitors at Masters Meets all encourage each other. Before one race, before getting up on the starting block I had a good conversation with the guy swimming in the next lane who was in a very jovial mood, clearly just enjoying himself, regardless of what his time was. At the end of the meet we all shared a meal, and had a raffle with fun prizes that had been donated by local merchants who helped sponsor the meet. I feel inspired by Masters swimming competition to do more walking, biking, running to stay in shape and all of this helps me be stronger to fight the New World Order.


Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel run down and are you having trouble losing weight? If you're eating mostly cooked foods like I was up til 2 months ago you're destroying too many enzymes and that could be the reason why! (more on enzymes and their importance below) 

A common misconception about eating raw is that you "have to be vegan". Its not true! You can eat meat and fish and still eat raw, you just SEAR the meet or fish if you cook it so you don't destroy enzymes! So, while some people who eat raw food are Vegans, not everyone is. A good book to check out this healthy lifestyle is Carol Alt's Eating in the Raw

Twelve Points on Enzymes Compiled and Written by Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray

1.      Enzymes rule over all other nutrients. Enzymes are responsible for nearly every facet of life and health and far outweigh the importance of every other nutrient.

2.      Enzymes are needed to help control all mental and physical functions. Each body cell has in excess of 100,000 enzyme particles necessary for metabolic processes.

3.      Enzymes cannot function properly without the presence of of other substances which are known as coenzymes. Coenzymes are minerals, vitamins and proteins.

4.      Once enzymes have completed their appointed task they are destroyed. For life to continue you must have a constant enzyme supply which requires continual replacement of enzymes.

5.      Enzymes are found in all living cells including raw foods or those that are cooked at a temperature lower than 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Enzymes begin to perish when the temperature increases beyond 116 degrees. The degree of enzyme destruction is a function of time and temperature.

6.      Enzymes are primarily proteins, yet enzymes need amino acids for their normal function. Hormones are primarily proteins which require interaction with enzymes to regulate bodily processes.

7.      Enzymes aid in transforming proteins into amino acids. Protein does not perform its function unless broken down into amino acids. Amino acids can be considered as an enzyme carrier whose function is to transport enzymes to various functions in the body.

8.      Enzymes help extract chelated minerals from food. Enzymes transform chelated minerals into an alkaline detoxifying agent which combines with acid cellular wastes and toxic settlements within the body thus neutralizing them and preparing them for elimination.

9.      Enzymes use minerals to create an even balance of dissolved solids both inside and outside the cells, thus equalizing both internal and external pressures which we call osmotic equilibrium.

10.  Vitamins are required as coenzymes to work with enzymes in every chemical reaction in every cell of the body. Without minerals extracted from food by enzymes, vitamins would be unable to perform their function.

11.  An enzyme deficiency must be carefully considered as a possible precursor of bodily imbalance and consequent disease symptoms.

12.  Enzymes are, therefore, justified as a supplemental dietary substance which need is parallel with mineral, vitamin and all other supportive therapies.

 So, don't sweat the small stuff! The ruling elite might be planning another 911 soon to trigger martial law, and they might be scooping up large numbers of us to stuff us into concentration camps If this happens, the more people who realize whats going on, the better, and the more people who are in shape and able to resist, the better! For every action there is an exact and opposite reaction.

Think about the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation of Poland. There were many resisters who fought back bravely and they won their freedom:  As all of us oppose the UN Codex NWO plans to destroy our access to dietary supplements and the NWO's population control and societal control agenda, we might as well engage in fun, healthy pursuits so as to be as ready as possible when and if we're plunged into a martial law scenario.

In the meantime, lets keep givin' 'em hell!