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One of the more curious crypto-creatures I've come across in my research in the Appalachians is called "sheepsquatch.” Like most cryptids, it looks like a weird combination of multiple types of animals, with a little of this and a little of that.  Woolly and friendly it is not, however -- sheepsquatch encounters have terrified wtinesses.  This month, I'll be talking about sheepsquatch and other strange critters featured in my book Monsters of West Virginia at the annual Mothman Festival September 15-16 in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia.  While sheepsquatch has been peculiar to West Virginia and Virginia, it can show up anywhere.  Cryptids have no state or regional boundaries.
The sheepsquatch is about the size of a bear with woolly white hair, and its front paws are more like hands, similar to those of a raccoon but much bigger.  The tail is long and without hair.  The head features a dog-like snout and single-point horns like those of a young goat.  It carries a pungent sulphur smell.   Most sightings reported over the years in West Virginia have centered in Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, and Mason counties.  A rash of sightings was reported in Boone County in the mid-1990s.
In 1995, a couple driving through Boone County slammed to a halt when they spotted a weird white beast in a ditch alongside the road.  At first it looked like a woolly white bear.  Then they saw that it had four eyes.  The creature leaped out of the ditch and attacked the car.  The couple sped off.  When they got home and examined the car, they found scratch marks on the side attacked by the creature.  [Art: sheepsquatch from]
In 1999, two campers in Boone County heard snorting and snuffling sounds in the woods as they sat by their campfire.  They were not far away from their house.  A sheepsquatch suddenly lunged out of the darkness and charged at them. The campers fled toward their house, pursued by the horrible thing.  When they cleared the woods, the hairy beast stopped and let out a blood-chilling scream, and receded back into the forest.  The next day, the campers returned to their site.  The trail and the site were torn up as though someone had taken a tiller to the earth.
In Mason County, three people reported seeing what may have been a sheepsquatch one winter night as they drove from Huntington to Charleston via Point Pleasant.  Heavy snow began falling, slowing their speed.  Near Arbuckle, in a lonely and heavily wooded area, they rounded a bend going about five to ten miles an hour on the slick road.  The driver glanced to his left and saw a white, furry creature that looked half man and half animal.  It had a sheep-like face, ram-like horns, and dog-like paws, and it stood upright on its hind, human-like legs.  Stunned, the driver stopped and backed up, not believing what he was seeing.  His two friends saw the creature and started screaming.  The creature looked straight at the driver and then ran away on its hind legs.  One of the passengers was so spooked that he hunkered down in the back seat the rest of the way home.
A sheepsquatch may also have been the creature observed in Mason County in 1994 by a young former Navy seaman.  The young man had grown up in Gallipolis, Ohio, just across the river from Pt. Pleasant, WV, the epicenter of Mothman sightings.  He became interested in Mothman and looked for evidence to disprove the entity.  He figured in a reverse way that if he could find no disproof, then that would be proof that Mothman was real.
On the night of his encounter, he was out alone chasing down UFO leads along a creek bank north of Bethel Church Road.   He saw no UFOs, but instead saw something even more strange.  As he walked along the creek, he was startled by the sounds of something large crashing through the brush ahead of him.  Since Mason County had little in the way of predators, he thought the creature must be a very big dog or perhaps even a stray cow.  Nonetheless, he froze in uncertainty, hoping that he would not be wrong about what was coming through the brush.
The creature that came into view was unlike anything he had ever before seen.  It was large with matted brown-white fur.  He could not tell if the fur was dirty white, or was brown with a white undercoat.  The beast walked on all fours and went to the creek, where it knelt to take a drink, putting out paws that looked more like hands.  The head was long and pointed, and dog-like in shape, and sprouted large, single-point horns.  The creature reeked of sulphur.  [Art: A White Thing, from the cover of White Things by Kurt McCoy.]
Horrified, the young man drew back into the brush, afraid to move or make a sound.  After slaking its thirst, the creature crossed the creek and went off toward Sandhill Road.  The young man waited until he was certain it was far away, and then ran as fast as he could to where he had parked his car.
The witness said he did not assume that the sulphur odor meant that the creature was “fire and brimstone,” or demonic.  Lingering chemical pollution in the TNT area has a sulphur smell, he said, and so perhaps any creatures that lived in the area would absorb the odor.
Demonic or not, sheepsquatch is not the kind of creature one wishes to encounter out in the woods late at night, especially alone!
[Excerpted from Monsters of West Virginia, Stackpole Books.]
Soul Journeys: Past Lives & Reincarnation is in press and will be available in hard print from Visionary Living, Inc. at my website shop by mid- September.  I became convinced of reincarnation when I was in my teens.  Soul Journeys is a great introduction to the subject, with cross-cultural and historical perspectives, scientific examinations of past-life recall cases, and ways to remember your own past lives.  The book also features numerous original accounts of past lives, including Jim Morrison of The Doors, author Marion Zimmer Bradley, and more.

Curious about your own past lives? This November I am giving a past-life regression weekend workshop in Parkersburg, WV with Tonya Madia (see "Discover Your Past Lives" Weekend Workshop below.)
Soul Journeys is also available in e-book format on Kindle.

Ouija Gone Wild, which I have co-authored with Rick Fisher, is now available on Kindle in e-book format.  Hard print autographed copies are available at my website shop.  This is the most comprehensive book written to date on the alluring talking board.  The book features dozens of riveting stories, the history of the board, the influence of films on popular opinions, and much more!
The Ouija is my topic this month on "Strange Dimensions" on SEPIA with Eric and Jess Dionne September 11 and on Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with Scott Colborn on September 29 (see September Media and Events below).  Check out these two radio shows in archives: The Paranormal podcast with host Jim Harold, and The Paracast, with hosts Gene Steinberg and Chris O’Brien.
Last month I made an appearance on John Zaffis's hit reality show on The SyFy Channel, The Haunted Collector, in an episode featuring a Ouija board with an apparent spirit attachment.  The case, located in Connecticut, involved a Ouija board that had been torn into pieces and hidden away.  John consulted me as an expert on Ouija boards.  We established that removing the board from the premises might alleviate some of the unwanted paranormal activity in the home in question -- which it did.
Both John and I received a huge positive response to the episode.  It's always a pleasure to work with John, and I am delighted his show is now renewed for a third season!  [Photo:  My medium friend, Julie Pellegrino, added some touches to a snapshot of me and John at the Michigan ParaCon in Sault Ste. Marie, MI in August.  Well done!]
"Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley," my radio feature program, now airs SEPIA Radio Network starting this month.  I will join co-hosts Eric and Jess Dionne on their show SEPIA RVP on the second and fourthTuesday nights of every month during the second hour, between 10 and 11 PM Eastern.  My special segment will vary in length and will focus on developments in my research, investigations and cases.
I launched "Strange Dimensions" last year on Para-X Radio as a segment on Dave Jones's Sunday night show, which was a wonderful home.  Dave is bowing out of his Sunday show as well as much of the management of Para-X Radio.  I wish him well in all his endeavors.
Meanwhile, I am excited about working with Eric and Jess, who have featured me as a guest on their show in the past.  The new schedule is listed in the Media & Events section below.
Katherine Ramsland, professor of forensic psychology at DeSales University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, writes about the psychological perspective on the Ouija and bizarre behavior in "Would You Ouija?" in her blog Shadow Boxing, featured on  Katherine has studied the Ouija for some of her own book projects, and she is featured in Ouija Gone Wild.
I am quoted in the article: "People are attracted to the Ouija because it is a simple tool for reaching into the spirit world, a realm that is inaccessible, unknown, and potentially dangerous.  The board may deliver harmless entertainment, but the possibility of having a scary experience is irresistible.  Many people use a Ouija board for the same reason they see a horror film – they are seeking a brush with the dark side."

Click on the link above to read the entire article.
[The release of the film "The Possession," about a "dibbuk" that haunts an old box and terrorizes people, brought a spate of questions about the real entity. The following answer is taken from my "Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology, published by Facts On File.]
Q:  What is a dybbuk?
A:  In Jewish demonology, a dybbuk is an evil spirit or doomed soul that possesses a person body and soul, speaking through the person's mouth and causing such torment and anguish that another personality appears to manifest itself.  The term "dybbuk" (also spelled dibbuk) was coined in the 17th century from the language of German and Polish Jews.  It is an abbreviation of two phrases: dibbuk me-ru'ah ("a cleavage of an evil spirit"), and dibbuk min ha-hizonim ("dibbuk from the demonic side" of man).  Prior to the 17th century, the dybbuk was one of many evil spirits call ibbur.
In early folklore, dybbukim (plural) were thought only to inhabit the bodies of sick persons.  Possessive evil spirits are referenced in the Old Testament.  For example, Samuel I describes the possession of Saul and how David exorcized the spirit by playing the harp.  In the Book of Tobit, the archangel Raphael instructs Tobit in ways of exorcisms.  In the rabbinical literature of the 1st century, exorcisms called for the ashes of a red heifer, or the roots of certain herbs, burned under the victim, who was then surrounded with water.  Other methods included incantations in the name of King Solomon, repetition of the Divine Name of God, reading from Psalms, and the wearing of herbal amulets. 
By the 16th century, the concept of possessive evil spirits had changed.  Many Jews believed the spirits were transmigrated souls who could not enter a new body because of their past sins, and so were forced to possess the body of a living sinner.  The spirits were motivated to possess a body because they were tormented by other evil spirits if they did not.  Some thought the dybbukim (plural) were the souls of people who were not properly buried, and thus became demons. (Note:  Transmigration is a form of reincarntation, in which a soul passes into another body after death.)
The Kabbalah has rituals for exorcizing a dybbuk, and many are still in use in modern times.  The exorcism must be performed by a ba'al shem, a miracle-working rabbi.  Depending on how the exorcism is done, the dybbuk either is redeemed or is cast into hell.  It usually exits the body of its victim through the small toe, which shows a small, bloody hole as the point of departure.
Addendum: The Possession is based on a true story of a spirit-haunted antique wine box.  If you see the film, keep in mind that films exaggerate for the sake of drama.  Jason Haxton, the owner of the box, has written a nonfiction account in his book The Dibbuk Box.  His story has also been featured on The Haunted
For details visit my calendar page at
September 8 – “The Djinn,” lecture at Talisman, Monroe, CT 3-5 PM.
September 9 – “The Conspiracy Show” with Richard Syrett, 740 AM Zoomer Radio, Toronto, 11:30 PM EST.
September 10 – “High Tech and the Afterlife: Communicating with the Dead and Beyond,” lecture sponsored by the Farmington, CT Near-Death Experience group, in Farmington, CT, 7-9 PM.
September 11 – “Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley” on SEPIA RV with hosts Eric and Jess Dionne, 10-11 PM EST.  Topic: Ouija Gone Wild.
September 15-16 – Mothman annual festival, Pt. Pleasant, WV.  Lecture in the State Theater Saturday: “Strange Creatures of West Virginia.”  Sunday in the State Theater:  Selected readings from “A Kitchner County Menace,” a new play about Mothman by Joey Madia.  Vendor table all weekend.
September 18 – “Communicating with Fairies,” workshop sponsored by Sacred Way, at the Dils Center, Parkersburg, WV, 7-9 PM.
September 19 – “Introduction to Reincarnation and Past-Life Recall,” co-presented with Tonya Madia, at BlissBlissBliss, Morgantown, WV, 7:15-9 PM.
September 20 – “Dreamwork for the Soul,” workshop on interpreting dreams, at Alchemists Books & Gifts, Richmond, VA, 7-9 PM.
September 21 – Tarot readings at Alchemists, Richmond, VA.
September 21 – “The Djinn,” lecture sponsored by Spirited History, at the Magnolia Grange Plantation Museum House, Chesterfield, VA, 7-8 PM.  Lecture will be followed by an investigation of the haunting phenomena at the museum house, 9 PM-12 midnight.
September 22 – Tarot readings at Alchemists, Richmond, VA.
September 22 – Paranormal investigation sponsored by Spirited History at the Poe Museum, Richmond, VA, 9 PM-1 AM.
September 25 – “Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley” on SEPIA RV with hosts Eric and Jess Dionne, 10-11 PM EST. 
September 29 – “Exploring Unexplained Phenomena” with Scott Colborn, 11:30 AM-1 PM EST.  Topic: Ouija Gone Wild.
September 29 – “Ouija Gone Wild: Pros and Cons of the Ouija Board,” lecture/workshop at Talisman, Monroe, CT 3-5 PM.

 By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
[Note:  This month's article is in response to emails I have been getting asking questions about reincarnation, and whether we have ongoing life-to-life relationships with others who are soulmates.]

A popular notion about soulmates is that there is one person, and one person only, who is our ideal and perfect partner.  If we find that person, we remain forever in a state of intense passion and bliss.
Actually, there are many kinds of soulmate relationships, and we have more than one in a lifetime.  Some of us may have one romantic soulmate; others may have more. In addition to romantic soulmate relationships, we have soulmate bonds with family and friends.  We can find a soulmate at any time in life.
Most soulmate relationships are harmonious and happy, but even in the best of them, conflicts arise.  Soulmates have differences and problems, but the differences seldom put an end to the relationship.  Some soulmate relationships are turbulent and have the purpose of restoring a karmic balance.
Twin souls
Twin souls, also called twin flames, are usually entwined in a romantic relationship; they feel truly complete with each other.  John Lennon expressed this sentiment about Yoko Ono, that they were “two halves and now we are whole.”
The concept of twin souls was discussed among the ancient Greeks.  Plato, quoting Aristophanes, wrote in his work Symposium that in the beginning of creation, souls were complete, with two residing in a single body.  Their wholeness made them very powerful, which threatened Zeus, the dominant god.  He split each soul in two.  Ever since then, souls have searched the earth for their other half.  When one meets his or her other half, the two are “lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight for even a moment,” said Aristophanes.
Soul groups
 Each of us shares affinities with other souls that draw us together again and again across time.  Soulmates often recognize each other from the same soul group, a cluster of souls who share certain things in common, such as an ethnic, karmic, cultural or spiritual purpose that evolves over a series of lifetimes.  Members of the group may choose to reincarnate at the same time to share more experiences together and to further their common soul evolution.  Bonding deepens as lifetimes are layered upon lifetimes.
Such soulmate relationships may take the form of romantic partnerships, family ties or deep friendships.  We all meet people who seem very familiar to us, as though we have known them for a long time for from some time lost in the distant past.  Such people may be part of our soul group, and they are indeed soulmates.
Members of soul groups may also elect to come together to share historical events and eras that are important to the group.
Karmic soulmates
We create karmic affinities with souls from all of our relationships in a lifetime.  Whenever we form a relationship with another soul, cords of the universal life force (called chi, prana, mana and other terms) are sent out that connect us through the chakras. The cords remain even when a relationship comes to an end.  Relationships that are intense or long-lasting build up powerful cords of universal life force energy that resonate across time.  If relationships are short or mild, the cords of energy are much weaker.  If relationships are not renewed in other lifetimes, the cords wither.  Nonetheless, they remain, and can be reactivated by the right set of karmic circumstances.
The cords of life energy reach out and draw to us specific souls.  In any lifetime, we meet up with people for the purposes of karmic balancing.  Perhaps we need to redress wrongs, or we owe a debt of gratitude or service.  When the balancing is complete, the relationship ends. If the relationship ends without balance, the karma is left for another opportunity, perhaps in another life.
Friends and family soulmates
We can recognize soulmates in our family and circle of friends.  Perhaps we have the feeling that we have been friends or family before in other roles.  Our bonds with these soulmates are, like our romantic soulmates, deep, harmonious and long-lasting.  We may share a telepathic and empathetic rapport that creates an unspoken and complete understanding of one another.  Being separated causes sorrow and longing.
Soulmates and past-life recall
Soulmate relationships are a focus of past-life recall, and can shed light on relationships in the present.  Many soulmate bonds, from intensely happy to difficult and troubling, are explored in my book Soul Journeys: Past Lives & Reincarnation.  Discovering and learning more about soulmates will be featured in my past-life regression weekend workshop (see below for details).
November 9-11, 2012:  Join me for a Discover Your Past Lives workshop weekend in partnership with Tonya Madia, certified yoga instructor and Reiki master, in Parkersburg, West Virginia at the elegant, beautiful Blennerhassett Hotel!  Our program will include several group regressions for discovering significant past-life information, integrating your discoveries into the present, dreamwork, optional yoga, and optional bodywork services, private readings, and more.  Click here for details and registration.
My book Soul Journeys: Past Lives & Reincarnation provides an overview of reincarnation and past-life recall, and some of the most intriguing cases documented.

It gets bigger and better every year!  I absolutely love the Mothman Festival in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia, which this year will take place September 15-16.  I have been a featured speaker since 2004.  My topic this year will be "Strange Creatures of West Virginia," based on my new book, Monsters of West Virginia.
I make my first appearance as a featured speaker at the fabulous Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio October 12-14.  My showcase presentation features the Djinn, Shadow People and ETs.  In addition, I will give a complimentary presentation on interdimensional portals.  Visit me and Tonya Madia at our booth in the vendor hall.  See you there!
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“Strange Dimensions” is copyright Visionary Living, Inc., 2012.