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US Marshalls- Thugs With Guns From the Obamination's So Called "Justice" Department..... I guess I must be a VIP now--- they came to my HOUSE!!!
Yesterday I was awakened by two US Marshalls pounding very hard on my front door. I groggily opened it, they flashed a couple of badges, and told me they had to interrogate me about a pissed off email I'd sent to a Federal Judge in Seattle a few months ago due to a commie position she'd taken that really pushes food stamps, even though we're bankrupt and being taken down hard via intentional government overspending intended to crash the dollar to usher us into the CFR's planned NAU Collectivist Dictatorship....
I asked these Marshalls how much the gas cost that they'd just wasted driving the 3.5 hours up here from Seattle, and they looked mighty sheepish. We ended up having as cordial a conversation as possible considering the rude awakening I'd just had and I learned that one of them was certified for open water diving, so I asked if he had any used scuba gear he could sell me. He said no. I should have asked if the REAL reason they came up here to see me was to go see the Canucks play in the Stanley Cup in Vancouver, but decided that question might have pushed their buttons too much, so I didn't ask it.Cool
I told 'em that even though I definitely qualify for welfare and food stamps I wasn't gonna go on 'em because I'd rather grow my own food and raise my chickens than become a gummint slave and they smiled at that one!
I told 'em I wanted to start my own country here and that I'd consider letting them immigrate as long as they promised to wear the 'lectronic collars around their ankles so we could tell where they are at all times and they actually started to laugh! Cool
(They had that classic gummint "undercover" look, the dark shades (even though it was raining) the plainclothes, but one of 'em had the demeanor of an ex marine, gruff, in my face (the "bad" cop) while the other guy sorta looked like the archetypal sorta fags Seattle is full of, the kinda guy you'd expect to see sippin' a latte at Starbucks or somethin...
Anyway---- before I tell you how I cured my allergies once and for all (wasn't hard, but I wish I'd known how to do this ages ago), I'd like you to listen to these very interesting conversations Alex Jones had with Russell Means, the Head Honch of his own country right here inside the confines of this police state known as Amerika...... Russell's country is called "The Republic of Lakotah"  He's got nads the size of basketballs to create it, we all need to pay close attention to his words.  (Be sure to also listen to part 2.)  Its at once hilarious and brutally honest! I hope the Federal Marshalls who visited me yesterday pay close attention!!! (LOL!)
Russell is right when he says we are all native americans now  ... (America is being intentionally turned into the equivalent of an indian reservation.... Jones mentioned a trip he took to Mexico recently in which he asked "hey! where are all the fishin' boats?" The local fishermen said "we're not allowed to fish anymore, they've made it impossible, the only fishin' goin on now is by huge Japanese and American fishing boats..... they've driven all us little guys under..... (just like the farmers, just like the ranchers, just like the FDA raiding the Amish farmer selling the raw milk to his loyal customers.....  (insert basso profundo voice here)..... pssst! his name is Dan.... I talked to him on the phone..... does that now make ME a domestic terrorist?
Anyway..... you'll learn all about why the Fedstapo is after raw milk when you learn how I cured myself of horrible respiratory and food allergies that have plagued me for damn near 53 years... and you can COPY WHAT I DID and reverse this problem YOURSELF, and if what I'm about to help you HELPS YOU as I know it will, kindly consider slidin' me a few more simolians to hepp me GIT my used dive gear because I passed my final exam for the open water dive course and tomorrow and saturday I have my first ocean dives, and soon I'll be able to earn good money commercial diving at Point Roberts Marina......and THAT will help me have MEGABUCKS to go to the District of Criminals with any time I want to go there to stir stuff up Cool

John with Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.... a fellow Jersey guy.... (told him I grew up next to a Mafia fambly back in Union County NJ so am used to crazy eyetalian politicians like him!!)
Hippocrates once said "good health begins in the gut" and he was right. When you were born, your parents, especially yo momma passed on to you her unique gut micro flora.
The average adult has two kilograms of bacteria (both good, and bad) in their gut and there are more cells in that microbial mass than there are in your entire body! 
Gut dysbiosis is an all too prevalent condition in which the number of bad bacteria in your gut radically outnumber the amount of good bacteria. Given that the good bacteria are responsible for neutralizing more than 500 different pathogens responsible for instigating a slew of different degenerative diseases we can begin to appreciate the importance of examining this part of ourselves.
By fine tuning our digestion, literally ALL of us can easily achieve optimal health, its not hard to do, and in this email I'm going to show you how you can get into the best health of your life, very easily and by doing things that are fun and very inexpensive, that way, you can FIRE yo doctor, and you can send ME part of what you WOULD have paid him, so it'll be a WIN/WIN, and I'll be able to use the money to go to the District of Criminals more often to raise more hell there!!! (Of course, if you are Canadian, and want me to go to Ottawa to raise hell, I'd be happy to accomodate you, I dislike Health Canada every bit as much as I hate the FDA!! 
Our bankrupt nation which is being bled to death by Big Pharma could solve many of its fiscal woes if the simple facts in this alert were more widely known and understood. All the politicians who lack the political will to reform medicare (insuring that it will one day implode) should ponder this message carefully. You send me to Iowa, and I'll lob our mssg in to the would be next President, and we can all have some fun destroying Big Pharma while monkeywrenching the Bilderberg Group's genocide plans, you in?
What prompted me to generate this alert was that one of you on the IAHF list recently had pneumonia, and I talked her out of going on antibiotics... you'll see why in a minute. An ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of so called "cure".... (!!!)
If you're having problems losing weight, if you have blood sugar issues and problems concentrating, if you suffer from depression, allergies, lack of energy, frequent colds and flus or other autoimmune problems, diabetes, skin problems, low libido, and have other medical problems- even things as serious as autism, ADD, schizophrenia, heart diease, and cancer- its absolutely AMAZING how many different health problems can be solved just by understanding a few very simple things about how our digestive systems work!
Natasha Campbell McBride, MD, M Med Sci (neurology), M Med Sci (nutrition) is a member of the Weston Price Foundation who discovered some profoundly useful truths out of an effort to help her autistic son. My goal in this message is to distill some of her most useful findings, and to explain how they tie in directly with Weston Price's health message so that you can all benefit from both of their information- because we can all fine tune our health to make it truly OPTIMAL just by knowing a few simple things!
Its nice to be able to breath without having terminally clogges sinuses! Its also nice to be able to eat foods I used to be allergic to! I can now cut the lawn, and use a weed eater without having my sinuses clogged at all when they used to be clogged for days to the point where I had to use a respirator while cutting the grass and had to avoid foods I was allergic to.... not any more!!! It feels like a miracle, and its so easy to do I feel like shouting the secret from the rooftops!!
Right now I feel very happy because I've been finding some answers to health problems that have plagued me my whole life, and which I know are impacting huge numbers of people around the world including many of you.
Did you know that when you were born you inherited whatever intestinal flora your mother had when she was carrying you, and that if her intestinal health was not optimal, if the concentration of good bacteria in her gut was not optimal, then yours wasn't either? 
Do you realize the effects this can have on a person? I didn't til recently, but now that I know, I feel like I've just found the key that lets me out of a prison I've been in to different degrees my whole life, especially with regards to chronic allergies, severe depression, trouble with memory and concentration, frequent colds, chronic ear infections, and later in life- trouble with obesity that had me on the verge of becoming diabetic- til I figured out how to solve my blood sugar and digestion problems. Let me explain:
If you don't have a healthy concentration of good bacteria in your gut when you were born, you will have an impaired immune system, and if you get pneumonia and the doctor puts you on antibiotics, the antibiotics will further destroy the good bacteria in your gut weakening you even more making you even MORE prone to colds, flus, bronchitis, ear infections, allergies, depression, ADD, schizophrenia, autism and many other illnesses. One of the roles of the good gut bacteria is to control more than 500 different kinds of pathogenic bacteria
At the end of WW2, my dad came back from the war and started a family. My mom was a typical suburban housewife in that era with a big family and processed foods were a labor saving convenience. I was born in 1957, wasn't breast fed, and was raised on formula and processed foods. Mom never made her own soup, and never made her own saurkraut, yogurt, or other lactofermented foods that would have aided all of our digestion by improving the concentrations of good bacteria in our guts because she was not aware of the importance.
I had pneumonia as an infant, mom had to pack me on ice in the bathtub because I almost died,  and I was put on antibiotics. (Exact same thing happened to my dad when he was a kid.) In elementary school and junior high I set a record for number of sick days due to colds, flus, bronchitis, allergies, ear infections, etc. I craved certain foods without realizing I was allergic to them, and without realizing the effect that eating them was having on me. My digestion was terrible, and I often had upset stomach, constipation or diarreah along with frequent headaches.
I craved milk, wheat crackers, peanut butter, anything with sugar especially concentrated orange juice, soda, candy, ice cream and processed foods containing sugar. I craved cheese. I was always pleading with my mom to get more milk, more triscuit crackers and wheat thins, more peanut butter, more snack foods of all kinds. I loved sugary breakfast cereals and drank gallons of soda and sugary fruit juices without having the faintest idea of how I was torpedoing my health.
Did you know that you can get opiate peptides from food proteins, and that this is the reason why some people crave wheat, and milk and when they stop eating gluten (from wheat) and drinking casein (from milk) they have withdrawal symptoms just as severe as a heroin addict going off heroin? From the Journal of Biological Chemistry...
I was active, so was not overweight as  kid, but my health was not good and I didn't know what was wrong. I was often constipated, and didn't realize this was a sign of bad digestive health and a lot besides.
In junior high and high school in addition to the frequent colds, flus, bronchitis, and ear infections I also suffered horribly from inhalant allergies, especially from perrenial weeds in spring and summer, but year round from dust and molds also. I had allergy shots from an allergist and used to crave neosynephrine nose drops and all kinds of prescribed allergy medication which made me drowsy. The allergist had no awareness of food allergies, and zero comprehension of how allergies tie in with digestive health, if he had, he might actually have helped me.
By the time I was 14 I started suffering from severe depression and mood swings, and I was forced out of college by severe biochemical imbalances that caused me to run a gauntlet of state and private psychiatric hospitals for four straight years.
I only escaped that hell by learning about orthomolecular medicine, the suppressed nutritional treatment mode that helped start a process of turning my life around, but recently, I've found still MORE pieces of the puzzle that are now helping me fine tune my health even MORE helping me turn the corner on allergies, brain fog, chronic fatigue in such a way that I now feel confident that I'm on the verge of leaving these problems behind forever!!
Today I cut the lawn, and the neighbors lawn to raise more money for diving gear. I've got about half the cash I need for the used gear I've been pricing on Craiglist and Ebay. Zero allergy symptoms due to having improved my gut flora from taking probiotics and from making kimchi, kefir, saurkraut and other lactofermented foods that I want to teach you to make!!
Did you know that the hunzas in Tibet commonly live to be over 100 years old, and one lived to be around 140 from eating lactofermented foods like these?Whats it worth to you to learn how to do this? Can you spare $500? $400? $300? $200? $100? $50?
Want more? I can give you a lot more specifics on how to cure yourself of food and inhalant allergies forever as well as how to eliminate depression, ADD, ADHD, and numerous other health problems the same way I have...... but I need your help....... inflation has been destroying me and without your help IAHF may have to shut its doors forever....
My buddy Marco is going to GIVE me his commercial diving business here in Point Roberts when he moves at the end of the summer, and he wants to start training me soon, but I have to first get the used gear that I need. I will have completed my PADI open water scuba certification course by the end of this weekend when I have my ocean dives, and I've already passed my final exam....
I want to thank those of you who made it possible for me to take this course, and I've been able to get SOME of my gear, but more donations are badly needed!  Dive gear ain't cheap!! The part time cash I'll earn from clearning boat propellers, putting zincs on propeller shafts, rudders and trim tabs to protect from electrolysis will help me keep from losing my house to the County like what almost happened last year.... and will help me not only keep running IAHF, but maybe to even hire a helper and to make trips to DC and other places necessary to properly do this health freedom work!
So please keep those donations coming in, they're badly needed and are being put to very good use! As my way of thanking you, I'll provide a LOT more information about how to cure yourself of allergies than I've provided here....
For me, lactofermented foods have been a godsend............... for a donation I'll work with you by phone and email to teach you all I know about them and if enough of you help me out and I get the 2 grand I need for the used dive gear, I'll do a radio show that you can listen to in order to get it all!!
Checks and money orders can also be sent to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA...... questions? I can be reached at 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time
For Health Freedom,
John Hammell