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Wondering what to read this Thanksgiving Holiday? Here's a list of books that we previously reviewed that were recently released in paperback:

11-14-05 Paperback Book Update

This time of year, the list can also serve as a good hint for "stocking stuffers!"

Even though we are not quite to the end of the year, I've already asked each reviewer to put togther a list of their top five to ten (or eleven) books that they read this year. To give a broader perspective, I asked that they not limit their list to books with reviews already posted on MF. These are fun lists and I hope you find a few surprises!

Top Fiction for 2005

I've also done lots of other housekeeping over the past two weeks: I added books to the forthcoming sections, updated each of the "new in paperback books" sections and cleaned up the "recently released books." I also noticed that all of the awards sections (found throughout the site) were in severe need of updates -- some were two years out of date! I'm still finding lots to clean up but this is a good start.

Happy reading and enjoy your turkey!

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