Hi everyone,
Hope you're slowly emerging from your cocoons having  transformed into beautiful butterflies, but likely you're more like me, a slightly chubbier and hairier version of yourself wearing sweat pants with unwashed and uncut hair.
I have been keeping the lols coming during lockdown, but here's some new stuff you might not have heard of.
I've been on the actual telly. I recorded a frame of Me1 vs Me2 snooker for Comedians Home Alone a few months ago and it was on last week. It is so short it almost makes a nonsense of the idea (badgers can see the full frame in their special area). Watch the TV version here.
Richard Herring
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I am doing loads of stuff on Twitch to help keep you entertained/concerned for me.
The channel is here. twitch.tv/rkherring
The latest show is on Thursday nights at 8 and is called Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun, in which I review the papers with a 128 year old dummy that was once used in an assault on my person.
You can watch episode 1 on Youtube
But it's also available as an audio podcast (the best medium for ventriloquism) on iTunes
or wherever you get your podcasts.
Be ace if you could subscribe/review on itunes though so we can get this shooting up the charts. Imagine if we could get an 128 year old dummy to number one.You know what to do.
Ally also has a twitter account @sloper_ally
There's loads of other stuff on Twitch including self-playing snooker on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm and RHLSTP on Wednesdays at 8pm
Coming up are historian Bettany Hughes and Twitcher and comedian Bilal Zafar
And I am doing the occasional secret stone clear, so it's worth following me so you get notifications about when I am going live.
And you can catch up on old videos (stored for a month I think)  here
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BUT I will keep putting everything out for free as always so that you can still see and listen if you are skint.
These are going up every Wednesday as usual and a great one went up this week with James Acaster. Check them out on Acast (and everywhere else) and Youtube on these dates
Coming soon
15th July Richard Osman
22nd July Greg Jenner
29th July Lauren Pattison
5th August Maisie Adam
12th August Nathan Caton
19th August Daniel Sloss
26th August Jo Caulfield
You can listen here
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Series 3 of Relativity starts on Radio 4 next Friday at 11.30am. It's six episodes time and we've got the same brilliant cast including Alison Steadman, Phil Davis and Emily Berrington (and me). You'll be able to catch up with it here.
If you missed out on series 1 and 2, you can catch up illegally here.
I am recording a secret TV project at the end of the month. It's the one I haven't been able to tell you about and I still can't. But hopefully I can say soon.
We still haven't changed the fridge filter as we couldn't move the fridge. I just got a thing delivered that helps you move heavy furniture but haven't worked out how it works yet.
The first draft of my book "When’s International Men’s Day? 19 NOVel questions we should be asking about masculinity And the one I hope will never be asked again" has been handed in and my editor seems very pleased with it and doesn't think it needs too much more work. It will be out in November. I am not sure I am allowed to talk about it yet, so don't tell anyone about it.
Sad not to be doing Edinburgh. We got the money back for the hotel we booked for my mother-in-law, but the letting agency who we paid up front for our flat for currenlty don't have funds to pay us back. So I'm £5000 down without even leaving the house. It's still in the top half of my most financially successful Edinburghs
Doing loads of other people's online things
Here I am on
Coming soon I am doing stuff with Dane Baptiste, Lou Sanders and Dan Schreiber and much more.
We are planning some cool kickstarters for Stone Clearing and Self-Playing snooker. We are doing Panini style stickers for the Snooker and a Witch's finger or witch's dick game for stone clearing and much more too. News in the next email.

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