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22nd October 2007
Stitchin', Bitchin' and Wickedly Witching
Christmas Party ... Exclusive Vintage Button event ... Weekend Maritime Event ... JOIN SECRET SANTA!

Shopped-out greetings to you 


We hope this newsletter finds you well, finally done unpacking your purchases, putting up your feet, and started on your Secret Santa project, after the madness of Ally Pally’s Knitting and Stitching Show. Now have a well-deserved slurp of knitting news to quench your thirst.


Can you hear the distant chime of sleigh bells, the flutter of snow, and the clacking of needles making festive gifts? Yes, it’s the S&B London Christmas Party!

On THURSDAY 6TH DECEMBER we will be celebrating at the Royal George pub (see details with this week’s meeting).

The festivities will begin with Secret Santa (completely optional and also anonymous, so please don’t be put off if you think your knitting skills aren’t up to scratch). To find out more about Secret Santa click here.

The party is also open invitation, so bring partners, muggle friends, pets, etc. to drink and be merry, and be sure to put the 6th in your diary.

Also, just a reminder that we’ll be knitting at the Maritime Museum’s latest exhibition ‘Sailor Chic’ on SUNDAY 28TH OCTOBER from 2–5pm. Yaaaarrrrr! And we have been invited to an EXCLUSIVE vintage button event on the 13th too. Woo hoo!



At the last few meetings we filled ourselves with yummy goodness at Leon where stitch doctors fixed complicated patterns, and we astounded the South Bank with our Blue Blanket Square Spectacular. Thanks to the many of you who turned out to make our UK SnB Blanket a success. The deadline is 31st October so keep them coming!



Stitch and Pints

Details of the next meeting:

As a prelude to our Christmas party we are storming the Royal George to put it through its knitted paces. Come join us in filling the downstairs bar with as many knitters as possible.

Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Royal George (downstairs)
133 Charing Cross Road

Map Nearest Tube: Tottenham Court Road



Stitch and Scream!

Details of the meeting after that:

To celebrate the night of blackest yarns, we shall gather in the cavernous underbelly of the Old Star pub to cast woolly spells, mix yarn potions, and defend ourselves with our biggest, sharpest bamboo stakes… we mean needles (well, you never can be too careful). Don your best fancy dress (or at least some knitted devil horns) and join us…*whispers* Join us! Join us! Join us!

Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Old Star
66 Broadway

Tel: 020 7222 8755

Map Nearest Tube: St. James’s Park (just across the road), Westminster



Stitch and Mezze

Details of the meeting after that:

Time: From 6pm
Venue: EV Delicatessen (the first archway – not the restaurant next door)
The Arches
97-99 Isabella Street

Tel: 020 7620 6191 / 020 7620 6192

Map Website Nearest Tube: Southwark



Stitch and Spectacular Vintage Handmade Buttons

This November, S&B London will be returning to our friend Dixie of Nichols Buttons for an EXCLUSIVE chance to see her collection of vintage buttons. We visited Dixie last spring and were so impressed that we can’t stay away. This time we’re bringing our knitting and there may be mince pies! So come along and stock up on beautiful buttons for your Christmas knitting.

Tuesday 13th November
Time: 6pm
Venue: Westminster Abbey
Address: 1 Little Cloister

Phone: 020 7654 4804 (on the day) Nearest tube: Westminster, St James’ Park

Please bring cash or cheque only, no credit cards.

Directions: Go into Dean's Yard through archway off drive-in in front of the Abbey. Go into cloisters behind Abbey (if stopped by a Marshall say you are going to Canon Reiss (ignore Private and Residents Only signs). Follow the cloister all the way round until you get to a fountain court. Little Cloister no. 1 is to your left, and says Red’d Reiss on door.



Stitch and Witch One Shall I Knit?

Mwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaa! At last it is S&B London’s favourite time of year. An excuse to stick on a pointy hat, bring out your blackest yarn, and eat pumpkin pie till you fall off your broomstick.

We delved into the spooky cupboard under the stairs for some chilling Hallow-skein knits for you, and came up with these horrors.

Knitty’s felted pumpkins – you will never have to smell rotting squash again with these woolly equivalents (don’t try to stick a candle in them though!).

Witches’ Hat – Deep down everyone wants one of these. Knit it, wear it, be the envy of all the hags on the block.

Knit Ghost – This spooky little guy is so easy to make you could knit thousands and decorate your entire house! Or knit just knit one…

Skull and Crossbones Lace – For a bit of a challenge drive yourself to the asylum with a bit of lace knitting, spooky style.

Etsy Halloween Goodies – For some eerie inspiration you can’t fault Venture out in search of a feast of brains in the zombie hat, and stitch spookily with ghost stitch markers.

Halloween buttons – Check out Punch n Julie’s eBay store for some Halloween buttons to finish it all off.



Stitch and I’d like to thank my mum, and my agent, and…


The ‘Knit with the Stars’ Champagne Bar area at Ally Pally was a blast.  We taught hoards of teenagers, sipped champagne (for our hard work, obviously), and of course purchased a few tons of knitting goodies. Huge sparkley thanks to those that took time out to knit with us, or just popped in to say hi – it was great to see you all in your fibrous glory. It was also fab to catch up with some of our favourite sellers including Fyberspates, Socktopus, Web of Wool, Knitwitches, Nichols Buttons, and Hip knits. We love ya! And finally, our partners in crime, The Meantime Knitters, were of course most fabulous – marvellous working with you.

And if you asked about buying some of our movie theme knitting posters…we’re on it, so watch this space!



Stitch and Bitch takes over the world

If you fancy a spur of the moment yarn-related break before the end of the year then Stitch 'n Bitch International Day could be just what your needles need. It takes place in Rotterdam on SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBE where Stitch 'n Bitch members from all over the world will be welcomed for the largest knitting party of the year.  

The line up includes Jean Moss, Debbie Stoller, Kerstin Jönsson, and Nancy Marchant. There will be workshops, a pattern doctor, demonstrations, speed knitting, yarns and tools, and the largest knitting café in Holland, seating up to 80 knitters on one table. There's even a non-knitting partner crèche for those who don't knit – poor lambs.



Stitch and helping us keep S&BL running

Fancy wearing your knitting group with pride? Well, S&B London does not run on its own. The five Stitchettes work their fingers to the bone and delve deep into their pockets to fund the everything that S&B London do, from this very newsletter to teaching for free and countless events, all whilst holding down 9-5 jobs.

So, to help ease the financial pain, we are selling cute and sassy S&B London logo badges for just £1 each. The proceeds go towards paying for all the things that keep S&B London running.

Show the world you are an S&B Londoner, a proud member of the biggest knitting group in the UK.


Ask at a group if you would like to buy one, and help keep your knitting group alive!



That’s about all the ghoulish garter stitch we can squish together for you this week.

We hope all you pirates can come join us on Sunday 28th for some Maritime knitting (the Stitchettes are dressing up, but you don't have to (but go on!)), that all you witches and frankensteins are ready for some scary stitching for Halloween, and that you all get knitting those woolly wonders for the Christmas party. Newbies, come along and join the knit, you know you want to. :)

Till next time, keep stitchin’ London

Stitch and Bítch London xxx


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