Hi everyone,

Well, now, that was ugly. If only the Bills had their bye week now, huh? Instead, the Bills are set to waddle into Foxboro for another prime-time matchup. It's only fitting that it's Halloween weekend. Kickoff is at 8:30.

The Harp _will_ have the game on Sunday night, but the Harp's management wants to remind everyone of the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Garden that evening. The concert won't impact the showing of the game -- the concert crowd will be long gone by the time the game starts -- but parking will be an issue, so please plan accordingly.

If you plan on coming to the Harp that night, please RSVP no later than noon on Thursday, so we can give the Harp a headcount for the food. You can reply directly to this e-mail.

If you are planning on going to the game and want to tailgate with other Bills fans, send us an email and we'll try to set up the convoy to the stadium. In the past, we've all met at a restaurant up the street from the stadium and drove in together. Given the North Korean-like situation in the Gilette Stadium parking lots, this is the only way we can park in the same area. It's worked out pretty well in the past.

Congratulations to Mike Joyce, the winner of the members-only raffle for tickets to the Bills/Pats game in Buffalo in December.

And finally, check out the photo gallery page on the website for pictures from the Harp on Sunday. Don't worry -- there are no pictures of the Bills actually playing football on our website!

Go Bills! Splat the Pats... please?!?