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New Beads:
Large Shiny Deep Red FAC Fire Agate
Distinctive Glossy 18mm Agate Oval
Passionate Red & Green Ruby Zoisite Teardrops
Golden Citrine-Yellow Amber Chips
Lucky Year of the Horse Jade Pendant
Huge 15mm Pearl Disc Beads - Heavy!
Long Breathtaking 20mm Oriental Gold Pearls
Sleek Deep Neon Blue Glass Pearls
Gorgeous Cranberry Glass Pearls
Gleaming Passionate Rich Elderberry Pearls
Blissful Chestnut Glass Pearl Beads
Sensual Raspberry Red Glass Pearls

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Making Affordable Jewellery

There's always a market for quality, original gemstone jewellery - but in these tough times, buyers have cut back. However, your can make great necklaces, bracelets and earrings from less-expensive beads, like shell and glass. Glass pearls look fantastic, but cost very little. Wooden beads look good too. Cheap to buy, and have the added appeal of being natural. Chip beads are always great value, especially as they are usually in double-length strings which go a long way.

Another way to save making jewellery is to use more findings, like spacer beads. Not only does this save you on expensive gemstone beads, but it gives your design more style. For ideas see some budget jewellery for sale in the UK at jewellers Pia. Click the HTML online newsletter version to see pictures!

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Why Use Glass Beads

Glass beads are very popular for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and piercing. You can also use them on lamps, head caps and tiaras, even threaded on curtains. Because glass is a cheaper alternative to crystal and more available. There are also many more shapes and colours available in glass beads than crystal - and as gemstones, they come faceted, matt, or high-gloss too. These shapes can range from simple designs like spheres, teardrops and leaves, to original and obscure forms that can be indescribable. However, versatility is the key to getting the most from your string - so buy round beads to avoid leftovers.

Unusual Rainbow Crackle Glass Beads - 6mmGlass beads are available in a variety of colours like primary colours of red, green, and clear to more sparkling colours of aqua, magenta and rose. Many are multi-coloured with a blow effect as can occur on glass vases and beakers. Glass beads, especially when making jewellery items can be mixed with other beads on the thread. The mixture depends on the role of the item. A formal necklace may incorporate a few crystal beads threaded with the glass beads to give an impression of expense and class. However, a more casual look may prefer to incorporate shells or seed beads instead.

Most glass beads are made out of matt glass, dichroic glass and lamp worked glass. These regular forms of glass beads are relatively cheap to purchase. Glass beads are available from specific suppliers located in shopping malls and internet shops. The beads can usually be purchased individually, however the cost of the beads tends to fall the more beads that are purchased.

Glass beads can also be found in rare forms of vintage glass. These glass beads are usually from Germany, Japan, Italy and Czechoslovakia. These vintage beads are usually hand made and therefore more expansive and are common purchases for collectors or customers requiring a rare piece of jewellery to be made. Glass beads, as with many other beads are usually purchased ready holed and are thread onto either cotton or nylon threads.

Glass Pearls Are Fantastic For the Price!

What are glass pearls
These are man-made and coated to give a fantastic glossy eye-catching sheen. Like genuine pearls they have a substantial feel and weight, and are cool to the touch.

Advantage of glass beads
They cost less than real pearls or gemstones and look almost the same. Except they lack the grooving found in cheaper natural pearls. They are more varied, in different shapes and bright colours like yellow, red, green and blue - as well as sparkling shades like aqua, magenta and rose. Most strings of our glass pearls are only 99p or US$1.65!

Mix glass with other beads
When making jewellery, blend glass with gemstones depending on the design. A formal necklace may use a few crystal beads threaded with glass beads to give an impression of style and expense. However, a more casual look might incorporate shells instead

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For Free Shipping off anything enter GLASSPEARLS in the box at checkout, and click "Redeem Coupon". Use NOW - as expires Friday 14th February 2014. No minimum order, but can only for used at or and cannot be used with any other discount or eBay.

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