Iron Man Records August 2010 Newsletter
this is a quick message to let you know that you can visit the Iron Man Shop here and for the those of you who want the latest news as soon as possible you can subscribe to a regular email of Iron Man Records blog posts here.
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New content has been added to the website including more about Iron Man Records, the reasons why, and there's also 10 Questions. You can find all Iron Man releases on Last.FM for your free listening pleasure.
There's news of Birmingham Punx Picnic 2010, the next Nightingales gig in Birmingham, more P.A.I.N gigs, Tour management, driver and splitter van hire, new releases by Police Bastard and Last Under The Sun, and a brand new video channel on youtube with more live footage of Dufus, Police Bastard and Last Under The Sun.
Press, Radio, Fanzines, Podcasters, Reviewers
If you would like a promo copy of any Iron Man release or the new Police Bastard -  "It's Good To Hate" CD with DVD for review, airplay or podcast use, reply with your postal address and a link to your website, or details of your magazine, Radio, fanzine or podcast and I'll get a copy in the post to you right away. Police Bastard Press Kit is here and MP3 are available on here. Cleared MP3 of all Iron Man releases for Podcast use can be found here
As well as all of the above, Iron Man is involved with a number of other services that some of you may find useful. These include Tour Management, Driving and Splitter Van Hire, The Music Network, and Legal Advice.  
Message to Distributors
If you run an independent record shop, an online store or a punk distro, there's a Wholesale and Trade list of all Iron Man releases here.
Our Supporters
Iron Man Records does not make use of advertising or sponsorship to finance anything. Bill Hicks had a message for sales and marketing people. Whilst the revenue from advertising would be helpful, Iron Man accepts sponsorship from no one and will not fill the website or these emails with links to other businesses or people who wish to target you. I'm sure you understand. If you would like to support Iron Man Records all you have to do is share the news with your friends, buy something from the shop or show up to a gig.
Will Swap
If you are on for a swap, feel free to send in your music news and I'll do my best to spread the word at this end.
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