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Please use the phone script discussed in my last alert to contact members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee in opposition to FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter:

Througout history, governments have used wars as an instrument of CONTROL- as a way of tightening their grip on the people. I am ANGRY and FED UP with what is happening in America, and the world today, and I'm doing everything I can to oppose and stop it.

When I saw the cartoon (above) of traffic at a US Border crossing showing the slow lane crammed with cars of those who haven't gotten microchipped, I know from living in a border town that this warning is all too real, and we ignore it at our peril! Where I'm coming from in this alert is that I don't want to GO there, and I'm sure none of you do either- but there ARE things we CAN do to fight back- so lets USE them!


The Neocons are gearing up* to attack IRAN, and all of us, world wide, must ban together to KEEP this from happening or we won't be able to slow, and stop the ongoing stripping of our civil liberties which these constant acts of false flag terrorism are intended to set the stage for- and that includes stopping CODEX and the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. Fortunately, there ARE things we CAN DO to fight back.... and we'll be listing them here.


Yesterday I went to a theater in Vancouver BC where I watched Alex Jone's latest documentary film: Terror Storm. You can view it on the web at no charge here  or you can buy a copy of it here:  I urge you to tell everyone you know about this film. The more people who watch it, the better we'll be able to fight back!

The film begins by defining "False Flag" operations- explaining that throughout history, governments have staged terrorist acts for the purpose of gaining more and more control over the people of the world by manufacturing consent for war.

Jones sets the context for 911, and for the Madrid and London bombings by by showing such historical examples of False Flag Terrorism as Hitler's burning of the Reichstag, (used to blame the Jews for the burning of the Parliament), Hitler's taking a prisoner out of a concentration camp, dressing him in a Polish army uniform, taking him to a German town on the Polish border and executing him near a German radio station. (Ruse used to "manufacture consent" for the Nazi invasion of Poland).

 It discusses how Roosevelt had broken the Japanese code, knew Pearl Harbor would be attacked, and let it happen to get us into WW2.  It discusses the Gulf of Tonkin incident, (ruse used to get USA into war with Vietnam), the sinking of the USS Liberty (Israeli Navy and warplanes attacked a US intelligence vessel off the Israeli coast, President Johnson let it happen, refused to send US planes to repel the attackers, Israel murdered men in life rafts attempting to escape the sinking ship. A Russian ship witnessed the attack, and was the only reason Israel stopped attacking allowing the crippled ship to make its way to safety. Arabs were to be blamed for the attack. This was intended to be a ruse to set the stage for a war in which the US was to take over the entire middle east, but the plot was foiled. The survivors of the USS Liberty were ordered not to talk under threat of life in prison. The commander of the Liberty was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor- then was ordered not to discuss having received it.

This historical review of False Flag terrorism creates a powerful backdrop which assists Jones in making highly cogent points pertaining to 911, the Madrid and London bombings. Through this education he hopes to generate massive opposition to similar tactics being used to manufacture consent for a US invasion of IRAN, and I'm with him all the way. Please go here       to watch footage from modern day Tehran and its people- ask yourself how you would feel if these people, and this beautiful city and country were attacked? What sort of false flag ruse will the Neocons try NEXT?  

NEVER FORGET that if IRAN is attacked, it would set the stage for the escalation of the police state right in our own backyards, and that includes the imposition of Codex vitamin restrictions via regional harmonization. In "TerrorStorm", Jones shows how the UK has become the world's biggest surveillance state, with millions of TV cameras monitoring everyone, everywhere. He shows hard evidence that the government was directly involved with the bombings in Madrid and in London. He interviews people on the street demonstrating how people are already engaging in DOUBLETHINK as their freedoms are being stripped away, and people go into DENIAL. We CAN'T AFFORD to do this folks, we've GOT to work harder to get the truth out there, and one way to do that is to assist Congressman Ron Paul in his Presidential bid!

Congressman Ron Paul has been against the war from its beginning. He is openly calling for Bush's impeachment. He has been against all the unconstitutional laws that have been passed in recent years including the so called "Patriot Act" and the "Real ID Act". He is doing more than anyone to oppose the planned NAFTA Superhighway. He's done more than ANYONE in helping us to oppose CODEX, and he has consistently helped IAHF, and allied groups in our efforts to rein in the FDA. Please Help Ron Paul Here:  He's  hated by both the Republican and Democrat parties because he INSISTS that the Constitution be obeyed, and NO ONE opposes the New World Order more.

When I go to DC at the end of the month to push for Congressional Oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, Ron Paul will be helping me just as he has been every step of the way. He realizes we're up against a genocide agenda, an effort to cull our numbers, an effort to block our access to cognitive enhancing supplements that help us have the brain power needed to stop our would be controllers- the people who seek to microchip us and control us.

He is aware of the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program  He KNOWS the shadow government which controls our President and Congress are evil and he realizes the tie in between the Codex vitamin issue and mind control. (scroll down) When you have a driving force, GO with it. Its up to ALL of us to help his campaign.

IAHF needs your ongoing assistance to do this work. We're going to need to make several trips to DC in the next few months starting with the one at the end of this month. Please alert more people to our work! Please assist us in Myspace by contacting us via  Please forward this alert and urge more people to sign onto the IAHF list, but remember to delete the unsub link at the bottom before you forward it or someone might unsub you.


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