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EVERYTHING that is highly visible in terms of an info war is spun and manipulated by the compromised mainstream media. Everything that has high visibility is vulnerable to infiltration. Everything that is worth listening to has its credibility attacked.

The battles must first be won on an individual basis. We all need to operate as individuals on a foundation of truth. The truth is, only governments and a Global Parasitic Elite-controlled mainstream create war, scarcity, and fear in order to control the masses.

The truth has been pushed out to the fringe and called snake oil so that it won't be touched by confused and frightened sheep. As an example... try getting your health insurance to cover alternative wellness... The insurance companies and BIG Pharma want you seeing medical doctors who prescribe drugs period. Medicated masses are controlled masses. Individuals who achieve wellness via proper diet and alternative methods are empowered and more sovereign and we can't have that now can we...? This is just one example.
Earlier in the summer I created a new Health Freedom Group on Resist Net and I urge you to join it and to help this fledgling group to grow by leaps and bounds. Anything the mind can believe and conceive the mind can achieve. This is going to be a Mastermind Group that will catalyze massive rebellion against the Obamanation and his Bilderberg string pullers. This fall this group will grow into a major dissimination point for truth that will help arrest the downward spiral our nation is in the way an ice axe can be used by a mountainer to avoid sliding into a yawning crevasse. I know I can count on all of you to help it grow and to participate because each of you has valuable input to share, and this group makes this sort of interraction more possible.
By now hopefully all of you fully realize that our nation is dangling by a thread, and if we are to successfully defend our access to dietary supplements, we must grasp that the communist usurper currently occupying the White House is hell bent on putting the nails in the coffin of the grand experiment called America so that we will be ushered into a North American Union collectivist dictatorship modelled after the disaster known as the EU.
Obama and his Bilderberg Group string pullers couldn't care less about the welfare of the hispanic immigrants flooding over our southern border, but they PRETEND to because that furthers their agenda of breaking America's economic back as they seek to eliminate the last vestiges of freedom still existing along with the middle class.
Obama's communist agenda is very plainly seen through his criminal lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law, and most especially through his effort to sick the UN so called "Human Rights Council" on Arizona. Its important to realize that the UN is the tip of the spear of the Illuminati's culture of death. Their goal is to kill off 95% of us, and to enslave the survivors via implanted chips, directed energy, biometrics, Cray Super Computers- but we're going to monkeywrench all of their plans by fighting back the old fashioned way: ANY WAY WE CAN!!
1) Read this article  on Resist Net about how Obama has sicked the (so called) UN Human Rights Council on Arizona to add insult to injury. As you read the article, I want you to GET MAD!!! (First, you got to GET MAD ;-> and as Howard Bealle told us in the wonderful movie NETWORK, you've got to open your window, and yell as loud as possible "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna TAKE IT anymore!"

I want you to watch this and get PSYCHED UP! We don't HAVE to take ANY of this crap!

2) Join the New Health Freedom Group I Started on Resist Net and get active in networking the information to and from the OTHER groups on Resist Net which I encourage you to join, (especially the group for the state you live in, I've joined the one for Washington State, but need your help to re-post things in the groups for resisters in other states. Urge your friends and family to do the same and also to join the IAHF email distribution list and to donate to IAHF.
3) NET NEUTRALITY UNDER ATTACK BY GOOGLE/VERIZON AND THE RULING ELITE WHO DON'T WANT YOU READING INFO LIKE THIS: See the alert I posted recently in my Resist Net Group about the ruling elite's efforts to destroy the world wide web and to create an INTERNET 2 for the purpose of shutting down all information like mine. The powers that censor the web as much as the Chinese are now and we need to contact congress immediately to defend Net Neutrality, otherwise the web is going to become like Cable TV, the only sites that will be left standing if we don't stop this scam will be mainstream sites, no more alternative news if we fail!  This is REAL folks, and we CAN'T ignore it because the web gives us a CHANCE to fight back so naturally, they're trying to take it away!!
4) IAHF BADLY NEEDS YOUR HELP TO SURVIVE: I went up on my roof this summer and my foot went through the roof. After putting a new roof on the house I'm now officially living on skid row eating rice and beans while feverishly trying to develop some new income streams. If you value IAHF, and want it to remain there for you, please help me out. Can you spare $50? $100? $500? $1000? Can you put a price on FREEDOM?? How much is your freedom worth to you? I know many of you are also struggling, we're all in this together. Any help you can provide at this time would be very greatfully received! Donations can be made via Paypal  or via check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA