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We finally have a program that facilitates the sending of the form letter to Codex delegates in the Emergency Anti Codex section of the IAHF Website at http://iahf.com/index3.html

Its now the first item in that section with an ALERT flag next to it.

The way we have it set up now it works like this:

You go to the IAHF site at http://iahf.com/index3.html, and select the country you want to send to. There are fields that you don't have to fill out unless you choose to. You don't have to fill out the fields to put in your own email address, your mailing address, or your own message (in addition to the form message) unless you want to.

When you click "Send Protest Letter" the program loads the letter in to the email program on your computer (which must be open), and you then click to send it from there.

You will see a drop down list of countries on the form on my website. The countries that are members of the Codex Committee on Nutrition are listed in bold on the form, while countries that are members of Codex, but not members of the committee are listed in lower case.

Please send the protest letter to the countries marked in BOLD, for now, then AFTER November 1, if there is still a need, we can send it AGAIN to ALL CODEX COUNTRIES because if they push it through to completion at the November 1 meeting, they still have to ratify it next June at the main Codex meeting in Rome. Fax numbers are included for countries whose delegates don't have email addresses.

The program is set up to allow you to send to your choice of countries, but you cannot send to all delegates world wide with just one mouse click because the only way that could have been done would have allowed intended recipients to block the email because it would not have been coming from your computer- it would all have been coming from one source that would have been spoofing senders email addresses.

If you are an American, please also send the DEMAND FOR FDA PROOF OF JURISDICTION by certified mail with return receipt requested to the FDA. It is now the LAST item listed at http://iahf.com/index3.html

Please forward this widely and encourage more people to act now! The Codex meeting in Bonn begins on November 1, and the vitamin issue will be addressed on that date.

Donations to IAHF assist us in doing this health freedom work. We are sending two key people to the meeting in Bonn, and 3 key people to the Emergency Anti Codex meeting at the ACAM meeting in San Diego on November 19th.


Please forward this widely and encourage more people to act.