Richard Herring Newsletter
November Extra 2017
New way to subscribe
Hi all

If you've never taken the plunge and become a monthly badger then you might be interested in a new subscription thing that we're trying out.
It's from the kickstarter people and we're one of only 100 companies who are taking part at the moment and I am the only UK comedian who has been invited to do it.

You can help us make more podcasts, but get lots of extra content and have the chance to win prizes, plus get downloads of all of my stand-up shows (released every month or so) and some question and answer sessions.. If you check out the page and the video on it then you'll get an idea of what we're up to.
You get some similar stuff to what you get if you're a monthly badger, so you probably don't want to do both.   It's mainly just a way to attract a bigger and different audience to subscriptions.

It's also an excellent week to switch over to Bulb if you haven't already. Until next Monday morning they've upped the credit amount to both of our accounts to £100. This is a great way to pay me back the podcasts without actually having to spend any money and actually saving yourself money. You'll also be using renewable energy and as they have no contract you can leave up any time. Sign up using this link.
And very soon Christmas Emergency Questions book will be available to buy at