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 June 2014 - In This Issue   
  • Being in the Zone, in the moment, in the present!
                          Lessons I learned as a stage actress 
                       about ZONING IN.... to the precise, present moment!
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Quotations of the month:
 “Story represents a pathway to understanding that doesn’t run through the left side of the brain.” Daniel Pink
“One important area of research is the effect of emotion on learning. Emotionally arousing events tend to be better remembered than neutral events. They persist much longer in our memories and are recalled with greater accuracy than neutral events.”  John Medina
Zone in to Capture Killer Kodak story moments!
 I assume we've all heard speakers say too much and yet say very little, since they overwhelm their listeners with so much content, so many words, that in the end, nothing is remembered.
Such speakers think that if they connect intellectually with their audience, they are effective change agents.
Let's review why we speak. Why do we speak? We speak to:
  • have them think, feel, do or say something differently
  • teach a lesson that we have learned
  • create positive change in others' lives
How do people remember best what is discussed?
  •  by anchoring the point/lesson/message and although there are a variety of ways to do this, one of the best ways is to anchor it in a story
Why a story? because stories:
  • move people to action in 2 ways: intellectually and emotionally
  • are easier to remember since the lesson is placed in a relatable context
  • have a strong emotional component
  • transform a 1 dimensional text into a 3D experience
  • have characters and dialogue which make a speech come alive
 How do we do this effectively?
  • by being in the zone/in the moment/in the present
  • by placing the audience into the scene(s) told in the present as though the story is unfolding in real time
  • by connecting our content to real emotions, the pain and then the AHA moment and finally, the emotional shift of joy and relief after the conflict's resolution so they will feel  empathy for the character (without empathy listeners are not moved) 
  • by reacting with authentic natural facial expressions, body language, and a variety of vocal tone to all the emotions
Consider emotion in real time as the glue that makes your content stick!
Effects on you by being in the zone:
Being in the moment of the story as it is unfolding in real time, allows you to be calm, centred and focused, despite what is happening on the outside. It makes you more authentic, credible and creative in your delivery and consequently, more inspirational.
Overall effect of you being in the zone:
To re-cap, package those Kodak moments of your stories, invite your audience in and share the experience with them,. When you are actually re-living rather than re-telling your stories you will stop time, capture both their imagination but more importantly their empathy since you have engaged them intellectually and emotionally.
Your deep connection with them by being in the zone will inspire them to buy into your message and move towards positive change in their lives.
I invite you to join me again next month!
PS a couple of very early fall seminars are in the planning stages- one will be on Storytelling... the other will depend on which topics of interest come to my attention...feel free to send me suggestions.
Until then, happy speaking!   Wink

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