Sage Hill Gardens

April and May - Keys to the Year

It has been said, April and May are the keys to the rest of the year.

In many ways I can see , this is true...the birthing of animals and plant life that sustains us through the entire year. Rainfall in abundance that goes deep and forms a reserve for the drier months to come. The earth's absorbency of sun-heat to offset the horrific colder times.

Just as the earth absorbs and stores for later times, our bodies do so as well.
Soak up the sunshine...
Walk in the rain...
Allow your body to sweat...
EatWell and you will BeWell overall~

Frost dates are or will be in a few days, behind us...Time to garden!

Raised Bed gardening, composting, natural insect/weed control...all can be found on the Sage Hill website...

Earth Day is on the 22nd....I tend to think of it as every day...however, if you can only focus on one day...Make it count!!

To improve the size and quality of peaches, thin fruit when they are 1 inch in diameter. This will also prevent tree limbs from breaking under heavy loads. (Sage Hill had a huge thinning last year)

For those who have water gardens or if you end up with an Iris called Copper or Louisiana iris..... Remove the foil from the plant container and set in your water garden or in a container that places the bottom about 2" deep in the water. This iris thrives in wet soil also.

As someone who worked so long to get "Truth In Labeling," I am sad to report we failed, not because of slack on our part, but because our government controls believe we, (the masses) Do Not... have a right to know what is in our food!! The struggle is real, and becomes more demanding with each passing day...unless "we" each of us, make it a priority to know and avoid ingredients that goes against what we deem acceptable...labels will not do the job for us.

Kid yourself not...We are what we eat!

April is the month to begin a weekly feeding of your roses...once they start the blooming process...Stop the feeding. **If you haven't pruned your roses, do so before the 15th, after that you will be cutting off your blooms for this year.

‚ÄčThe New Moon phase begins on April 26 and last through May 2nd...all cold crops can be planted during this time. peas, spinach, and onions to name a few...

Tip: When we use chemicals for weed control...We are killing the tops and feeding the root...results, we will always have a new crop of weeds!

Sage Hill is a ...Chemical Free zone....
When booking your outings/tours/classes....please be aware "No Smoking" is strictly enforced.

Sage Hill is looking forward to a fabulous season...hope to see You... during that time.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Gardens

32 Old Petersburg Pike
Petersburg, Tn. 37144