Dark times requires dark disco.
Artist: This Is Head
Single: Pieces
Taken from the album: This Is Head
Let’s present the new nior-disco single from Swedish This Is Head. Taken from their resent self titled album. The album was recorded during an intense week on a dessert island on the Swedish west coast called Mjörn. There they wrote, recorded, rewrote, played and recorded some more, early till late, through warm afternoons into cool summer nights. When they left, they had made a record.  
A haunting video directed by Studio Pop leads the way. Look carefully in the end and you will be rewarded. 
This Is Head - Pieces (Official video) 
Listen Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/44pyALPehNrpLjpOIX33Zo
Download: https://soundcloud.com/adrianrec/this-is-head-pieces-1

Get the vinyl here: http://adrian.tictail.com/product/this-is-head-this-is-head-vinyl-album

The intro’s first few seconds feel a bit like you’re getting into a weird cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” before Henric Claesson’s guitar throws your face in a dimension ruled by The Cure or Echo & The Bunnymen. Björn Wiking’s haunting voice is less easy to put in a box. It sounds like he could sing rock anthems but would freak out if he had to play in a stadium, like the Manchester gurus of WU LYF, in a more understandable way.
Thomas Andrei 
Brooklyn Vegan
The band's sound that pulls from a lot of different places -- sometimes dark postpunk, sometimes anthemic rock, some solid grooves in there too -- but it's all melted together into something that is uniquely their own.
Bill Pearis

There’s a playfulness to the track, chimes tied around an unwavering rhythm. You can practically picture the sunlight twinkling off a pool of water from the first notes, something that’s immediately evocative of the isolated cabin on an island where the whole album was recorded

Powerful, spiralling inventive.

Delving into psych and head-turning pop with devilish intent, This Is Head are an exciting proposition. […]  Giving nods to the ‘60s extremes of psych, beyond anything else it’s a song that works best in muggy, humid summer evenings, where clothes stick to skin and everyone’s looking for cold water to dive into.

Progressing with a rippling intensity, "People" clings to your contours with a euphoria that's entirely addictive. 

//Adrian Recordings