Resist the Globalists Plans to Collapse Our Country...............John in the IAHF Office
IAHF List:
The Dr. Rath Health Foundtion has done us all a huge favor by researching and publishing this free book which can be read on the web: The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU
Everyone in the world who values their access to dietary supplements must read this, and grasp that the same despicable tactics used to foist the scam called the EU off on the people of the UK and Europe are being used world wide in an attempt by the hidden hand, the world ruling elite to foist carbon copies of this collectivist dicatorship off on the rest of the world including a North American Union via which our access to dietary supplements would be sharply curtailed.
This morning I watched a very misleading "news" report on CNN about the toughest immigration legislation just passed in the Arizona state legislature which requires immigrants to carry their alien registration papers with them at all times or face deportation.
The "news" report I saw attempted to depict this legislation as "fascist", and as "unconstitutional" citing people such as the ACLU who claim it "violates due process" and that it will "cause racial screening by police." 
CNN's slanted reporting reflects the wishes of their corporate advertisers and is intended to cause you to oppose this good legislation which quite frankly is absolutely necessary because if we fail to enforce our borders, our nation ceases to exist, along with all of our laws including the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 which a huge number of us worked very hard to pass to protect our access to dietary supplements.
Four more states are looking to pass identical sovereignty defending legislation to Arizona's, and once it starts rolling we must support it and simultaneously oppose Congressman Luis Gutierez Amnesty bill HR 4321 via which the Fedstapo hopes to give Amnesty to more than 8 Million illegal aliens- defend your access to dietary supplements by opposing Gutierez nation destroying legislation here.
 Both Canada and Mexico have far more restrictions on consumer access to dietary supplements than we have, and the corporate Pharma scum who hate DSHEA, can't wait to destroy our borders, expunge our nation and plunge us into the planned NAU Dictatorship where they already have one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs waiting in the wings for the purpose of blocking our access to supplements and to truthful health information about them.
 Sign IAHF's petition calling for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico, and be prepared to drive all members of the House oversight & Investigations Subcommittee from office- they're all being controlled by Pharma which is why we've never had oversight on this.
On the last day that so called "healthcare reform" was being shoved down our throats by the tyrannical scum inside the District of Criminals, the corporate scum who control our theoretical "elected officials" bankrolled a very expensive demonstration on the Mall to push for Amnesty for the more than 8 Million illegal aliens who have illegally broken into our country.
Why did the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Ford Foundation, the Rand Corporation, and other globalist entities spend megabucks building the stage, installing the fancy sound system complete with gigantic sports stadium sized video monitors and hundreds of Portapotties for the huge crowd of largely illegal aliens at this demonstration?
Simple: they must destroy our borders to realize their long desired goal to destroy America (and all Nations) in order to force us into first Regional dictatorships (like the EU, NAU, Mercosur, ASEAN) then into a global totalitarian state.
In 1953 the beans were very matter of factly spilled on the major Foundation's agenda to merge the Soviet Union with America to force us into a global totalitarian state via a conversation between the President of the Ford Foundation, and Norman Dodd, a congressional aide working for the House UnAmerican Activities Committee- see expose by G.Edward Griffin, founder of Freedom Force International who is doing an excellent job of countering and exposing this agenda.
Their intention is to kill millions of us, and they're already doing that via genetically engineered foods, by allowing dangerous prescription drugs to clear FDA's fraudulent "approval process", by flouridating water, by not keeping the blood supply clean, via chemtrails, via man made diseases such as Morgellons, AIDS and others, and by suppressing the truth about suppressed alternative treatments and dietary supplements while also suppressing access to them.
Can we stop them? Yes, we can! I'm greatly encouraged that Van Irion's class action lawsuit to overturn the grossly unconstitutional nation destroying so called "Healthcare" legislation that I've been warning you so much about in recent alerts has a huge head of steam behind it and now has 23,777 plaintiffs from all 50 States signed onto it, with thousands more signing on with each passing day!
Go here to sign on yourself and to see a map of the country which shows how many people from your state have signed on. Please alert people all over the country to join you in signing on, it costs nothing, and we ARE going to win on this!
The government doesn't have any more right to order us to buy a supposed "health insurance" policy under threat of fining us or jailing us than they have the right to order us to do ANYTHING ELSE!
For every action theres an exact and opposite reaction, and come November we're going to witness a sea change in this country as a tsunami of outraged discontent explodes on the miscreants in Con-gress who have been selling us out and ignoring their oaths.
While the New World Order attempts to control us and drive us into a North American Union Dictatorship, there are a slew of big and little things each of us CAN DO to resist, oppose, and block them.
One very good thing I hope more of you will do is join Freedom Force International. Read the Creed of Freedom, and study the information on this site. Through it you'll get valuable tools for opposing collectivism and defending our God given individual rights- rights which no man, and no government can ever take away, especially when we become indignent, dig in our heals, and oppose these tyrants every step of the way!
Another very good thing you can do is start learning everything you can about growing food. I find it very grounding and comforting to spend time in my garden and tending my chickens. If you live in a city and can't have a garden, join one of the many community gardens springing up all over the place. Be inspired by this free video on permaculture that you can watch right now! The NWO intends to use food as a weapon as they take the dollar down, but we can thwart that effort too!
If you value this alert, please forward it to as many people as possible, urge them to sign on to the IAHF list and please donate to IAHF to help us stay in motion so we can continue reaching more and more people with our critical message of freedom! You can also donate by sending  a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. Thank you for your support!