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2nd February 2008

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and It’s Competition Time!

Thank You... DK Competition... Magic Loop Masterclass... Knitting Help... S&BL Calendar

Woolly winter warming greetings to you  

We hope this newsletter finds you warm, that the January blues have passed you by, that your crochet is coming along effortlessly, and that you’re ready for the latest delights in the yarny world of S&B London.

This week, not only do we bring you a new venue in the heart of London, we have an exclusive S&B London I SEW Want to Win! competition in association with the fabulous folks at Dorling & Kindersley.

We also bring you technical knitty gritty to help you manage your schedule with our Google calendar. 

And for those of you who can’t always make S&B London meetings, we have some useful online resources for newbies, and the more experienced among you, to refer to whenever you need a knitty helping hand. 

We also have Girl Guides from South of the river visiting us for the evening. We will be showing this younger generation of ladies the way of the knit, and would love you to join us! Also keep your eyes open for our Magic Loop Masterclass later in the month (with more masterclasses to follow!)

The last two weeks have seen us take over Leon with crochet hooks (a big thank you to the lovely ladies who taught us a thing or two), and we descended upon a shiny new venue in the heart of Islington. We were dazzled with the delights of the Make Lounge, where we filled all the rooms, corridors and stairways with knitters galore.  

We’d like to say a HUGE thanks to our regular members who, out of the kindness of their woolly hearts, helped us out with teaching the newbies, and not for the first time either. We couldn’t do it without your helping hands and S&B London wouldn’t be the same without you folks, so a big thank you to you all – you know who you are! (If you are one of those people, please email us and let us know)

Also, those style gurus over at Style Will Save Us gave our new year newbies meeting a mention. Who knew there was a style spy amongst us?!

Stitch and Student Union Knitting 

We’ve been invited to take part in the London School of Economics’ Women’s week, so let’s stitch up a storm in the student union. Join us in the Underground Bar, described by LSE as ‘plush, intimate and sophisticated’, where we will be getting to know some of LSE’s knitting society, and reminiscing about our student days. 

From 6pm
Venue: The Underground Bar
LSE Student Union
East Building
Houghton Street

Map Website Nearest Tube: Temple, Holborn, Covent Garden

Stitch and Be Prepared

Details of the meeting after that: 

This week the Stockwell Girl Guides will be joining us to earn their knitting badges at the Royal Festival Hall. The meeting will continue as usual, but we would love some helping hands to teach the basics.  

You don’t need to be experienced at teaching, just enthusiastic and willing to give up a bit of your knitting time for a good cause. It would be fab if you could come along, and help out the Stitchettes.  

From 6pm
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall (ground floor towards the back of the building)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Magic Loop Master Class

Details of the meeting after that: 

From 6pm
Venue: National Theatre in the Long Bar (ground floor main foyer)
South Bank
SE1 9PX 

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and I SEW want to win The Sewing Book Competition

We don’t want to buttonhole you (sorry), but S&B Londoners seam (sorry) like a crafty bunch (and we don’t just mean the plotting you do to discourage people from sitting next to you on the Tube for more knitting room. We’ve seen you). We like to bring out the crafty in you. Fancy adding another fold to your crafty cape of wonder? 

The lovely folks at Dorling Kindersley worry about your craft super powers too. So much so that they have decided to offer us the chance for you to win one of 10 copies of the Sewing Book in our fabulous exclusive I SEW Want to Win Competition. 

The Sewing Book shows you the basics of hand and machine sewing, how to make soft furnishings, clothes making, and a bit of mending too. We’ve been sent a copy and quite frankly we are a little bit in love with it. Clear pictures, easy instructions, shiny pages, want-to-make-now patterns. It’s a veritable bible of sewingness. The Sewing Book is published by Dorling Kindersley, RRP £25. 

So here’s the deal. Answer this question: 

Which one of these sewing techniques would you use to close the toe of a knitted sock?

a. Kitchener Stitch

b. Bathroom Stitch

c. Cupboard-under-the-stairs Stitch 

Email us at with:

  • The subject “I SEW want to win!”
  • Answer A, B, or C
  • Your full name, email address, and contact phone number (if you have one)

The deadline for the competition is Wednesday 11th February at 10am. The winners will be picked (by our fluffy Answer-picking Sheep) from all correct entries, and notified by email or phone within 48 hours.  

No cake-flavoured bribes will help you win, just get the answer right and then cross your fingers (not while knitting though. That can cause all kinds of problems). Don’t hem and harr over it. If it seams like a good idea then fabricate an answer and enter. We won’t needle you about it.  

Okay, we’ll stop that now… 

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends 11th Feb 2009 at 10am. 4. Winner will be drawn from all correct answers, and notified within 48 hours via email or phone. 5. If winners don’t reply with addresses within two weeks of closing date then new winners will be chosen. 5. No cash alternatives. 6. Book will be posted to winners.

Stitch and Help!

We love helping you lovely knitters with your stitch queries at our weekly group meetings, but if you are caught on the hop and require immediate assistance, here are our top online places to find a cure for all your knitting ills. 

Knit a Bit explains what that pesky gauge is all about.  

The Knitting Fiend: Offers a gauge calculator, an extensive How To section, a comprehensive guide on reading charts, and an article on unravelling the mystery behind intarsia 

Knitting on the Net explains all the basic techniques through to selecting the correct decrease for your project.   

Knitting Help is the place we like to send you when pictures and words just don’t cut it. With a glossary the size of your Aunt Betty’s raglan sleeve, links to videos that show you almost anything (including the difference between an M1A and an M1B), and all sorts of wonders, it rules with a woolly fist. You really do learn something new every day…  

Last but certainly not least, it is always handy to have a copy of Knitty’s list of standard abbreviations in your knitting bag.

Stitch and Never Miss Another Meeting Again

We all know how busy you all are.  The life of your average S&B Londoner is like trying to catch a skein of delicious cashmere whilst juggling too many balls of eyelash yarn.  Luckily we are here to help you unwind in this crazy, non-stop city. 

Thus, we introduce to you the S&B London Events Calendar.  Here you can find out the dates and details of our weekly meetings, as well other big events in the knitting world.   

Each meeting entry includes details of the venue, nearest tube stations, and a handy map to show you where you’re going (use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out).  

The best bit is you can sync it with your own calendar on many different platforms, including:

      * Some mobile phone providers charge for Internet access, please check beforehand. 

If synchronicity isn’t your bag, you can subscribe to our calendar RSS feed using your RSS reader.  Alternatively, you can also view our calendar online.  

Don’t like all this technical jargon?  No problem!  Our calendar also features Write-It-In-Your-Diary mode.  We truly have something for everyone. 

Our dates and special events will continue to be announced in our fortnightly newsletters, so watch this space!

That’s all we can stitch together this week, folks. We hope you can make it along to a meeting, if you haven’t made it already. Don’t forget about our message board, blog, and badges. And again, a BIG THANKS to you all, S&B London wouldn’t be what it is without you.

Keep warm, keep woolly, and keep coming for a stitch. We love you!

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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S&B London promise not to share your email address with anyone, not even if they ask us nicely and offer us sweet, sweet cake or cashmere. S&B London is a non- profit group and we do all this for no payment in our spare time, so please be patient if we make mistakes.