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13 December 2010
Stitch and Shut Up, I'm Knitting for Christmas
... WIN: Zombie Felties book ... EVENT: Stitch London's 5th Birthday ...
EVENT: Stitching Secret Santa 2 and a mini Really Rather Mavellous Raffle Prizes ...
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Knitknitknitknitknitknit no time to talk Christmas knitting greetings to you

 We hope this snippet of newsletter finds you well, snug, stitching and feeling festive.

Stitch London Christmas Mini Raffle and Secret Santa 2
  15 December
Stitching Secret Santa • Fabulous Mini Raffle
Stitch London learners: The first lesson of 2011 will be on 4 January. It's going to be a beast! Look out for the learner icon (left) to see dates for learner meetings. Places may be limited so please arrive early to sign up.

Questions? See our Learn to Knit and FAQ pages.
Win more stuff Wanna win stuff and things? We're doing a mini-raffle and another round of Stitching Secret Santa! 

Zombies at Christmas: Win the chance to stitch the undead this festive season. We've got six copies of Zombie Felties Zombie Felties to give away.

Happy 5th Birthday Stitch London! Join us for our birthday celebrations and our biggest meeting of the year in 2011.
Stitch London meetings:
For more information on each venue click on 'More info' to go to our Venues page

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Royal Festival Hall (Level 2)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map More info
TUESDAY 4 January

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Royal Festival Hall (Level 2)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map More info

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Royal Festival Hall (Level 2)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map More info

Stitch and Christmas Party: the Revenge 

It snowed. Stuff got delayed in the post. People missed out on marvellous raffle prizes and a splendid Stitching Secret Santa.

So we're doing it again! Woo hoo!

Join us for Stitching Secret Santa Round 2 (you're welcome to join in even if you did Round 1) and another Really Rather Marvellous Raffle featuring:

  1. A high-heel Christmas stocking from Cheeky handmade
  2. Bobbins of chunky cotton and lycra fabric yarn from Hoopla Yarn
  3. Ginger Bread Sock kit from Nature’s Luxury 
  4. A skein of hand-dyed something fabulous (TBC) and an exclusive calendar from Skein Queen
  5. 6 Skeins of Kohinoor Silk Yarn from Sari Silk
  6. Handmade cosy earwarmer and wristwarmer set from Bad Schnoodles
  7. A set of Stitch London badges, fridge magnet and Graffiti Knitting postcards from us
Plus anything else that turns up in the post in the meantime (prizes we mean. Not bills).

 How much are tickets? Tickets will be £1 each and all money raised from the Really Rather Marvellous Raffle will go to The Serendip Children's Home in Sri Lanka. We've raised over £230 so far and we're hoping to donate loads more. You gotta give to get.
Stitch and Braaaaaaaaaaains
What says a Christmas 'I love you' better than a undead friend with its eyeball hanging out?

Felties, toys made from that stuff they call felt, are usually lovable, huggable and cute, no? But there's a darker side to the feltie character that's rarely been seen in public. Until now.

Ladies and Gents of the Stitch may I introduce Zombie Felties by the artist's of the squishy huggable undead Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate.

Eyes dangle from empty sockets, suspended by the merest thread; their innards protrude from soft felt bellies in unruly loops and swags of horrible pink floss; their broken skulls uncover a slithery sequinned suggestion of exposed brain matter.

Published by the folks at Search Press the book contains 16 stomach-turning projects for you to get your needle into. From gyrating Zombie Thrilla (in tribute to the late King of Pop), through gesticulating Zombie Bunny and Classic Zombie trailing his tiny grave bandages, all the way to Zombie Bride clasping a teeny, rotting bouquet.

We have six sets of Zombie Felties, the guide to stitching something suppurating, to give away to some lucky Stitch Londoners.

All you need to do to give yourself a chance to win is answer this zombie-based Christmas question:

Which of these would most likely be served at a Zombie Christmas dinner?
a. Braaaaains in brandy butter
b. Celebrity Christmas cake purchased on eBay for a small fortune
c. Turkey sandwiches

Drop us an email at with:
  • The subject line "I'd eat brains for breakfast to win"
  • Answer A, B or C
  • Your full name, contact email and address (Anyone can enter. Even if you live outside the UK)
The deadline for the competition is 24 December at 8pm.

Please note: Offering to knit us a huge brain with eyelash yarn won't help you win. Even though we'd be impressed. Just send the details above (make sure you send all the info we ask for) and cross your fingers. Good luck!

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends 24 December 2010 at 8pm. 3. No cash alternatives. 4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and notified via email. 5. If winners don’t reply within two weeks of being notified then new winners will be chosen. 6. Prizes will be posted to the winners by publishers.
Stitch and stomping and stitching celebration

At our first meeting of 2011 Stitch London celebrates 5 years of stitching and stomping across the city! Woo hoo!
There are now over 8300 Stitch Londoners out there from right here in London to Paris, New York and New Zealand. The woolly Godzilla grows!

To celebrate we're planning the biggest meeting ever on January 4th at our traditional first meeting of the year home from home the Royal Festival Hall (as annouced in our last newsletter). Join us!

Last year saw over 200 knitters take to the Royal Festival Hall. This year we're hoping to be seen from space.

Old friends, shy newbies, crocheters, sewing folks, and anyone wanting to learn or teach please join us.

Bring a name badge: Do you have no idea who the person was that was stitching that splendid shawl last week? With so many stitchers names can get a bit lost. As a one off we're encouraging all you fibre-flingers to make yourself a name badge to introduce yourself to your fellow Stitch Londoners. Use your Ravelry name, make a name up, hide your name and remain mysterious. It's up you.

Become a Stitch Sage: Fancy passing on the love of the knit? Help us teach the basics and you'll become a shiny Stitch Sage. All Stitch sages get a warm fuzzy feeling, the chance to do amazing stiching stuff and the occassional free gift. Join the Stitch Sage army by emailing us.

Stitch London stuff: We'll be bringing along a whole load of Stitch London stuff for you to buy too. Take a look at our shop page and drop us an email should you want anything.
Not in London? Join us on Twitter for live pics from the meeting.
That's your lot. Go back to that crazed Christmas knitting now and good luck with it.
A HUGE thank you to every single Stitchette and Stitch Sage who has helped Stitch London keep stomping this year. You're all wonderful people and the woolly Godzilla could not keep stomping and stitching without you all. All you Stitch Sages who haven't claimed your free gift please email let us know.
If you're missing the stitching you can catch up with fellow Stitch Londoners worldwide on our message board, and stalk us through the snow on   and .

Happy Stitching Christmas, Stitch Londoners.

Stitch London x

Edited and sewn together with words by Deadly Knitshade
with help from Gertrude Woolsworthy.
Stitch London promise not to share your email address with anyone, not even if they ask us nicely and offer us sweet, sweet cake or cashmere. Stitch London is run by one frazzled founder and a host of volunteers so please be patient if we make mistakes.