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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
October 5, 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Letters to the Editor
From the Pink Water Taxis - Response to Ms Barr's letter
It is with regret that we respond to Ms Barr's letter to the PON.  As Ms. Barr suggests in her letter, the weather conditions on the day (the Sunday of Watermarks festival) were particularly inclement and busy for the taxis.  Pink Water Taxis prides itself on providing passengers a reasonable estimate of time for collection, so neither party is unreasonably kept waiting.  Unfortunately when passengers are unable to determine their destination, it can cause lengthy delays to other passengers and additional fees to the passengers concerned, which can result in heightened anxiety across the board.

We apologise to Ms Barr for any inconvenience or embarrassment our rejection of her fare caused her and her visitors.

Pink Water Taxis

Let's hear it for our Pink Water Taxi Service!
As someone who has regularly used/relied upon our Pink Water taxi service for the past 17 and a half years - indeed, for the first 10 years of which depended on it to enable me to manage the varied late night and early morning weekend shifts I was working - I was amazed to read the very strong criticism made by Jessica Barr.
Not once, over all those years, have I been met with anything even vaguely approaching the "rudeness" and "contempt" Jessica mentions.  In fact, unfailing courtesy, pleasantness and helpfulness are words I'd use to describe my interaction with all the water taxi 'drivers' at all times.
I'm sure my experience with the people providing this service - which, for many of us, makes offshore living manageable - would be the rule rather than the exception.
Kerry Baird

In defence of the Pink Water Taxi Drivers
For the past 20 years we have found their much valued service to be reliable, kind and unfailingly helpful, in all weathers and at all hours.

Thanks guys from Don and Bev Dwyer and their grateful families.

Dear Editor,
I would just like to comment on the open letter written to the water Taxi's.
I have lived on the island for 11 years and during this time have caught many water Taxi's as have my family.

I have always found the driver's to be polite, prompt and courteous.

Kind Regards Louise Birket

Dear Editor,
I am writing in regard to the letter posted about the poor service by Pink Water Taxis. I am sad to hear about this lady who had so much bad luck on the day she had visitors from overseas, and hope their stay improved after this unfortunate introduction to our beautiful part of the world.

I would like to say though that for my part, I have always had extremely good service from "the boys", they are always helpful and in good spirit. The truth is that I seldom require their services after hours, but during the weekdays i do use them, but I can understand that sometimes their job can indeed be hard and also understand that everybody sometimes has an "off" day. I hope that was the case on this occasion.

We often tend to take the good for granted and say very little about it.  Just think of how many years everybody has been happy about so many things in this wonderful environment we live in, including the service provided by Pink Water Taxi, and said nothing?  To make a complaint is perfectly correct, but equally to praise is also something we should consider as well.

A happy customer,
Nathalie Muir

Women on Water (WOW)

To all island and offshore women, please join us for the Spring Women on Water meeting on Wednesday 19th October at 12.30

Shar is our host(on the waterfront between Bell’s and Carole’s with two large green plastic water tanks out the front).

Our topic is : Women and their Mothers: joys and challenges.

Bring a plate to share and a drink. Tea and coffee provided.

Shar also asks that you contact her to confirm whether you are bringing a sweet or savory contribution.(sharjones@optusnet.com.au)

Enjoy the Spring perfumes and see you there!


Spring has arrived in Pittwater and like the lovely little spring plants, we are all thirsty for some beaut new refreshment. It is about our twentieth tasting, good reason to celebrate and we are going to do it in style.
With your help (and some lovely nibbles to share with our other guests) we will taste some fine wines selected by good noses across Australia.

Remember: No one other than you wins from these tastings. All the wines are tried by volunteers, there is no middle man (middle person?) and you get to enjoy a tasting AND meet your neighbours. Is there more to life?

WHERE: Greg and Louise Roberts adorable Pittpoint home. We have booked strong sunlight and warmth for the day. Not sure where Pittpoint is? Try HERE
WINES: Fantastic selection, including a Christmas bubbly. Download the tasting noters and the price list HERE
WHEN: Sunday, October 16th at 3pm
WHAT: To bring - nibbles to share and a pen ;)

More News: Your committee have managed to source some correctly sized tasting GLASSES. This will avoid the need for those dreadful plastic thingos with the funny bases! You can even take a glass home with you (for a small gold coin donation)

You can invite your neighbours by suggesting they visit http://pittwaterwine.net46.net where they can sign up to receive our quarterly 'notice of tasting'

 ** Don't forget to bring some food for us all to share **

Best Wishes - your committee
If you want further information, you could ring:

    George Gaal    9979 9141
    Alan Gaines     9979 2070
    Julian Muir      9999 4449
    Paul Purvis      9979 9667
    Greg Roberts   9979 5228

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris.
I wonders where the birdies is.
They say the birds is on the wing.
Ain't that absurd?
I always thought the wing was on the bird.

Sustainable Living Expo          
Sunday 9 October 9.00am-4.00pm, Village Park and Memorial Hall Mona Vale, on the northern beaches.

Hi Everyone,
Please see attached flyer for our Sustainable Living Expo now in it's second year.
Download it HERE
Last year was our first successful year and this year is even bigger and better.
There are 42 Exhibitors including:
  • Green Painters
  • Industrial Hemp Association
  • Aquarius Watermaster
  • Eco at Home-non toxic paints and finishes
  • Green Living Australia-wild soapnuts
  • Systems Pest Management-chemical free pest control
  • Trinature-chemical free cleaning
  • Ventis HQ-low energy home ventilation
  • BZE-beyond zero emissions
  • Bilgola Plateau Public School
  • Pittwater Business Limited
  • Smart Water and Energy Solutions
Electric Cars:
  • AEVA (Australian Electrical Vehicle Association) van conversion
  • Blade Electron - electric car conversion
Children's environmental themed activities:
  • Jenny Edyejones-environmental quiz
  • Natalie Roberts-green earth lady
  • Live Native animal show
  • Chickens as pets from New Leaf Nursery
  • 12 speakers on topics such as
  • Organic gardening
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Innovaton in water reuse
  • Expert panel Green Home Q&A-to answer your questions on creating a green home
  • 18 sessions including topics ranging from:
  • Building with earth
  • Lighting to reduce power use
  • Developing Permaculture design for your garden
  • Menu planning, storage and shopping to reduce waste
  • Traditional plant uses
  So come along and ask the experts at the Q&A forum..... see all the displays, talks and workshops to assist you to make your home/rental property, business, save energy, water and be more comfortable to live in.
Click on these links for program and for more information on exhibitors, workshops and speakers:


Boat designers, filmmakers speak at Manly Gallery
Sunday 9th Oct 2pm-4pm at the Manly Regional Gallery
Hosted by Col Bailey a fun and interesting afternoon in conversation with some of our most interesting Boat designers and Film Makers.

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