Dear friends,
I would like to share with you the Mayan Masters’ teachings; come to Quelle, Bern from March 21st to March 26th.  We will have ceremonies, group healing session and weekend workshop of the Invisible Healer. On monday we will have a temazcal outisde of Bern. Thereafter, I will head to Mont St. Odile, Strasbourg, France, where we will have a two days special Mayan initiation. More info in:   Kurskalender Frecuency 2012 Europe Tour.
Enjoy the new Pascal K'in Video: Wohin verschwanden die Mayas?


Check the Photos from Flurlingen beim Rheinall, Switzerland in the Photo-Gallery.
Don't miss the next events that will open your heart time and path thru life:
. Quelle, Bern, Switzerland.
. Mont St. Odile, Strasbourg, France.
. South Bohemia, Czech Republic. (4 days-Easter Retreat)
It is my mission to pass on the Masters' knowledge and to show how we can all communicate with them. I call this Cosmic Shamanism Kosmisches Theater.

ONLINE - SESSIONS / SITZUNGEN   skype / telefon  
  • Rückführungen / regressions
  • Meisterkontakte / Mastercontacts
  • Mayaheilung  /  Mayahealing
  • Genaktivierung /  Gene-Activation (12-DNA)
  • Life-Coaching

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