Genita Petralli- President, Green Body & Mind--- Local Plan to Fight Codex That Can Go World Wide!!

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At the UN level, we have no leverage to stop the ruling elite's Codex plan to ban our access to dietary supplements, but at the LOCAL level, it becomes FAR EASIER to generate resistance and opposition to these genocidal plans simply by educating people and getting more people to use dietary supplements instead of pharmaceutical drugs!

In this message, we'll be looking at a POWERFUL LOCAL SOLUTION to STOPPING CODEX dead in its tracks, by focusing our attention on a very powerful initiative that we can all get behind, then spread nationally and world wide!

Every single school shooting in America involves psychiatric drugs including the most recent tragedy at University of Illinois. Psychiatry is killing thousands of Americans every year, condemning untold numbers to death and wasted lives of ill health and a monumental level of suffering could all be prevented if only we joined forces to more rapidly educate elected officials to far more effective, as well as more cost effective alternatives.

I am in favor of any initiative that helps catalyze the more widespread use of orthomolecular medicine, the suppressed alternative/nutritional treatment mode that saved my life nearly 30 years ago after mainstream medicine almost killed me. (see  If an orthomolecular activist as outspoken as Genita Petralli had been living in my hometown years ago when I first became sick and unable to function due to biochemical imbalances, I could have been steered to nutritional/holistic help I needed. I could have been spared the 4 years of intense suffering that I was forced to endure inside the psychiatric system before I smuggled in the vitamins that enabled me to turn my life around and escape my hellish existence behind the walls.

No one should ever have to go through what I did, and no one I know is more determined to try to do something to turn this problem around than Genita Petralli, an incredibly energetic woman who fully deserves all of our strongest support. With your help, I intend to go to California to assist her directly.

Please visit Genita's new website and sign her Petition! She is urging the Mayer of Santa Cruz CA to declare their city to be a "Psychiatric Drug Free Zone". Please read her mission/vision statement, press releases, and other information.  She is urging the Mayer to reform mental health care at the local level to reflect the environmentalist, humanitarian, and health concious values of the people in their beach city, and the support she's receiving is overwhelming! Many powerful people in her community have been joining forces with her, and she needs all of our help!

Genita's goal is to "shut down the Pharma Cartel one de-toxed and educated patient at a time" and to make Santa Cruz a Model for the rest of the country and the world to follow!

Genita is the author of the book Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure She is the President of Green Body and Mind. She is an Internationally recognized Orthomolecular Practitioner specializing in addiction, pushed and prescribed (psychiatric) drug detoxification, alcoholism, and neuroendocrine disorders. Ms. Petralli's internationally recognized treatment, The 101 Program, assists the body and mind in quickly detoxifying while rebuilding the body's natural healing processes and providing mental health naturally through assisting the neurochemistry with targeted nutritional therapy which corrects the imbalances that produced symptoms... Ms. Petralli's treatment and book is endorsed by the most reputable orthomolecular practitioners of our time (Dr. Abram Hoffer, Joan Mathews-Larson, Ph.D., Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Andrew Saul).


Please forward this widely, and also join me in networking via to defend our country from its ongoing destruction. Last monday the New Hampshire recount concluded and Black Box Voting and allied organizations involved in the recount will be coming out with a full report soon. Walter Reddy who was in NH for the recount told me today that more than 250 documentable instances of fraud were observed. We're going to have to fight like hell together to stop what is unfolding, and the first thing to realize fully is that we're not witnessing an election.

We're witnessing the carefully created ILLUSION of an "election" intended to make us THINK our vote "matters". It does not- but we must vote anyway while doing everything we can to fight back. Computer programmers are attempting to determine a rigged outcome, but we don't have to take this laying down! What we MUST do, is to choose our battles the way Genita has choosen hers. She has found a way to fight back at the local level, and all of us can do the same. Please get involved with other activists via and please spread the word through your community about this site!

One thing we must do is to "Swiftboat" traitor John McCain by widely exposing him for the traitor that he is. McCain is no hero. He was shot down during a bombing raid against a lightbulb factory full of working women  He aided and abetted the North Vietnamese while in captivity. See what Vietnam Veterans Against McCain have to say about him. We need to shoot him down before the Republican Convention in Minneapolis in August, while simultaneously urging Ron Paul to speak out against election fraud. McCain should lose all his delegates, and they should support Ron Paul- provided he finally starts speaking out about election fraud....

Simultaneously we should all prepare for martial law since the neocons could do anything to trigger it at any time along with a financial collapse. Develop your own personal contingency plan for getting out of harm's way. Keep in mind what people went through in New Orleans during Katrina when martial law was declared there. Ask yourself what you would have done if you'd been there. Ask yourself if you could surive a huge financial crash. Do you have what you need stockpiled? Do you have a plan to get out of the city you're in if need be?

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