Award Winning Dutch Lessons           September 2013



Dear Friends,


Due to a shoulder that is not working 100%, I cannot teach immersion courses in the next few weeks. But the good news is: now there is room for private sessions (until September 20th), mail me if you are interested:


The next immersion course will start September 24th (Level 1.5, designed for students who have learned about Dutch, but have had no opportunity/confidence to speak it.)


If you would like to see some impressions of an immersion course, click here. This beautiful movie is made by Valerie, one of the participants of last week’s Total Immersion 1, mostly during the breaks. If you like this movie, I will ask her to make a new movie of the next immersion class with some of the activities as well, as an observer ;-)


The blooper is done by my dog Mister, who suddenly seemed to think that the camera was a toy ;-)


In case you wonder about the very ripe bananas in the clip, here is the recipe of the cookies we made with those:


“Two” Ingredient (Gluten Free) Banana Cookies


2 very ripe bananas

oats (enough to make a good cookie dough texture)

(You can add nuts, seeds, raisins, cranberries, coconut etc.)

Mix bananas and oats together and bake in the oven at 180 ºC for 15 to 20 minutes.

Eet smakelijk!


Of course, the Sunday Afternoon Language Exchange Dog Walk will go on, as well as the Game Night:


Dutch & Dogs


Sunday September 8th  in Hilversum

8 k walk

14:00 - ?

Minimum: 3 participants

For dogs, dog owners & dog lovers

€5,- pp (which will be donated to Sandy, a helping dog to be) + your own drinks at a cafeteria halfway, where the dogs can drink water as well.

No speaking assignments, just free conversation.

Full goodie bag afterwards!


There will be two groups: one group of people who would like to speak Dutch (native speakers and students) and one group for English speakers (native and students). You can change groups whenever you want.



Game Night



(September 12th ) in “our” restaurant in ‘s-Graveland (19:15 – 21:30):


A professional game player will bring his favourite games for more advanced speakers

I will have a board game about Holland/Dutch for more beginners and New Amigos for a mixed language group (Dutch/English)
The chef will provide a simple meal that is suitable for eating while playing, but you can of course have a regular (delicious) dinner in the restaurant before the games start.
Minimum: 3 participants

€5,- + your own meal
Please register before showing up, so I can notify the chef ;-)


You can find more courses (all with delicious lunches of course) here.



Met vriendelijke groet,


Sylvia Clements


For more information or your own  project ideas, please contact:

Sylvia Clements, Graaf Florislaan 54, 1405 BW Bussum


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