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Fantastic Flight

The Gliding Flight
Sunday, September 17 at 11 AM

Children bring your parents to this Paper Airplane Workshop! We will supply the paper and tables to work on. You should come prepared to learn some fabulous new designs. The Gliding Flight is a return to paper airplane basics: one person, one piece of paper, and a few folds later, one airplane. Using a refreshingly innovative approach to designs and flying characteristics, John Collins teaches you to make 20 paper planes, such as the Stealth, the Wind Devil, the Glart, and the Skid Kid.

Loving the Machine

Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots
Thursday, September 21 at 7 PM

From the amazing automatons of feudal Japan to giant animated robots and the cutting-edge androids of today, Loving the Machine explores the reasons behind Japan's unique affection for robots, and looks at the surprising direction in which robo-mania is taking the country.

Tongue Fu Bookjacket

Tongue Fu
Friday, September 22 at 7 PM

Sam Horn, president of Action Seminars since 1981, has presented seminars to more than 400,000 people. She demonstrates how to deal with difficult, overly aggressive, self-centered people. Call them bullies, if you will. We all have to deal with them at some time, and Sam offers time tested tools and approaches to these problems.

We have just received a large shipment of Bargain Books. Stop by and see the wonderful selection!

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Yoga Journal is excited to host its fourth annual San Francisco Conference, an event focused on inspiration, rejuvination and community.