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December 2016 
Second and final reminder of special discounts and bonuses on Craig Valentine's home-study educational resources.
Toastmasters from District 60,
Craig will be the world champion keynote speaker
at our spring 2017 conference.
Do not miss it!
Register before Jan. 31 for early bird price.

As Marshall Goldsmith said: "What got you here won't get you there!"
 Remember you need 4 items to enhance your speaking skills:
  • time
  • practice
  • live audiences
  • and the correct TIPS, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES!
YES, you can be 3x the speaker you are today by next year
by picking up and applying these tips!
Extra FREE Christmas bonus instantly from me, if you invest in
 Craig Valentine's educational resources!!! 
This great opportunity to treat yourself to this gift is for you ONLY IF:
  • you are serious student of speaking and want to enhance your skills
  • you can't afford the $$$ to fly off to a champ camp
  • you can't afford the time to fly off to attend a champ camp
  • you want invaluable courses to keep for yourself and study at your own pace and in your own space
 + A FREE Hour of Coaching with on...
Practice alone won't get you to be 3x the speaker you are today!
Practice WITH the correct Tried-and-True Tips, Tools and Techniques will!
 Edge of their Seats Storytelling - Dynamic Delivery Devices - Create a Killer Keynote
Storytelling  9Cs        D.D.3-DVD set for speakers          Create a K.Keynote 
   $297.00            $247.00---> now $147.00         $397.00---->now $297.00                              
Do the math, purchased separately = $681.00
Get all 3 of the following courses under a Generous Discount
for $399.00

 You can receive all 3 for an even lower price by applying the
 121212 code before checking out! Click on the link below and try it!

FINAL PRICE ....FOR ALL 3 is only $349.00 
 Don't forget: Apply 121212 code, receive an extra discount!
Please note: Craig has informed me that the price of the Kit and Kaboodle goes up in the New Year!
FREE EXTRA BONUS from me: Invest in above, I'll receive notice from Craig and you will receive an hour of FREE coaching from me!
Check out my site under OTHER RESOURCES 
  PS If not for you...maybe your club has the budget to buy all 3 at this currently reduced price or any of the above resources for loan to members?
      Individual Speech Coaching or Group Instruction
  • if you're a toastmaster wanting a competitive edge over average speakers
  • if you wish your group to be more effective presenters to successfully sell their services, products or ideas and increase profit margin
  • if you're in business and need to confidently address a group with a powerful, professional presentation but don't know how to create and deliver it
call 416 489 6603 (Toronto) Leave a message with phone number; I'll respond within 48 hours
even while I am in Florida for the winter months
or if you are in the Naples, Florida area, email me after Jan11 and I'll pass on new phone #
We can work together via SKYPE, phone and emails

Let's first discuss your needs or those of your group
 (no fee for consultation) 
Kathryn MacKenzie, M.Ed. DTM
Presentation Skills Instructor/Author
  Keynote Speaker/Coach

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