“Amp-melters” Mojo
“Invigorating, urgent and razorsharp” Uncut
"You wonΚΌt find many records this invigorating; this pulsating; this alive." Bearded

14-Mar UK Brighton Hectors House
15-Mar UK London The Grosvenor
16-Mar UK Glasgow Captains Rest
17-Mar UK Leeds The Fenton

Tyvek's In The Red debut, Nothing Fits, is a scalding collection of amped-up and thrust-out songs that crank up the energy level far beyond their previous releases, and decimate the detractors into the abyss. It's Tyvek at their fiery, screaming best, and if this doesn't curl your eyebrows and your toes simultaneously with excitement, then you might need to settle for something musically akin to hospital food or take another laxative, because this blast of new recordings might just flush out your system to the point of personal emergency.

As Detroit continues its seemingly irreversible slide into the tar pits of economical despair, new traditionalists Tyvek have unashamedly taken the reins and harnessed the ambition to keep their slurred and manically refreshing noise pop bouncing around the skulls of everyone still breathing in the real, uncatergorisible fumes of the original new wave. With an already impressive trail of essential releases behind them, including last year's debut album and an infinitesimal stream of "tour-only" CDRs, the band seems to always be evolving, yet never straying far from the original cacophony that earned them a spot in the hallowed halls of modern punk's elite erratics.

And as dynamically diverse as Tyvek's recordings have become, their live set also seems to shift dramatically with each new appearance, ranging from a monstrous five piece to the currently stripped-down three-piece that easily gets the job done without sacrificing any of the intensity or brazen brevity that's earned them their fanatical following. With relentless touring, razor-esque songwriting and the ability to adapt to their surroundings without resistance, it's no wonder why they're so adept at captivating the off-centre sounds of bygone-era DIY scrapings and spinning it into gold, all without ever really showing any influence of the Detroit "sound" that's known the world over. This trait alone deserves massive respect and forges their creativity in a unique light, as pioneers and as individuals who set forth to create their own thing in their own time, and in essence, are clearly executing some of the most exciting sounds in underground music today.

Nothing Fits 

1. 4312
2. Animal
 3. Potato
 4. Future Junk
 5. Nothing Fits
 6. Outer Limits
 7. Underwater 1
 8. Underwater 2
 9. Kid Tut
 10. Pricks In a Car
 11. This One - That One
 12. Blocks

14-Mar UK Birmingham Hare & Hounds
15-Mar UK Manchester The Deaf Institute
16-Mar UK London Bush Hall
September UK Dorset End of the Road festival
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