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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

November 1, 2014

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 15, Issue 804


  • SIRA Notice
  • Cup Day at Scotland Island Fire Shed
  • Marty Wins
  • Science on the Beach
  • Lovett Bay Fire Shed Dinner
  • Local Council Notices
  • Peninsula Music Club
  • Gala Fashion Parade
  • Pittwater Library - Author Talks
  • Tribe
  • Co-Op Club - November Bookings
  • Island Player - Pittwater Pearls
  • Wanted for Kindy
  • For Sale
  • Wanted
  • The Local Contact Guide
  • Join SIRA
  • Archived Newsletters
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  • SIRA






    TIME:  10.00AM – 12.00PM

    The SIRA Committee is currently discussing a proposed change to the process for elections of Office Bearers and Ordinary Committee Members at the AGM

    These proposed changes require an amendment to the SIRA Constitution

    A motion to make this amendment will be advertised by November 9 and this motion will put forward at a Special General Meeting to be held on November 30

    We welcome your input during a Q&A Session scheduled on the Agenda for 11.00am at the SIRAC meeting this Sunday, November 2 in the Community Hall

    All SIRA members are welcome to observe the meeting

    An Open Discussion Session will follow between 12.00pm – 12.30pm


    Cup Day at the Scotland Island Fire Shed

    4th November from 2pm



    Marty Wins Gold !



    Marty won gold in Doubles in Division 2 and came fifth in Singles in his division.


    Science on the beach:


    We are going to carry out a study on the tiny beach beside Tennis Wharf, on the 4-5 (beginning at 12:00) and 13-14 (beginning at 19:00) November 2014. It will be a 24-hours collection of beach fauna*, to understand their movements and activity timing across the shore. You are welcome to come and visit us and ask questions. We are also keen to keep you informed about the results, as we think that it is nice to get first-hand information about  own beaches!

    For any question and/or general contact, lucia@hcmr.gr

    Thank you,
    Lucia Fanini & Jim Lowry

    Australian Museum Research Institute
    *The permission to work on the beach and collect animals was granted by the Environmental Officer of the Pittwater Council and by the National Parks Office (for all the study sites across Pittwater, including Ku-Ring-Gai Chase).

    What are we doing here?

    During the month of November 2014, an experiment about the activity rhythms of beach fauna will take place on the tiny beaches of Pittwater. This is part of a wider study about the behaviour of arthropod fauna beach communities across Pittwater.*

    Who we are?

    Responsible for the project are
    Dr. Lucia Fanini, Australian Museum Research Institute (Associated Researcher)
    Dr. Jim Lowry, Australian Museum Research Institute (Principal Research Scientist)
    Please feel free to keep in touch and/or ask for more info to lucia@hcmr.gr

    Why Pittwater?

    Beaches on Pittwater are not exposed to the ocean, so tides -and not waves- represent the main movements of water and energy on the shore. Tide-dominated beaches are considered the more benign to fauna, and are expected to host the highest biodiversity. But at the same time, beaches in Pittwater are tiny. So, how will the animal communities cope with the scarce space left when the tide is high?

    What do we want to know with this experiment?

    sand hopper

    Animal communities are complex systems (just like human communities). They usually include different combinations of beach hoppers and sand hoppers, beetles, slaters, spiders and earwigs. Each beach has its own “personality”. By hosting so many different individuals, there should be some way to optimise their needs and keep healthy population on tiny beaches. They might select different patches across the shore, or different activity times, not to interfere with each other. Or they can just share the available resources (this last options means that resources are abundant!). We really would like to know more, and our experiment is planned to this aim.

    We will gather data from 24 hour non-stop trapping, and then analyse them to find out when each group of animals shows activity peaks, moving across the shore to get wet sand and food, but avoiding to be swashed away.

    While we'll be happy to talk to you anytime, we also would really appreciate if you could avoid touching or removing our material during the experiment.

    Thank you for your interest and collaboration.

    Lucia Fanini & Jim Lowry

    *More information from another experiment within the study can be found here:

    If interested, let us know and we will keep you informed on the development of the experiment and its results. We think that it is nice to get first-hand information on what's happening on “domestic” beaches...awareness is always a great tool for taking care of own environment.


    Lovett Bay Fire Shed Dinner

    Saturday 8th November from 6:30



    Local Council Notice

    Local Government Reform

    Fit For The Future – Council Amalgamations


    The NSW Government is moving forward with local government reform across NSW, launching the Fit For The Future (FFTF) package on 10 September 2014.  The state government is supporting the Independent Local Government Review Panel’s recommendation that Pittwater Council amalgamate with our neighbouring councils – Warringah and Manly – to form one Council.

    The Fit For the Future package outlines a roadmap for local government and is asking Councils to demonstrate that we are ‘fit for the future’.  The first stage in this process will require Council to complete a self-assessment against a set of criteria to be announced in October 2014.

    Subsequent to this, Pittwater Council will also be required to submit a proposal to the Office of Local Government by 30 June 2015 demonstrating its ability to meet ‘scale and capacity criteria’ and how we intend to become fit for the future.

    Based on feedback from the community last year Pittwater Council remains committed to advocating for a strong and independent Pittwater Council providing local representation and delivering local services to the people of Pittwater.

    Council provided two submissions (June 2013 and April 2014) to the Independent Panel emphasising that Pittwater Council is financially sustainable, is fiscally responsible and continues to meet the needs of the Pittwater community.

        Submission June 2013
        Submission April 2014
        Council Report - Local Government Reform - April 2014

    Research was also undertaken by Professor Brian Dollery which demonstrated that Bigger is Not Always Better - Assessment report of the Independent Local Govt Review
    Council meeting and future consultation

    At the 13 October Council meeting, Pittwater’s councillors rejected the ‘Fit for the Future’ (FFTF) proposal of merging with neighbouring councils Manly and Warringah to form one council. Based on strong community sentiment, Pittwater Council remains committed to advocating for a strong and independent Pittwater providing local representation and delivering local services to the people of Pittwater.

    Pittwater Council will meet with neighbouring councils to discuss the NSW Government’s FFTF reform agenda, with the premise that it is opposed to merging into one council.

    Council is committed to informing the community about the proposal and has posted a Frequently Asked Questions page to assist with this process. We will also keep you informed via website updates, our fortnightly noticeboard in the Manly Daily and our e-newsletter about Pittwater.

    Community engagement concerning the FFTF recommendations and what they mean to our Pittwater community will be scheduled from November. Council will be  presenting to reference groups in November and councillors will be available to talk with face to face at our market day events.

    This information and more can be seen on the Pittwater Council Website

    Pittwater Dog Owners Put Wildlife At Risk

    Pittwater dog owners risking the future of precious wildlife by ignoring signs prohibiting dogs in protected areas.

    Pittwater dog owners continue to walk dogs, on and off the leash, in bushland where dogs are prohibited – killing or injuring wildlife, as well as disturbing breeding habits.

    The Pittwater Council Dog Control policy was amended in November 2013 and now includes six reserves where dogs are fully prohibited. These reserves are Ingleside Chase, Irrawong, Warriewood Wetlands, Turimetta Headland, Bangalley Headland and the intertidal area of Careel Bay.

    All of these reserves have the appropriate signage telling people that dogs are prohibited.  However many people either ignore the signs, claim they didn’t know the rules  or, when questioned, tell bushland officers, “My dogs are leashed so what does it matter?”

    Pittwater Council Principal Officer Natural Environment and Education, Matt Hansen claims the very presence of dogs in banned areas can have a devastating impact.

    “Many species of wildlife view dogs as a natural predator, so even the scent of dogs can disturb wildlife enough to disrupt their natural behaviour. There have also been cases where roaming dogs have killed wildlife such as wallabies, as Council has picked up such images on fauna monitoring cameras,” he said.

    “Council staff and bushland contractors put a lot of effort into enhancing habitat for wildlife, including threatened species, in these areas. If people allow dogs in prohibited areas they can disturb wildlife to the point of not being able to successfully feed or breed.”

    Council strongly urges dog owners to be responsible and not bring dogs into prohibited areas and to obey signage in such areas. Dog owners in streets adjacent to bushland reserves are also urged not to let their pets to wander into bushland, even if they think their pet is not inclined to chase or kill wildlife.


    Pittwater has a great mix of markets, ranging from fresh produce through to homewares, fashion and jewellery.

    Please note that goods prohibited for sale by stallholders are:- goods which infringe copyright or registered trade mark, alcohol, cigarettes and any goods or merchandise that cannot be sold by law.

    For all Pittwater Council markets call the wet weather update line on 9970 1690 for updates on wet weather arrangements.

    Palm Beach Market
    - stallholders require stallholder insurance
    •     2014 dates:   14 December.
    •     Venue: Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach
    •     Time: 9am to 3pm
    •     Contact: Nikki Griffith 9970 1165 or email: nikki_griffith@pittwater.nsw.gov.au
    •     Stallholder Application - online form  Terms and Conditions for stallholders
    •     Please note: if you are submitting an application for fashion or jewellery you will be placed on the waitlist.
    •     Note: No Food Stallholders thanks
    •     Cost: A fee of $85 for a 3m x 3m stall will be invoiced once your application has been approved
    •     Wet weather update line: 9970 1690

    Mona Vale Laneway Night Market
     - stallholders require stallholder insurance
    •     2014 dates:  Fridays evenings 17 & 31 October and 14 & 28 November 2014 -5pm to 9pm
    •     Venue: Terraced Area near Mona Vale Library
    •     Time: 5pm to 9pm.
    •     Contact: Nikki Griffith 9970 1165 or email: nikki_griffith@pittwater.nsw.gov.au
    •     Stallholder Application - This market is for food stallholders only for information please contact Council on 9970 1165
    •     Cost: on application
    •     Wet weather update line: 9970 1690

    Mona Vale Market Day - Annual market
    - stallholders require stallholder insurance
    •     Date: Sunday 2 November 2014 - Held annually event the first Sunday of November.
    •     Venue: Village Park and Park Street, Mona Vale.
    •     More information: Stallholder information and online application form
    •     Time: 10am to 4pm - NO POWER IS AVAILABLE AT THIS MARKET
    •     Contact: Nikki Griffith 9970 1165 or email: nikki_griffith@pittwater.nsw.gov.au
    •     Wet weather update line: 9970 1690

    Peninsula Music Club presents

    Trio Delights

    Friday 7th November 2014 - 8pm


    Our last concert for 2014

    The doors open at 7.30 pm members please show your membership card tickets for non members are available at the door $20.00 each. 


    Gina invites you to Gala Fashion Parade

    Saturday 6th December 2014

    Doors open 7:30pm


    Refreshments on arrival at 70 Thompson Street, Scotland Island
    RSVP to grazynavanderhaven@ozemail.com.au by 1st December



    Author Talk

    Gallipoli Diaries. The Anzacs’

    own story day by day by Jonathan King

    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of  Gallipoli, war historian Jonathan King has  gathered together an unequalled series of
    extracts from letters and diaries, written by  hundreds of Anzacs at Gallipoli, accounting for  every one of the 240 days of the eight-month  campaign – and even identifying the actual days  of the week. Reading the men’s own words, including misspellings and mistakes, we share in  the soldier’s experience.

    Tuesday 18 November 2014
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Mona Vale Library
    1 Park Street, Mona Vale
    Cost: $8 Adults
    $6 Concession - Pensioners and Students only
    (passes must be shown)
    Phone: 9970 1600

    Bookings essential!




    Island Choir for 8-18 year olds


    TRiBE (For 8 – 18 Year olds)
    Every Thursday 4:30-5:30pm
    @ 8 Florence Terrace (Jon and Barbara’s – or Eddie and Will’s)
    $10 per session – includes afternoon tea
    Come and watch for free
    Call Barbara: 0400 377 056 or David: 0406 180 076


    The Co-Op Club Proudly Presents:

    November Bookings

    Church Point CafeArtists play between 3-6pm

    Artists play between 3-6pm

    Sun Nov. 2:  Liza Ohlback image
    Liza Ohlback covers all styles of blues, including jazz, gospel, soul & swamp. With a voice that can growl, howl or soothe your furrowed brow this 2013 triple blues ‘Chain Award’ winner for her album Trouble Goin Down can deliver her unique style with frankness and a wicked sense of humour. She will be joined by Rick Melick on keys/vox, Chris Frazier bass and Greg Ohlback on drums/vox.

    ...”Liza is a class act…”  -  Brian Lizotte

    Sun Nov 9: Costa Raeimage
    Costa Rae play an alluring blend of Indie folk. It’s a richly textured sound, reminiscent of times gone by delivered in their own unique fashion.
    Since releasing ‘Shot from the moon’ (Tony Buchen - The Preatures, Washington, John Butler) the band has toured both Australia and Brazil extensively, playing festivals such as Peats Ridge, Open Arms and supporting the likes of The Beautiful girls, Jeff Lang and Ash Grunwald.
    “…harmonies, thoughtful lyrics and strong songwriting...’Shot From The Moon’ is an album to get to know so by the time summer comes around you can be singing along during festival season or firing it up as the soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon” - Monique Cowper, Drum Media

    Sun Nov 16:  Kate Lush & band:image
    Add to her devastating voice great original material and an outstanding band and you have a Sunday afternoon not to be missed. Think soul infused rock, Memphis blues with a dash of Susan Tedeschi..

    There’s a kind of infectious joy that comes out of Kate Lush’s music that captures your imagination. She puts her heart and soul into every song and every performance and it shines through with unmistakable brilliance. Add to that her devastating voice, great original material and an outstanding band and this is a singer-songwriter not to be missed. Go prepared to be blown away.

    Sun Nov. 23:  Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs:image

    Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs return to the Co-Op Club. They are our beloved house band and the word is spreading about this very cool outfit with their brand of dirty blues & funky grooves. Come on down!

    Sun Nov 30:  Rachel & The Stickmen:image
    Rachel & The Stickmen are a band from Scotland Island featuring the enigmatic Rachael Henderson on vocals. Their musical palette ranges from electric to acoustic, Tom Waits to contemporary pop.

       1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793


    Scotland Island Players presents:

    'PITTWATER PEARLS' - The Island Ladies Swimming Team'

    We meet 5 women just into their forties, who have a party week-end once a year at the January long week end, as a reunion of their champion school swim team. The play moves ahead in some big age jumps, so that we learn, amid all the gags and spats, the saga of their lives - marriages, divorces, re-marriages, children that come and go, disasters, storms, breast enhancements, .....it is probably one of the funniest plays we have ever done.

    The cast: in appearance order, are :  Rachel Carter-O Neill, Susan Muranty, Susan Harvey, Cheryl Byrne, and Belinda Hodges.  Direction by Bob Bolton.

    Performances are at 8pm on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th.

    On the firzt night, (Friday 7th ), after the show, and when any survivors of the cast filter out, we will be serving something bubbly tod drink, and chicken sandwiches.

    Tickets  are $20 each, bookable by contacting S.I.Lodge or Annette Ritchie, our roving dynamo.
    Any unpaid tickets by 7.45 on the night, maybe re-sold to those waiting.



    Wanted for Kindy

    Digital piano for kindy.

    If you have a digital piano in working order that you are willing to donate for the island kids please contact Lana 0450287427.


    For Sale

    Packing boxes

    About 100 packing boxes of varying sizes, most are T-Chests and book boxes.
    Most are in good condition.

    $2 each. Pick up from Florence Terrace, Scotland Island.

    Contact Ian 0404 833 674 or email ijrj@tpg.com.au

    Tank and Door

    1. 1000L Grey Water Poly Tank in excellent condition. 1.5m high x 1m wide.
    $1000 new, make an offer (tap not included).

    2. Heavy solid wood door with stained glass in good condition with lock & key. Natural stain on one side, white paint the other.
    $1000 new, make an offer.

    3. Wooden bassinet and mattress in good condition on rolling castors with brakes.
    Suits up to 8 months old. Make an offer.

    tank door

    Please contact Antony on 0415 393 676 or Kirsty on 0405 110 564.


    Wanted - Odd job/groundsperson

    Odd job/groundsperson wanted on casual basis.
    Work includes window washing, gardening, general property maintenance.

    Please ring Peter on 0431018279


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    Free Pump Outs for Boats - Council with RMS installed a pump out at Careel Bay wharf

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